First released nearly a decade ago, Grand Theft Auto V is one of the best-selling video games of all time. Spanning across multiple platforms and generations of consoles, fans continue to flock to AAA developer Rockstar’s hit action-adventure game. But what is the secret to the game’s longevity?

One potential answer is the appearance of Twitch-famous PC mod NoPixel. The roleplaying mod server first became popular among Twitch Streamers in 2019, and the community hasn’t looked back since. Much like the base game, NoPixel easily lends itself to some mischievous humor. Here is a list of our seven funniest NoPixel Reddit Posts, found on r/NoPixel.

  1. Original Bank Job meme

The first meme on our list, posted by u/ThreshPrince_EUW, points out a bit of unoriginal thinking going around the community when planning their bank jobs. We can’t blame the players for this one, though - those spike strips are so annoying! User u/IgnisExitium summarized the frustration: “You can’t RP escaping through a tunnel, or drilling/blowing a hole through the wall, etc. and the second tires get popped you can’t escape in a chase!”

2. What guys want meme

Some people are driven by their desire for women, while other people want to wield more power. However, Reddit user u/GaymerRZ knows what the NoPixel players truly want. A playable map connecting all of the locations featured in the Grand Theft Auto franchise! Can you imagine the thrill of committing bank robberies in multiple states? Or even just the fun of driving endlessly in your modded hot pink minivan? Technical issues caused by such a huge virtual space aside, I think this is one fantasy everyone can get behind!

3. Queue Times meme

Reddit user u/Aeramay_Gaming was excited when they got approved to join the NoPixel server and were ready for some awesome roleplaying action! Unfortunately, they were met with this massive queue timer instead. Don’t worry, u/Aeramay_Gaming, you should still have time to make your character eventually.

4. When Life Reflects Art

When user u/big_white_fishie saw this headline of an article from CNN, they headed straight for the NoPixel subreddit. This crazy scenario - a first date turned bank robbery  - definitely seems like a better fit for a Grand Theft Auto roleplay scenario than a real-life situation. Although, judging by the news article, it doesn’t seem like they got away either. What a terrible date! This might make a good idea for a stream skit, though, don’t you think?

5. IRL Bank Robbing Continued?

u/PMtothaAMFunk cross-posted this equally impressive and perplexing photo that seems to be another case of individuals taking their roleplaying gaming habits into real life. The strange animal masks and captain’s hat would certainly seem right at home within the NoPixel server! I wonder if they know the guy who tried to rob a bank with his date?

6. Cops Transport meme

Sometimes, when the roleplaying restrictions are a little too high, players have to find a way to improvise, adapt, and overcome! For example, U/XenoGod_ posted this meme which captures the feeling of cop players when they aren’t allowed enough vehicles to fit all of them. If any one section of the player base can get away with this behavior, it would be the players roleplaying the police. Who can stop them from abusing loopholes like this, though - other cops?

7. Vibing Can Be Dangerous meme

U/forestlightstar posted this hilarious clip of Twitch streamer Sherry caught vibing to a song in the wrong spot as another player quickly runs her down. The other player, another streamer who goes by Crocodile Steve, was also vibing to his music when he hit her - and ran her over again afterward. Those are some harsh vibes.

That is it for our list of funniest NoPixel Reddit posts! What do you think? Did they give you a laugh as well? We can’t wait to see what is next for this amazing mod community and what amazing hijinks the games many streamers might get into! We can only hope that the antics can remain within the game - or we might be in store for some more surprising headlines.