The University of Nevada offers innovative academics partnered with real-life experience and undergraduate research. Students have access to opportunities in the dynamic city of Las Vegas. It’s a premier metropolitan research institution ranked as one of the most diverse universities in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.

Hey Reb! is the mascot of UNLV’s athletic teams. The students are nicknamed Rebels, reflecting the university’s relentless spirit and tenacious attitude.

Here are the Top 10 UNLV Reddit Student Moments Posts.

1. Student Life Meme

“Week 2: Anyone else feeling burnt out already?”

Challenges and difficulties abound during a student’s life at school, stemming from their courses and social pressure. However, it’s also equally fulfilling and life-changing, depending on one’s perspective. In recent years, we all have experienced the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the school’s education platforms have changed, and many students have to take classes online.

This meme posted on UNLV Reddit by u/GlowStickRampage clearly shows the weight of classes and homework. They humorously chose to make memes about the real-life academic experience.

2. Academic Monomania Meme

“when the new semester starts tomorrow and ur mentally preparing for it”

Going to school may instill feelings of excitement or dread in a student. Either way, there’s no escaping the reality of attending class for most of the day, five days a week, and twenty-one days a month on average. Regardless, mental focus is essential for a student to push through the academic trials ahead, which is pointed out in this meme by u/xkoyx.

3. The New Norm of Class

“should i reach out to my advisor about this? with only a few days before class starts i’m confused”

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many previously established norms. Many companies offer their employees the option to either work in the office or from home, and the same can be said with academic institutions. Most students are disoriented with how the class schedules work, as pointed out in a post by u/jhope864 on UNLV Reddit.

Others were quick to point out that it was an online course that didn’t have a specific time and that students could complete the course material at their own pace.

4. Finding A Place to Stay for International Students

Students who select to undertake all or part of their education overseas are called international or foreign students. And just like local students, finding a housing unit in or around the university late in the semester presents some challenges. Most of the units become full early, as indicated by u/rebelkid2020. However, he suggested looking around Henderson or Summerlin areas. (Posted by u/hodgepodge7)

5. Helping Out a Sister

One can say that a book is a treasure, not literally, though. It encapsulates priceless knowledge that came from someone who spent many years discovering the secret of its contents, and we don’t have to allocate much time to unearth such knowledge.

Meanwhile, a post on UNLV Reddit by ucinthiaxotwod shows the essential value of a book. In trying to help her sister with an assignment due the following day, she asked for help on Reddit to find that specific book. Luckily, a kind stranger reached out to her with the needed chapters for her sister’s assignment.

6. Confusing Class Format

At most universities, if not all, class formats have shifted into online settings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a new experience for students as well as educational institutions. As a result, oversights popped up, which confused many students regarding their class settings.

In a post from u/icarusdeux on UNLV Reddit, a student was baffled by an internet class. She saw a classroom location in her MyUNLV. Thankfully, other members advised her to keep an eye on an email from the school, while another suggested reporting it back to the department.

7. Joining a Class of a Friend

Some universities have started to go back to in-person classes, made possible by vaccinations. Some students are more comfortable with closer interaction. An individual asked the opinion of other Redditors regarding his plan to visit his friend in school and join the class.

But u/StephicaTheMighty shared her thoughts, saying that it was allowed pre-Covid as long as that friend would ask for permission or if Professor did not notice them in a large lecture class. With limits on in-person class enrollment, it’s unlikely that it will happen. (Posted by u/HinatoriVo on UNLV Reddit)

8. UNLV Rebels Cap

“Unpacked a box of old stuff and found this hat. Super good condition for the age (80s maybe?). Anyone want it? Pay shipping and it’s yours.”

Anyone can sell a product as long as they have something of value to offer, just like u/lowend311 did. He posted a Rebels cap from the 1980s on UNLV Reddit, although it seems that he’s offered it to anyone interested for free and just had to pay the shipping fee.

9. Taking the Easy Way Out

Most classes in college can be difficult, like Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Quantum Physics, and many others. Some students want to know what subjects are easy. In this post by u/SnooBooks5669, a student asked for some easy class suggestions from other students on Reddit, and they happily obliged to recommend some, like PSC 100, MUS 125, and DAN 103.

10.  Books for Nursing

As students finish their degrees, they can still sell used books accumulated over the years to upcoming learners, like what u/janedoeBSN did. She’s selling a set of books for a Nursing course, highlighting her previous studies.