Smite is a multiplayer online battle arena that takes classic games styles like DOTA and League of Legends and adds its own unique spark. A third-person viewpoint breaks away from the traditional top-down gameplay of MOBAS while still giving you the classic 5v5 and 3v3 games modes. In this battle of the Gods, Smite makes for some epic gameplay and even better memes. From wacky skins to epic cosplays, here are the Top 10 Smite Reddit Posts You Need to See.

  1. Errorboros

Jormungandr, also known as the world serpent, has plenty of fans and multiple fan-made skins, but this one will take you back to a simpler time.

Posted at the beginning of 2021, this hilarious idea for a skin hit some real traction on Reddit. Enough so that Hi-rez used the concept in their official skin, “Malworm,” which was released August 24th.

Congratulations, u/JhayAlejo, for creating such a unique concept that even the publishers couldn’t ignore.

2. Ares, God of Cosplay

Ares is a classic Smite champion, exemplifying the battle of the God’s theme. And u/SameerBundela shows the hard work of cosplayers in this astonishingly detailed Ares cosplay. If you plan on going to Comicon, or any gaming convention, be sure to bring your beads because this Ares will be pulling in crowds of people.

It’s hard to believe that this cosplay is even real with the level of detail involved. Don’t worry, though. u/SameerBundela aims to put your doubt to rest with a few more photos you can check out here, showing off his armored suit in the full glory of the sun.

3. Yoink

Speaking of Ares and your need for beads, u/zetabosiors knows exactly how it feels to be caught by the God of war’s ultimate ability, “No Escape.” Being pulled in toward this character often spells certain doom if you have no way to clear CC on yourself.

Watch this clip 100 times, and it will still feel all too real and way too hilarious.

4. Jurmon-” Handr”

While Errorboros may have gotten its own official skin, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other interesting and amusing concepts for the world serpent. u/erictwilly has thought of it all in their aptly named Jormun-Handr skin concept. If you ever wanted to feel like Santino Marella using his signature Cobra strike, then maybe we need to bring this thought-out design to Hi-rez studio’s attention.

5. The Tyr List

All MOBA’s have a tier list for their champion line-up, and with so many Gods to choose from, it’s hard to know which ones rise above the rest. It can be hard to sort through all the characters and the current meta without detailed analytics and number crunching. Luckily with this “Tyr” list, u/Primal122 makes it simple for everyone to understand.

6. Doodle-Ra

Jormugandr isn’t the only God in this pantheon getting makeovers from the Reddit community. u/Raijin-Caijin and their rendition of the Egyptian God Ra gained enough traction to make it into the official skins of Smite as well. Ra, known for being a powerful caster in the game with their solar-powered justice, gets a paper airplane makeover in this skin, titled “Unholy Doodle,” officially in the game. I’m sure that our artist is all too thrilled to see their work in such a fun and creative MOBA.

7. All Fun and Games

Smite servers can be tricky sometimes. Like any online game, there can be server issues and disconnections that happen all the time, especially around patch updates. Set in the dreary world of Coraline, u/TaberiusRex encapsulates the oh so terrible feeling of staring at the “under maintenance” screen. I could go to bed, but I’m sure they’ll be done any moment, and I just want to play one game, promise.

8. Hollow Smite

In all its beautiful indie glory, Hollow Knight is a game I would never have thought to crossover into the realm of Smite. However, u/RobDraws proves how amazing the mythological characters translate in his artwork. Capturing the art style of Hollow Knight perfectly while still showing off the key characteristics of the Gods of Smite seems like a daunting task. However, this impressive list of characters speaks for itself.

9. Blue Screen Au Puch

Error. u/RobDraws creates another popular drawing with their skin concept “Blue Screen” Au Puch. Combined with ‘Errorboros,” these two Gods of malfunction are going to be a duo so overpowered that we’ll all be waiting for server maintenance by the time they’re done.

While this particular design didn’t make it into the game, perhaps the team at Hi-rez took notice of it with their official skin for Ah Puch titled “Malware Master.” Unfortunately, the Malware duo is real, so keep up those web scanners and check your firewalls.

10. For the Birds

My favorite God in smite, Aphrodite, is versatile in helping allies and hurting enemies with the same spells. u/nick198617 knows exactly how it feels to smack your opponent for damage with a swarm of doves and then turn around and smack your ally for healing with another swarm of doves.

We’ve found ourselves at the end of our list. The r/Smite Reddit page boasts a wide array of fan-art, memes, and updates about the game.  Be sure to check it out and, if you’re a Smite fan like us, stay tuned. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the best the web has to offer.