The University of Illinois was one of the thirty-seven universities created under the first Morrill Land Grant Act, which provided public land for creating industrial and agricultural colleges. Urbana was chosen among states as the site for the new school in 1867.

The University of Illinois system is comprised of the main campus in Champaign-Urbana or inverse and two campuses in Chicago. Eventually, the university’s name officially transitioned to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign by 1977. While this is the opposite of the more commonly used designation, most campuses are located in Urbana.

Here is our Top 10 UIUC Reddit Student Moments list.

1. Sport Public-Address Announcer Meme

“Tough choice”

A sports public-address announcer provides pertinent information in a timely manner and does so professionally, promoting good sportsmanship and a positive environment. These PA announcers often use a public address system, megaphone, or other audio amplification devices. They announce a team’s starting lineups, read advertisements, and announce players as they enter and exit a game.

This meme by u/beansandrice96 on UIUC Reddit shows the funny narrative of a public-address announcer being anxious about which song to choose.

2. Toiling Valorant Battlepass

Valorant is a first-person free-to-play hero shooter developed and published by Riot Games. It’s a five-against-five multiplayer game where one team attacks while the other defends. One of its main game modes is similar to CS:GO, with the charging team planting a bomb and detonating it, while the defending team will try to avoid the outcome.

The Valorant battle pass allows players to earn XP points and progress toward unlocking cosmetic items in the inventory. Some of the items include Player Cards, Sprays, weapons skin, and more. As students don’t have the luxury of time to achieve battle pass rewards,

u/jeffreywangcf offered Redditors to play using his Valorant account, with a corresponding pay.

3. Relaxing by the Quadrangle

“Tessa loves the quad vibes. Would love pets more”

People have a special animal they cherish the most, and it could be a cat, bunny, or horse. But for others, it’s a dog, just like u/KeiylasWords’ golden retriever, Tessa, lounging on the campus grass.

Coming home after a long day, these adorable furry buddies can’t keep their excitement when they smell or see you. Although dogs are allowed on campus, some guidelines need to be followed, such as putting a leash on them.

4. Difficult Subject

TAM251 is the subject code for Introductory Solid Mechanics, or the study of the motion and deformation of solid materials under the influence of forces. It’s one of the fundamental applied engineering sciences as it tries to describe, explain, and predict many of the physical phenomena around us. Solid Mechanics try to answer wide-ranging questions, such as, “How does the heart contract and expand as it is pumped?” “How will you build a bridge that will not collapse?”

These are just some examples, and it’s not hard to see how difficult it is to fathom the correct answers. That is why u/novicemi try to ask other students on UIUC Reddit for suggestions on making the grade.

5. Lost Lanyard with Keys

Lanyards hold badges, IDs, and even keys without the need to attach anything to clothing.

However, there’s always a time when a person has to take something off, just like a lanyard. As a result, there’s a tendency for the wearer to forget the exact spot it was placed on or into. u/TorRage_28 got to experience it firsthand, as seen in the post.

6. Illinois Fighting Illini vs. Virginia Cavaliers

“Illinois vs UVA”

In a 42-14 win over the Fighting Illini, the Virginia Cavaliers’ offense scored touchdowns on their early two possessions Saturday. Throwing five touchdowns, Brennan Armstrong of the Cavaliers became the third quarterback to pass for over 400 yards in program history. Students and families gather at the Scott Stadium, the Cavaliers’ home stadium, as seen in the post on UIUC Reddit by u/DawnMM1976.

7. Working Hard for Education

Many college students work jobs as they study. Working students with less income are more likely to work full-time than their high-income counterparts, and the majority are working 15 to 35 hours per week. It’s an admirable trait, just like u/Fun-Supermarket5636, asking for the allowed number of jobs she can have.

8. The Sport of Fencing

Students for the University of Illinois can now have another choice of sport, pastime, hobby, or even turn it into a passion, and that’s fencing, which u/margaretmfleck shared in a post on UIUC Reddit.

Fencing is a recreational sport of swordplay that offers many benefits and can be enjoyed by most people. It’s both a mental and physical workout as fencers learn to hone strategies against opponents of varying skill levels and build up accuracy, agility, and endurance.

9. Campus Bell Tower

“You don’t get to see the Bell Tower from this angle very often.”

The McFarland Memorial Bell Tower, located on the South Quad of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign campus, was named after Sarah McFarland, wife of H. Richard McFarland, a 1952 alumnus of the school, whose funding was meant to construct a Presbyterian chapel on campus.

It’s home to forty-nine bells planned initially to replace the earlier ones at Altgeld Hall. They eventually were used for the new towers cast in the Netherlands. As seen in the post by u/Gabgra11 on UIUC Reddit, it’s rare to see the Bell Tower from that vantage point.

10. Sustaining Community Kinship

“Greek life”

Joining a fraternity or sorority can be fulfilling. Aside from the Greek-life swag it brings, next-level friendships and networking opportunities are also cultivated, which can advance your career in the future. Greek life also means fun, as shown in the photo posted by u/awesome_12345.

That's all we have for our list of the Top 10 UIUC Reddit Student Moments. Stay tuned for some more college content!