Once you complete Warframe's The War Within and Saya's Vigil quests, you'll gain access to the Mote Amp, every Warframe player's first-ever Amp. Naturally, you might be excited to give your new piece of equipment a try. You may even be motivated to try out some Eidolon Hunts or Kuva Siphons or other activities that make use of the Amps. However, you will also learn just as quickly just how weak the Mote Amp is. The only real thing it can be helpful in is resetting a sentient's damage resistance, and even then, it's only useful for the main campaign.

Fortunately, you can pay a visit to The Quills in Cetus or Vox Solaris in Fortuna to pick up Amp component blueprints with their standing. By combining these components, you can craft new, much more powerful Amps. And by getting more powerful Amps, you can start participating in Eidolon Hunts without feeling like you're just there.

Amps are made of three different components: the Prism, the Scaffold, and the Brace. As such, we will have to talk about all three pieces to figure out the best Amps. Also, not all Amps are set in stone. Some of the combinations we'll discuss have components that aren't all that important and can be swapped out for something you prefer. These will be marked with an X. With that said, let's get into Warframe's five best Amps.

5. X - Shraksun - Lohrin

Our first Amp on this list is a more beginner-friendly one. The two required pieces can be acquired solely from Cetus, making them cheaper and more easily obtained. The Lohrin brace will improve both critical chance and status chance, but the main reason you are using it is for the crit chance. Meanwhile, the Shraksun Scaffold provides a secondary attack with a wide area of effect and punch through, making it ideal at hitting multiple targets. And since those are the two critical pieces, you have the freedom to choose which Prism you prefer. A popular one is the Granmu Prism for the high damage and area of effect, but you can swap it out for whatever you want.

You can get the Shraksun and Lohrin from Cetus.

4. X - Shraksun - Certus

This Amp has only one real difference from the last Amp, but it's significant enough for its own spot on the list. By swapping the Lohrin Brace for the more expensive Certus Brace, you will get a substantial boost to your critical chance in exchange for no additional status chance. But that sacrifice is worth it as you are primarily looking to maximize damage. Now, it is going to be more expensive and time-consuming to get the Certus Brace. However, you'll see a significant improvement from our last Amp.

You can get the Shraksun from Cetus and the Certus from Fortuna.

3. Klamora - Propa - Anspatha or Klamora - Propa - Suo

Two Amps take our next spot on the list, but both are equally powerful. The Klamora Prism can be acquired in Fortuna and gives your Operator a short-range shotgun type attack. Combined with the Propa Scaffold, which comes with a proximity mine, and you will be tossing out a lot of damage. Add the Anspatha Brace to boost Amp Energy Pool and Energy Recharge Rate to keep up the assault to achieve a consistent high damage Amp. You could also change the Brace for the Suo Brace to further increase your Amp Energy Pool for even more damage. However, keep in mind the Suo Brace also increases the Recharge Delay for your Amp energy, meaning it would be long before you can use your Amp again. Keep that in mind when deciding which of these you'd choose.

You can get the Klamora, Propa, and Suo from Fortuna and the Anspatha from Cetus.

2. Raplak - Propa - Certus

Our next Amps are two of the best current ones for Eidolon Hunts. The first one makes use of the Raplak Prism, the Propa Scaffold, and the Certus Brace. The proximity mine from Propa is among the best options for pure damage and, when combined with the Certus' additional critical chance, can dish out insane amounts of damage. All that's left is to decide what Prism to use, and funnily enough, the first Prism you can get is one of the more popular choices. The Raplak Prism gives your Operator a long-range, instant firing beam. This makes it an easy-to-use primary fire that can add on a good amount of reliable damage on top of the mines. This is a popular choice if you are looking to save up on some materials as well.

You can get the Raplak from Cetus and the Propa and Certus from Fortuna.

1. Klamora - Propa - Certus

If you are looking to get the best Amp and don't care about the costs, you can swap out the Raplak Prism for the Klamora Prism. You will have to get much closer to your target, but the Klamora will dish out a lot more damage. For both of these choices, you will be sacrificing the sustained fire that comes with the Max Energy Pool, but in exchange, you will have some of the greatest burst damage you can get from an Amp. And ultimately, that's the big thing you are looking for when you need your Amp.

Once you get to certain parts of Warframe, Amps become a necessary tool to be familiar with. They might be a bit unusual to use initially, but combining them with the right Operator and Warframe builds will further boost their effectiveness, even letting you go as far as melting through an Eidolon's immense shield. Hopefully, this list helps you pinpoint what components to grind for. Happy hunting, Tenno.