The State of Georgia charted the University of Georgia in 1875. It became the birthplace of public higher education in America, launching its great tradition of world-class public education. Through global research, extensive outreach, and hands-on learning, the commitment to inspire the next generation grows even stronger today.

As a top value in research and public higher education, the University of Georgia tackles some of the world's grand challenges, such as combating infectious diseases, strengthening global and cyber security, creating a dependable food supply, as well as advancing economic growth.

Take a look at our Top 10 UGA Reddit Student Moments list.

1. "Stop Requested" Button on a Bus

Public transport plays an essential role in society by taking passengers from and to their designated places, such as offices, hospitals, malls, and schools. For students, especially those who don't have a personal vehicle, buses become their daily "chauffeur" to school. There are also several benefits for students who use public transport such as the bus, like no more relying on others for rides, a decrease rate of absenteeism or tardiness, and encourages physical activity by taking 30% more steps, thus becoming healthier.

Inside a bus, there's a "Stop Requested" sign at the front, also indicated in a post by u/haloflower157 on UGA Reddit, asking when to use that option. The sign will light up when a passenger activates the signal, prompting the driver to stop the bus, then the passenger can exit through the rear door if it has two doors. Other student Redditors shared that the bus will stop only on specific routes, such as the night routes, greenhouse shuttle route, and others.

2. Lone Football Spectator

In this post by u/iehehb8753, he's asking if it would be weird to watch a football game alone since he was awarded tickets this year, but his friends weren't. Reddito u/PissedOffDawg suggested just screaming "Go Dawgs" to anyone in red or black, and he should be fine.

The Georgia Bulldogs, which represent the University of Georgia, are the school's athletic teams, with the female athletic teams sometimes referred to as the Lady Bulldogs. Its official mascot is an English bulldog named Uga, derived from the abbreviation of the University of Georgia.

3. Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Georgia

There are several reasons why our pet dogs are not allowed inside an establishment, specifically in restaurants. It's primarily because of health codes, but also the sensitivity or allergy of people to dogs.

Nonetheless, there are still dog-friendly restaurants that are happy to serve the family along with their furry member. In a post on UGA Reddit by u/Weary_Spend_5739, other students happily shared restaurants that allow dogs in their place, such as Big City Bread and Ted's, as shared by u/mediumjunglegorilla.

4. Studentless Campus

As in-person classes are possible again in most schools, students flock to the campus grounds again, but not in this post by u/MacktheSnacc. Some students suggested that others were probably going home early, and people had to move to hotels for quarantine, according to u/Weary_Spend_5739. As a result, the campus was way less populated than it is typically.

5. Rock and Roll

Starting a band in college is not just about making original music. It's also finding like-minded people who will hopefully become lifelong friends, even outside the realm of music and education. As pointed out by u/star115z, looking for band members is a bit of a challenge, but advertising has never been easier, thanks to website platforms like Reddit.

6. Weekend Campus Activity

College workloads can seem overwhelming at times, and students tend to study almost every day. On average, a full-time student spends 24 to 36 hours per week studying, plus 12 to 15 hours a week to spend in class. That's a total of 26 to 51 hours solely dedicated to studying. That's why students need time to get away from studies on weekends and relax and have fun so they can be fresh for the next week.

u/Weary_Spend_5739 posted on UGA Reddit, asking for ways to have fun on campus during weekends. Redditors suggested going to the museum as well as links for a list of events.

7. Packing on Muscle

Building muscles involves two things—lifting free weights and diet. One essential element is getting some muscle-building protein. Protein helps people maintain strength during workout sessions and repair and sustain the damage caused to the muscles after every workout.

But which protein sources are the best? These are grass-fed steak, turkey breast, bison meat, and chicken. That is why u/John_Darnit wanted to know the leanness of meat on the campus dining hall, and other Redditors mentioned that the usual meat to fat ratio is 80/20.

8. UGA Positive Vibes

Challenges and obstacles are all important parts of life as they give us experiences, make us learn, and help us become stronger and wiser. However, it's inevitable that sometimes, people tend to have mental and emotional fragility, as pointed out by u/Super_UGA_SaiyanDawg on UGA Reddit. That's why the Redditor created a group using the GroupMe application. It's a mobile group messaging by Microsoft.

9. Refilling Water Bottle on Campus

Providing drinking water in schools gives students a healthy alternative to sugar-sweetened beverages. It also increases their overall water consumption and maintains hydration, improving cognitive function.

But are students allowed to refill their water bottles using the school's water freestyle machine? That question is raised by u/Johnthefaun, asking other students if it's okay to refill his water bottle at the dining halls. According to u/Rapdakskjvjamfus, it's technically not allowed but happens regularly. Also, because of the pandemic, filling it directly from the machine is prohibited. However, filling a cup and then pouring it into the bottle is okay.

10. Study and Hang Out Group

Effective study groups can help students better understand course material in a deeper, more concrete way. In addition, these groups generate positive energy, instill discipline, encourage active participation, and require commitments from members—skills that are essential in learning—precisely what u/TheFirstNapkin on UGA Reddit wanted to share. The group started around 1:00 PM and finished at 7:00 PM.

That's it for our Top 10 UGA Reddit Student Moments you need to see. Stay tuned for more college content, and Go Dawgs!