The University of Florida was designated as one of the three preeminent universities of the State University System of Florida, following the performance standard’s creation in 2013. It’s also ranked by the U.S. News & World Report as the sixth-best public university in the United States.

Come take a look at our list of the Top 10 UF Reddit Student Moments.

1. Boots the Catto

“Greetings from a sleepy Tenders (a.k.a Boots). Giving strong catto energy for a good semester.”

For the last three years, a Tolbert Area resident has relished the abundance of food, the luxury of a cozy bed, plenty of time to bask in the sun, and constant attention free of charge with the campus’ compliments—that’s Tenders. The campus cat reels in students of the University of Florida with her lovable personality and undeniable charm.

That’s not all! There’s another cat that’s almost identical to Tenders, and that is Boots. The slight difference between them is the shade of orange in the latter’s fur, as seen in the photo posted on UF Reddit by u/AllariahArum. The two were playfully compared to Clark Kent vs. Superman, as no one’s ever seen them at the same place and at the same time, according to u/thaw4188.

2. Triggered by Campus Allergens

Allergies cause the body’s immune system to over-react from the compounds in the environment. The most common ones include allergic rhinitis and hay fever, causing runny noses, watery eyes, and congestion. Other responses to allergens may consist of swelling, hives, cramps, nausea, dizziness, and fainting.

The body then creates histamines or other antibodies due to the allergens that trigger the immune system. Meanwhile, a University of Florida student has had allergies while on campus, as shown in the post by u/nlmasnl. However, the student doesn’t know what triggers the allergy, but one Redditor suggested seeking medical advice.

3. Century Tower’s Gran Vals

“Caught a video of the Century Tower playing Gran Vals today (also known for being the Nokia ringtone song)”

In this post on UF Reddit, u/FlakFlanker3 shared a video of the Century Tower, located in the center of the University of Florida, playing Gran Vals by Francisco Tarrega, a Spanish classical guitarist. A phrase is taken from the composition written in 1902 for the solo guitar of the Nokia tune (also called Grande Valse).

4. Campus Pokemon Go

You may have heard of stories about people hunting Pokemons inside the office, on their desks, in the malls, even in bathrooms—they just gotta catch ’em all! After a few years of being dormant, the Nintendo-owned Pokemon franchise, which exploded in popularity in the late 1990s, has once again taken the world by storm after releasing Pokemon Go.

It’s a game that uses your smartphone’s GPS and clock to detect when and where you are in the game and make Pokemons appear virtually around you through your phone’s screen so that you can catch them. In a post by u/Unlikely_Internal, a student Redditor asks if anyone is playing Pokemon Go and if they’re interested in a group chat for the game’s coordination.

5. Practice Gratefulness

Driving a bus for a living can be a mundane and monotonous job, not to mention its long hours of work without any break for the duration of their shift. Bus drivers are often assigned to routes that do not change, driving in loops from location “a” to location “b.” In addition, they have to contend with some horrible drivers, dangerous traffic, and bad road conditions.

So, a simple gesture of appreciation by saying, “Thank you,” means a lot to them, as pointed out by u/Jriego13 on UF Reddit for all the students of the University of Florida.

6. Lost AirPod Pro Case

“Lost AirPod Pro case near Diamond Rd. and Bartram Hall! Halp!”

Studies have shown that when you hear particular music that you like, the brain fires up a chemical called dopamine, which positively affects mood.

Today, with new advanced gadgetry, we can now enjoy music with the availability of high-quality, compact, and affordable earpieces, such as Apple’s AirPod Pro. The case charges the AirPods as well as stores them. But u/GloomyActuator420 lost her case and is asking Redditors for help in case someone found them. Let’s just hope it’s found.

7. Could This Be It?

“Found airpods at carleton hall today. Turning them into UFPD.”

As mentioned in #6, a Redditor lost her AirPod Pro case. And in this post by u/GH501 on UF Reddit, he found an AirPod case! Could this be the lost case of u/GloomyActuator420?

8. Krishna Lunch Survey

“Does Krishna Serve Lunch When It’s Raining?”

In this post by u/wbtwwo, a survey was made regarding Krishna Lunch’s service during rainy days, and it’s clear that they do. In 1971, the first Krishna Lunch was served by the religious organization, Hare Krishna. They served lunch every weekday in the Plaza of the Americas.

When Krishna Lunch began, everything was free. But today, they charge five dollars to cover the cost of fresh produce, utensils, and biodegradable plates. However, the price is not so scruffy for an all-you-can-eat vegetarian meal that includes an entree, salad, dessert, and lemonade or tea.

9. Honorlock Proctoring

Exams are almost always monitored by a proctor, either by a person in attendance or software like Honorlock. Redditor u/fantasticalandstuffz asked others if his closing of eyes and fidgeting could be flagged as cheating by Honorlock. It’s a system that assists in preventing exam cheating through online services.

The popular software allows institutions to maintain academic integrity as well as create fair test-taking and responsible environments. In addition, it prompts students to demonstrate independent learning skills and write without undertaking malpractices during the exam session.

10. Learning How to Cook

Food is vital for students as it provides the essential nutrients needed to keep the body and brain going. However, freshly cooked organic food is sometimes not readily available wherever they’re staying, especially if they don’t know how to prepare it themselves. That’s why u/unsafeclouds asked other Redditors for any simple recipes he can make, as he doesn’t want to buy out food constantly.

That’s it for our Top 10 UF Reddit Student moments. Stay tuned for more content on the college community!