The University System of Maryland’s (USM) flagship institution and leading public research university, the University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP), is a public institution founded in 1856. Located in a suburban setting, the 1,335-acre campus utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. The UMCP’s ranking in the 2021 edition of Best Colleges for National Universities is at number 58.

Ever wondered why the university has a turtle mascot? Well, he’s called Testudo, a Diamondback terrapin. Testudo is a collective name for a group of turtles or genus, and it’s a type of Mediterranean tortoise. He got his start back in 1932. And since then, Testudo has been the symbol of the campus for 80 years.

Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Student Moments on Reddit.

1. UMD High-Tech ID Card Concept

“[Concept] If UMD was high-tech with their student IDs”

As technology evolves faster in this day and age, digital school IDs will be the thing of the future, as pointed out by u/djfigs1, who posted his ID concept on UMD Reddit. He added that it could be used automatically in riding the elevator or opening the dorm door by holding the phone or smartwatch near the reader. Students would never again worry about losing the card.

Technically, the university can do this, according to u/Boring_username1234, as Apple has a new concept for school IDs coming in iOS, and several schools are implementing it. Meanwhile, Apple has also announced that it is working with several states across the country that will allow its residents to seamlessly and securely add their state ID or driver’s license to Wallet on their Apple Watch or iPhone.

2. IDEA Factory University of Maryland

“Idea Factory at Dusk”

Students at the University of Maryland captured this amazing lighting of the E.A. Fernandez IDEA (Innovate, Design, and Engineer for America) Factory during dusk, showcasing its beautiful sight, as shown in the photo by u/natOpotato.

The factory’s labs and spaces will enable students, staff, and faculty to tackle 21st-century challenges while interpreting basic research into invention and invention.

3. Maryland Terrapins Win Over West Virginia Mountaineers Meme

“Woo yeah! That’s what I’ve been looking for!”

Despite a valiant effort from their defense and Leddie Brown’s three touchdowns, the Mountaineers fell to the Terrapins late in the game as they couldn’t make the plays that counted the most. A touchdown pass by Taulia Tagovailoa put the Terps in control at the late fourth quarter, 30-24.

This meme posted on UMD Reddit by u/cakemaster1928 represents a student’s sentiment towards the Terrapins when they play football against the Mountaineers. Nonetheless, the win was a welcome surprise.

4. South Campus Commons Night Sky

“For those who missed the sky tonight”

Witnessing the beautiful sight of nature is a great pleasure in life, as shown in the photo posted by u/ItsLiterallyPK. It’s an image captured at the South Campus Commons of the University of Maryland at night. The picture is a combination of Mammatus clouds, golden hour, and the light hitting them all together at the right moment.

5. Minimalist Map of Maryland College Park

“A minimalist map of campus that I made”

Learning a programming language such as Python can open up many doors, like creating a map of your school. u/rschwa6308 did just that and posted their map on UMD Reddit.

Python is a high-level and general-purpose programming language that emphasizes code readability with its use of significant indentation. Several popular websites use Python, such as YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, Dropbox, Quora, Google, and Reddit, to name a few.

6. Wild Critter Inside the Campus

“Stop scrolling and say hi to cream cheese squirrel”

Squirrels don’t go to campuses to walk on stage to receive a degree—it’s out of the question. College students often come across these furry, fuzzy little creatures that could intrigue them enough to make them stay for a few minutes.

However, some students have found fewer squirrels lately. One Reddit username, u/Fragrant_Coat_5256, observed that the pandemic had caused the decline of the squirrel population over several months as there are fewer people on the campus. In turn, less food for the little critters. (Posted by u/amyrosexoxo on UMD Reddit)

7. A New Taco Place on Berwyn Road

“Since I haven’t seen anyone else say anything about this on here, there’s a new Taco place opening soon on Berwyn rd”

Restaurants and cafes not only serve to provide food and nourishment to their customers, but they also serve as a place to catch up with friends. So, a new diner opening soon is welcome news, as u/RadiateBoi shared on UMD Reddit. It’s called Taco a la Madre.

Tacos a la Madre serves a wide array of culinary goodness, such as barbacoa tacos, pork belly breakfast tacos, chorizo breakfast tacos, bacon, potato, cheese tacos, and more!

8. Smoking Cone

“Even the traffic cones here are magical”

A natural event coupled with an everyday item, such as a safety cone, can create a magical activity, as shown in the post by u/id9seeker, in which a cone seems to be puffing smoke. We can speculate that the smoke is coming from beneath the surface -- either steam or condensation from the ground or a broken pipe. Nonetheless, it sure looks magical.

9. Creative Doorstop Idea

“Krazi Kebob casually uses a cleaver as their doorstop”

Usually, swinging doors tend to open wide, depending on the space behind or ahead of them, which might harm other people by hitting them unwittingly while opening. A doorstop, usually with a rubber tip, is a device that can be attached to the floor or wall to prevent damaging contact between the wall, or worse, an individual.

As pointed out by uvaginamonkeys, the counter-service eatery Krazi Kebob, which serves Indian and Pakistani flavors with Mexican, thought of an imaginative way for a doorstop quite fittingly. They used a cleaver and inserted it to the far-most corner of the door, preventing it from swinging.

10. Snapshot After the Storm

“Campus is looking beautiful after that storm”

Recently, a tornado hit Annapolis, Maryland, that ravaged cars, houses, and buildings. Some people said it sounded “like a freight train,” while others reported substantial damage and downed trees and power lines in Annapolis. Nonetheless, the calm came after the storm, as shown in a photo posted on UMD Reddit by u/thisistotallyjohnny.