Dual Blades are one of the original seven Monster Hunter weapon types and, like every other weapon type, fill a unique playstyle and power fantasy for the players. And, like every weapon type in the series, they can be insanely powerful if built right and in the right hands. This is also the case in Monster Hunter World, one of the biggest Monster Hunter games that brought the series into the next generation of gaming. So, if you find yourself playing this game and would rather play out the fantasy of an agile hunter who keeps up a constant, aggressive assault, then the Dual Blades will attract your attention.

Dual Blades are heavily reliant on their elemental damage, whose usefulness depends on what monster you are hunting. Chances are, you'll need to amass quite the arsenal of Dual Blades if you wish not to be wiped out by certain monsters.

Here are the Top 5 MHW Dual Blades ranked.

5. Zireael

Our first dual blade on this list isn't even technically from the Monster Hunter series. In 2019, a crossover event between Monster Hunter World and The Witcher 3 brought Ciri's sword, the Zireael, into Monster Hunter World. The Zireael offers Dragon damage, which makes it a strong weapon against most Elder Dragons, which you'll be hunting plenty of in post-game. Not only that, but the Zireael possesses high Elder Seal, meaning that the Elder Dragons' pesky attacks will be less frequent. Its one downside is that its elemental damage is lower than other Dual Blades, making it more lackluster in terms of damage. However, if you want a solid utility Dual Blade to make Elder Dragon fights easier, the Zireael will treat you well.

4. Beo Hatchets II

A weapon you can easily compare to others on this list, the Beo Hatchets II are crafted with materials from Beotodus, a very early enemy you fight in Iceborne. Usually, this would mean their weapons aren't that powerful compared to others, but the Beo Hatchets are an exception to this. Coming with great elemental damage and white sharpness, monsters you find with an ice weakness will want to think twice about taking you on. And while it has a level one and level two gem slot, that's still a good amount of customization to take advantage of. Not only that, but as mentioned before, the monster you hunt for its materials is an early game monster in Iceborne, making it an easy weapon to obtain. Definitely worth adding to your arsenal, even if only for a little bit.

3. Safi's Dual Blades

The Dual Blades you can get from Safijiva can come with any element or status effect, meaning you can farm for the element you are interested in, assuming you have the time. If you happen to get one you need, you can find quite a good amount of power here. Stat-wise, it has exceptional attack but less than stellar elemental damage. This would usually be bad for a Dual Blade if not for its four gem slot rank, among the most powerful gems in the game. This can mean grinding for these weapons full power can be a pain, but they will reward you with a deadly weapon if you can pull through.

2. Alatreon Madness

Alatreon's Madness possesses the very thing Zireael lacks, which is immense elemental damage. Since this is what you usually want to focus on with Dual Blades, that alone is enough to make this a powerful and worthwhile weapon. However, stat-wise, it is also exceptional. Its attack is high, and it possesses natural purple sharpness, allowing for this weapon to dish out immense amounts of damage. And again, its element is Dragon, making it a powerful weapon to use against Elder Dragons. And with two-level two gem slots available on this weapon, it also allows for a decent amount of customization and upgrades. If you hunt a monster with a severe weakness to Dragon, these weapons will tear right through them.

1. Kjarr Daggers

One of two weapon types you can get from the Kulve Taroth Siege, the Kjarr Daggers possess a remarkable amount of power. Possessing an exceptional attack with a large amount of elemental damage will throw out large amounts of damage to the monsters you face, assuming you have the right element for the job. And while its elemental damage is lower than the other weapon type you get from the Kulve Taroth siege, its element isn't hidden, making it much easier to farm for what you need. So it is honestly a worthwhile strategy to prepare for hunts by getting a Kjarr Dagger of each element and upgrading those to take on different monsters. If you don't have any of these Dual Blades, you'll want to get a group together to take on the Kulve Taroth Siege and grind out for these weapons.

A reminder that this list is not fact. Everyone has their own weapons that they enjoy using for one reason or another. If your favorite weapon wasn't on this list, that doesn't mean it is not powerful or effective. But each weapon that does appear on this list can certainly pull its weight and tear its way through the right monster. So get out there and get to hunting. You'll enjoy your time with each of these.