The University of California, Davis, was founded in 1908 to serve the state of California, named as a Public Ivy institution. Initially, it was established as the University Farm, the research and science-based instruction extension of UC Berkeley. Their mission expanded beyond agriculture as the century evolved to match a larger understanding of public service.

Globally, UC Davis is renowned for its expertise in veterinary medicine and agriculture. It has the largest veterinary school in the United States and ranked first globally for five consecutive years, from 2015 to 2019.

Take a look at our Top 10 UC Davis Student Moments list.

1. Getting Acquainted with Apartment Neighbors

Greetings are essential in letting the other parties know that they are valued. Simply acknowledging their presence in a meaningful way can make a positive impact on their day.

On the other hand, there’s a possibility of nonacceptance, and that’s okay. The important thing is you made it known to them that you have a pleasant personality and want to make friends with them, and this is what u/JJVEA asked other Redditors on UC Davis Reddit.

2. Improbable Circumstance

If a student is not living in a school dorm, a means of transport is needed. Although there are busses, some prefer bikes. Aside from its purpose of bringing the owner from point “a” to point “b,” biking also has health benefits as it is an aerobic activity. It’s a healthy and low-impact exercise that people of all ages can enjoy.

That is why u/FarawayWanderers posted a question about the likelihood of bringing a folding bike inside a classroom. Besides its use as transportation, it also has sentimental value to him. The Redditor further sought tips on what type of locks to buy.

3. Gleaming Light in the Night Sky

Strange flashes of light were witnessed by u/Niknamew and a housemate, which he posted on UC Davis Reddit. Some Redditors jokingly posted comments that it was an alien, while others shared sane answers. According to u/AnteaterToAggie, it was likely lightning as there was a storm scoot the night before.

4. Nervous Anticipation of a Transfer Student

Exposure to a new environment can be emotionally and mentally jarring for introverts, especially to those who transfer to a new school. As schools can be quite lively places, this can turn into a pressured experience for introverts. Regardless, this personality type can adapt and move forward with success.

As pointed out by u/Emergency-Egale-6349, the Redditor shared that he’s an introvert. Nonetheless, he still managed to find a way to regulate emotions and open up to others, establishing rapport early on.

5. Digital Education Meme

“UCD students right now”

The pandemic has dramatically changed education since it began, resulting in schools being shut down worldwide. It’s estimated that over 1.2 billion are out of the classroom. E-learning is on the rise, where teaching is undertaken on digital platforms and remotely.

This meme posted on UC Davis Reddit by u/ucstudent24 shows that classes are to be taken online as they received an email from the school.

6. In-Person Classes

As most of the world’s population is getting vaccinated, some schools now allow in-person classes, but with safety protocols in places, such as wearing masks and social distancing. In this post by u/Lil_Bits, he shared that he got in-person labs, tests, and classes.

7. Activity During Spare Time

College students typically have a lot of freedom in picking their class schedules. Nonetheless, it’s not easy to plan a perfect schedule, with many external factors impacting students’ time. Some of these include limited class slots, professors’ demands, and conflicting priorities.

As a result, there are gaps between class schedules. Most often than not, students don’t have control over how long those will be, which u/watugunnado has experienced firsthand. That’s why he asks Redditors for any advice on what to do during his spare time, which is five hours long.

8. Birthday Celebration in Davis

Birthdays. It’s the time for loved ones and friends to come together and celebrate you!

On UC Davis Reddit, u/mrshm3lo asks Redditors for suggestions on how to celebrate her birthday in Davis, as her housemate is moving in on a later date and her loved ones can’t visit.

9. All in the Same Boat

As mentioned earlier, the pandemic has altered the natural flow of educational institutions all around the world. In this post by u/simoneeeeeee, she realized that four different student grades have never been in in-person classes or on-campus before. These grades include incoming first-year students, continuing sophomores at home, new junior transferees, and transfer seniors who stayed home.

10. Missing the First Day of Class

There are times when circumstances prevent something from happening, and the worry for future events’ uncertainty starts to pop up in our minds, indicated by u/watugunnado on UC Davis Reddit post. Nevertheless, Redditors recommend that the best thing is to send an email to the teachers, letting them know of the situation.