eCommerce sales worldwide have surged in recent times, mostly because of the pandemic that has hit the world. It has proven that the shift from traditional to online buying has taken a firm foothold in society over the years, and it’s not slowing down. In a report made by Adobe, it’s estimated that global eCommerce sales will reach $4.2 trillion this year.

Thanks to eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba, and Shopify—among others—people can buy products anywhere, even if it’s across the globe. In addition to the sites mentioned above, eBay is among the global eCommerce giants and has grown into a phenomenon since its launch in 1995.

Have a look at our Top 10 Reddit Tips for Buyers and Sellers and Reviews on Whether eBay Is Still Worth It.

1. Tips for New Sellers

Selling items online is probably one of the most competitive endeavors you will ever undertake, where challenges from the savviest of entrepreneurs abound. But don’t be swayed, as it’s part of the journey in learning how to offer your products online to millions of customers worldwide effectively.  u/wrench97 posted on Reddit eBay asking for tips from other Redditors about selling. They happily obliged—u/shopcounterwill suggested taking into account the total cost of doing business, such as adding in the cost of packaging supplies, the cost of each item, fees, and others, and the time waiting for the Post Office, as time is money.

2. Out of Stock Option

The “Out of Stock” feature on eBay can help sellers keep their GTC (Good ‘Til Cancelled) items alive even when the quantity goes down to zero, enabling them to replenish stock for the same “ItemID” without the need to relist it when it’s back in stock. Sellers can use the “Revise” option when more inventory is available to update the item’s inventory, and the listing will appear again. But what if the seller only has one such item? That’s what u/sometaacc1 asks from other Redditors, and u/mchurchw1 is quick to share that the “Out of Stock” option may be turned off. It’s unnecessary since there’s only one item, and turning it off will enable the listing to end when sold automatically.

3. Miscalculated Shipping Fee

This post on Reddit eBay by u/PhredInYerHead shows when a seller miscalculated a shipping fee, losing some of the profits as a result. Although it’s common for most sellers to message a buyer regarding the issue, it’s bad form and a violation of the terms and conditions of the eCommerce platform, which, in this case, can be reported. One Redditor, u/sdss9462, shared that the poster was not at fault and should ask the seller to honor the sale price and send the item or ask for a refund. Subsequently, the buyer can then open an “item not received” case. But eventually, the result of that would still be a refund.

4. Still Worth It

Gratitude goes in coherence with the act of giving recognition. Recognizing one another makes us even more appreciative, inspiring the other person to pay it forward—all of which influence performance and productivity. For example, a post from u/thebigcrawdad garners appreciation from other Redditors. One of them is from u/SweetyPeety, requesting others to be more mindful and understand sellers as most of them are just small-scale businesses. Most of them will go out of their way to make things right.

5. Shipping Issue

Time and time again, issues regarding item shipment on eCommerce platforms are becoming common, just like what happened to u/PaintingComfortable6 when the order pushed through following the cancellation request to the seller. Be that as it may, u/Massive-Aoli-346 shared that a similar event occurred in the past where issues with the carrier USPS happened with recurrence. It’s also possible that the seller dropped it off before the request, or the item languished in the Post Office for weeks before getting scanned.

6. Damaged Item Claim

Every so often, eCommerce sellers may face issues regarding buyers claiming a damaged item. They’re obliged to respond appropriately based on the platform’s policy—considering all the necessary proof and confirmation are accomplished. Several factors come into play for causing an item to get damaged, such as careless stacking or bumpy road during transit. But suspicion and uncertainty from a seller are inevitable, especially knowing that the item was packed securely, much like what  u/SunGreen70 shared in the post on Reddit eBay. Other Redditors suggested letting the buyer return the item or give a partial refund.

7. Order Cancellation by Seller

The exciting part for sellers on eBay is knowing that a product is bought, but the thrill can be short-lived when a transaction cannot be completed or needs to be canceled. When a buyer requests cancelation, it’s undoubtedly frustrating to deal with for the seller. But a seller-requested cancelation can have a more severe repercussion, resulting in negative feedback and selling penalties. And as a seller, this is what u/IneedAA3win is precisely asking if she had pushed through with the cancellation.

8. Partial Refund Request

In cases where there’s a problem with an eBay purchase, buyers might be able to settle the dispute by reaching an agreement with the seller. Essentially, it’s a negotiation between the two parties through eBay’s Resolution Center. The seller will allow the item to remain with the buyer and offer a part of the cost or a partial refund. But in the case of u/UsedToBeHot, the seller asked to send all the items back for a return and didn’t agree to a partial refund. u/zombieblackbird explained on Reddit eBay that most sellers would not honor partial refunds, as it’s eBay’s policy to return it all for a full refund, suggesting to call support for assistance.

9. Weekly Sales Dropping

Competition in any eCommerce platform is stiff, resulting in intermittent sales. In addition, factors such as the types of products being sold may also decrease sales, which is what happened to u/FixYourPockets. Nonetheless, u/Decaopik encouraged the poster to cease looking for blame and instead use the time to source inventory and keep listing as the sales will eventually go up.

10. Refund Issue

There are several cases of sellers having trouble issuing a refund to the buyers because of an open case, as the refund button is not available anymore. This may cause uneasiness on the buyer’s side, just like u/StarRumble69420 with a post on Reddit eBay. Other Redditors explained that the seller was not lying and that eBay would refund the buyer on behalf of the seller.

That concludes our list of the Top 10 Reddit eBay Tips for Buyers and Sellers. eBay can be a tough yet rewarding platform to navigate. We hope these tips can help you out next time you log onto the platform, whether you’re a buyer or seller!