Sandbox-style action-adventure games have come to prominence within the last decade, with titles such as Minecraft and Roblox reaching high levels of success in terms of concurrent players and streaming numbers. Terraria is game developer Re-Logic’s entry into the action-adventure sandbox game genre. After its initial release on May 16, 2011, it has gained a massive following of its own and has since been released on several other platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

One of the biggest appeals of any sandbox-style game is the ability to be creative. Many players of Terraria dedicate much of their time to creating and sharing unique builds rather than simply enjoying the more traditional elements of the game. The creativity and talent of the Terraria fan base is amazing. Here are ten of the best Terraria Builds we have seen, sourced from the official Terraria subreddit, r/Terraria.

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10) Fish Tank Build

Though smaller than some of the other builds in this list, our first entry earns its spot with exceptional execution and simplicity! Fishing is a favorite activity amongst Terraria players, and Redditor u/R0LLT1D3 paid homage to that activity with this great fish tank build. The tank and stand look perfect! All it needs is some water, though we understand why they decided not to fill the tank. As u/beluuuuga put it, “Not sure how the fisherman would feel about being drowned though…”.

9) Mobile Game Ad Build

Equal parts build and meme, u/Alamasag shared this build which pokes some fun at the all too common mobile puzzle game ads, which have recently started to pop up in large numbers. Though the build is simple, it is instantly recognizable and hilarious, and it might even look better than some of the actual ads. Well played!

8) Giant Cheeseburger

u/veyyz01 was inspired to create this cool family of giant hamburgers while listening to the viral song Cheeseburger Family by Jack Stauber. I think that they nailed the off-kilter and strange aesthetic of the music video with this fabulous set of giant cheeseburgers. The little vial of salt in between is a nice touch as well!

7) Battleship Build

Our next spotlight build is also pretty nontraditional. Rather than building a functional house or base, u/Anjobro decided to make a replica of a battleship! This particular battleship is modeled after the USS Des Moines, a famous post-WW2 United States navy heavy cruiser ship. Again, it is so cool to see the variety of interests and tastes expressed through Terraria art!

6) Ocean Biome house

For number six on our list, u/Mmit_53 shared this fantastic house that he made for the Ocean biome. The build features cool Eastern-themed architecture, accented by some great paper lanterns and stylized clouds. This was one of the most unique house builds shared on Reddit!

5) Mini World Build

Next up, u/UsaBishi_Terra created an impressive miniature world, complete with all of the game’s unique biomes. One of the most impressive aspects of this build is the symmetry - nothing feels out of place or forgotten. Some Redditors took the build as a chance to reminisce on how small the old-gen mobile worlds were in Terraria. It is incredible how much the game has progressed since then.

4) Rural Japan Build

u/AegisSGA blew us away with this remarkable reconstruction of a rural Japanese setting. The scene looks like it could be taken straight out of an anime! Even more impressive is that the build was put together with only Vanilla tiles and no furniture cropping, as u/AegisSGA revealed in the comments. I think the addition of the rooftop and window HVAC units and the little details surrounding the store are especially unique and thoughtful touches.

3) Mother Terraria Build

This is the point in our list where the builds take on an epic level of detail and skill. Redditor u/Mister_Corvus_Birb shared this build of a “Mother Terraria” statue and temple. This build is an excellent take on a “Mother Earth” theme. The elemental orbs representing the game’s biomes surrounding the statue are an especially eye-catching feature.

2) Dragon Skeleton Base Build

It was tough to separate the top two entries in this list of Top 10 Terraria builds, and I am sure you will understand why when taking a look at the post u/sighspri2 shared on their Dragon Skeleton base. The details and functionality tucked into the base while still clearly maintaining the dragon’s skeletal form set this base apart. I could see this as a level of a classic Gameboy era platformer.

1) Bee Cathedral

Our final spot on the ten best Terraria builds from the past year belongs to u/BigManTingOwO, who shared this truly awe-inspiring bee-themed cathedral with the subreddit. The scale and detail of this build set it apart from the other excellent entries on the list. u/BigManTingOwO credits their ability to put together such an incredible build to being stuck in Tier 4 lockdown due to the world’s ongoing health situation. Way to make the best of a tough situation!

That is all for our list of the best Terraria builds found on Reddit from the past year. Which build was your favorite? Are you inspired to create and post some cool builds of your own? Maybe we can feature your post when we return to Terraria in the future! Until then, thanks for reading!