When Defense of the Ancients, a community-created mod for Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, first hit the scenes, the gaming community had never seen anything quite like it. The lane-based, role-driven, and teamwork-dependent game mode lay the foundations for what would become one of the most valuable eSports genres we have today: the multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA).

Valve took this idea and published the game as an official standalone with DotA 2 in July of 2013 and hasn’t looked back since. DotA 2 is one of the most successful and highest-paid eSport games to date and is home to many intense gamers. However, DotA 2 fans still make time for some fun and humor! Here is a look at 9 of the funniest DotA 2 posts that we found on Reddit (r/DotA2).

9) Crystal Maiden Meme

Our first post on the list was shared by Redditor u/chuotdodo, who has clearly spent some time trying to main Crystal Maiden. Life is hard for many support heroes, Crystal Maiden included. Her combination of short-range, squishiness, and lengthy cooldowns make her especially vulnerable. As u/xpainfulz1 put it, “it’s funny how when you want to find crystal maiden in heroes tab you just start typing “cry,” cause that’s what you’re gonna do for next 40 minutes if you pick this hero”. At least her aura is useful, I guess.

8) A Concerning Team Message

One of the worst feelings in team online competitive gaming is having one of your teammates disconnect in the middle of a game. u/DotaInvestigator knew they would be in for a tough time when their teammate shared this comment in the all-chat. If what they had typed is true, all parties could agree that more significant concerns needed to be addressed.

7) Hoodwink Meme

Some characters were designed to carry through insane stat spreads or ability synergies. Others help your team by tilting the enemy team into oblivion. The latter seems to be the driving force behind the creation of the hero Hoodwinked. Everything from her squirrely design to her traps and slows was added into her kit to frustrate opponents. u/kraznozd was experiencing that design in action when they decided to make this meme, in reference to the classic “Women yelling at cat” meme.

6) New Player Experience Meme

It can be tough to be a new player in a game with a high skill ceiling and a lot of nuance like DotA 2 has. It can be even harder when you are constantly matched against high-level and experienced opponents who have decided to climb on some new smurf accounts to pad their egos. At least u/PizzaForever98 found a way to laugh through the pain with this fantastic meme featuring a clip of a 3-year-old chess prodigy matched up against a chess grandmaster. I think we can all relate to the poor three-year-old here.

5) Win/Loss Balance

It can be hard to string wins together and even harder when your wins start leading into major loss streaks. u/fastandslow7 found a way to shine some humor on their match history with a classic excuse - that they have been losing on purpose! Honestly, it is pretty cool to see a perfectly balanced match history like this - though I am sure they would rather be chaining a page of wins!

4) 1v1 Mid meme

Toxicity is a problem with all online multiplayer games. Unfortunately, sometimes simply reporting a player doesn’t quite satisfy a bruised ego. u/chopchop__ has come up with a hilarious solution to this issue - an official 1v1 mode challenge in the report a player options! Jokes aside, I wonder if harsh labels on accounts for losing or declining 1v1 duels would help curb negative player behavior. Maybe Valve should give this suggestion some thought after all!

3) Anime Ragequit

DotA 2 fans agreed that an anime based on their favorite game could be something awesome to watch. As such, there was plenty of excitement built around the DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Netflix creation. However, some fans, like @hoxieloxie on Twitter, took the announcement as a chance to poke some fun at the game’s notorious toxicity amongst some players. Redditor n/goksun9015 seemed to agree with the sentiment when they shared the Tweet on Reddit. It would be funny to see an anime character ragequit on their team and delete their items mid-show.

2) Region Banter

What would professional scenes be without a little bit of banter? This Twitter exchange between North American Player and Couch “ppd” and EU player “N0tail” was captured and posted by u/icefr4aud on Reddit. It is fun to see your region and another throwing a bit of shade at each other, especially before upcoming tournaments. Let’s hope all of the players can save some of that energy for the matches, though!

1) Not Recommended Meme

U/nekronous shared this Steam review that they found on DotA 2. Can you imagine putting over 8000 hours into a game and then telling other interested players that the game isn’t any good? While this might seem insane to the average person, there are probably several gamers who can say yes here! While love-hate relationships might not be the healthiest thing to engage in, many online gamers have experienced the ups and downs of putting their hearts into a game. As u/PyUnicornShark provided in the thread’s top comment: “There’s 1 defining moment where a dota player becomes a true dota player. That’s when they managed to uninstall the game out of sheer frustration then reinstall it again in less than a year.”

That completes our list of the Top 9 Funniest DotA 2 Reddit posts! Are you feeling ready to jump into a match yourself? If so, you might be in for some laughs yourself - ironic or otherwise! We might even catch you the next time we cover the DotA 2 scene. See you then, heroes!