Fantasy basketball is unpredictable, mainly because of the uncertainty that surrounds it. A lot goes into the NBA being unpredictable itself as a sport due to out-of-control things like injuries and trades. With that being said, for basketball fans that haven’t won in fantasy basketball yet or are just starting fantasy basketball, here are your 10 Reddit Fantasy Basketball tips to follow if you want to win your league.

  1. If you’re a beginner, go head to head first.

According to u/EdgePhormula, going head to head in fantasy basketball will help fantasy owners who are starting to focus on the most important part of basketball: scoring. It will alleviate pressure off those owners to win every stat category, such as the category leagues.

2. Draft guys who you know will overproduce at their position

Drafting guys who will overproduce at their position will be a massive boost in winning your fantasy league. In addition, it will give you an advantage because you are buying low as a fantasy owner instead of taking huge risks early on, which is helpful, especially to those just getting started in fantasy basketball.

3. Ignore turnovers at all costs

u/snowman227 says that owners should ignore turnovers as a category because it negatively impacts players with high usage rates.

4. Use your resources

Using different basketball sites and following different fantasy basketball analysts such as Josh Lloyd will help fantasy owners to gain advantages over their competition. u/SpookFraser has recommended that owners use and

5. Don’t draft rookies

One Redditor in the community u/Exequelley says that fantasy owners should “stay away from rookies because they’re high risk, low reward.” Instead, they would rather draft players that have already been in the league and are proven players in the process.

6. Don’t plan for the long-term. Plan for the short-term

u/thecourtsideanalyst says that fantasy owners should be hesitant to pick young players who are already on the fast track to becoming role players. It is unlikely that they will be anything else since they have already been in the league for a few years. They also say that you should not give up on guys entering their 30’s because they are not young enough. After all, you can also find more youthful guys to develop. He said the most crucial thing in the community was that fantasy owners should “not ever plan for more than four years out.”

7. Stop overthinking

When you are picking your first pick, you do not want to overthink it at all. Instead, you want to take the best player available at all costs and build around the player you first drafted. This was one of the biggest tips that u/playingandrealityxxx discovered while scrolling through the community. Another thing you should remember is that it’s for fun and it’s wise to pick players that you like to watch.

8. Now here’s the risk to take

Like the last tip, some risks are risks you shouldn’t take if you are only starting. However, other risks like taking high-usage players on bad teams are risks you should take. Although owners tend to shy away from high-usage players due to chemistry issues, high-usage players like James Harden and Luka Doncic still do more good for your team than not. They also bring more production than just about anybody in the league. u/IPutMyHandOnA_Stove says that basketball is more swayed towards individual performances.

9. Don’t take this type of risk

u/playingandrealityxxx says that owners should try to stay away from injury-prone players as much as possible. They also recommend that fantasy owners try not to draft more than one injury-prone player to their team. Redditors like u/BoomBoomBandit recommend that new fantasy owners “don’t take players that are going to be out for the season or at least out for the start of the season.”

10. Make the sacrifice

In fantasy basketball, you have to take risks and make sacrifices to win your fantasy basketball league. In this case, u/tonyandbullet says fantasy owners should “sacrifice some categories and excel in others.” Others in the community like u/JoelBarish-ish say that owners “are ignoring certain categories’’ when they “draft, make trades or make pickups” so they won’t end up being in the middle of their leagues or even become mediocre in the process. In other words, don’t try to be excellent in every category.