Hunter x Hunter has been inspiring and awing people for literal decades. Fans were enthralled by the friendship of an endlessly optimistic hero and assassin-turned-Hunter deuteragonist--even as the world they inhabited was increasingly revealed to be cruel, dangerous, and unfair.

Hunter x Hunter is still a complex story that's still unfolding and ongoing. You can see that especially reflected in the Hunter x Hunter subreddit, where Hunter x Hunter Reddit posts abound with theories and fan-created content that brims with love for the series.

Without further ado, the top 10 Hunter x Hunter Reddit posts, explained!

1) Rising Manga Costs

Supply and demand is a harsh rule of economics, and between the large hiatuses between chapters, physical copies often become more and more expensive. A glance online reveals batches of volumes that can sell for a few hundred dollars depending on the style of the cover.

After all, if there's a years-long hiatus between chapters, that means that publishers have no new content to publish, and runs of previous volumes naturally stop at some point.

User /darklyger64 mentioned needing to pay almost double the retail price for a volume, but they have still completed an entire collection of physical copies to date. However, this was only possible because they began collecting in earnest in 2007, which coincidentally was before the 2011 reboot anime skyrocketed Hunter x Hunter's popularity with a new crowd.

Our OP here might've been lucky enough to complete their collection, but future denizens of the Hunter x Hunter Reddit might find their wallets noticeably lighter.

2) Beware of the Bootlegs!

Speaking of buying and selling, this OP was hit with a bootleg Nendoroid of Gon.

While at a glance it may look fine, there are slight quality issues that can be seen in the paint and fine details. The price on Amazon had been lowered from $70 to only $2, leading our OP to make a poor buying choice.

You might think, "What's wrong with buying a bootleg?" but it all boils down to quality and creator support.

When you buy a bootleg, nothing goes to the creators, which can hurt their ability to create in the future. In general, quality issues like paint and eyes can often look… off. The most infamous bootleg figure within fandom is the "bootleg Saber," a figure of Saber from the Fate series who seems a bit worse for wear.

So the next time you see some suspiciously cheap merch, take a step back and maybe save up for the real thing in the future. After all, you wouldn't want a bootleg to ruin your collection and not support a creator.

This doesn't just apply to the Hunter x Hunter Reddit--keep this in mind no matter what fandom you're in!

3) Small, but important!

Do you pronounce the "x" in Hunter x Hunter?

For a good amount of people, the "canon" pronunciation is simply "hunter-hunter," based on a video of Togashi pronouncing his series name. However, as seen in this post's comments, people don't seem to take it too seriously.


"I sometimes slip up and say Hunter x Hunter and if I get called out on it by someone I proceed to cry myself to sleep the next night. In reality, it doesn't matter, and both pronunciations have a nice ring to them IMO."


"I say both but tend to go Hunter Hunter instead of Hunter x Hunter. Doesn't matter though in my opinion, if someone knows the show they'll know what ur talking about."


"It doesn't make sense to me to call it ['hunter hunter'] sounds too redundant. So I pronounce the "x" between to make it less redundant."

Canon or aesthetics? All up to you!

4) Shounen Narrator Syndrome

Some series like to have the exposition character, and some like to have the disembodied narrator.

There are pros and cons to each. For the exposition character, the immersion isn't as likely to be broken--especially because it's a character within the story giving explanations or giving the audience information via their thought processes in-universe. This limits audience information to just what a character should know (which could be good or bad) and can create unlikeable characters.

In terms of an invisible narrator, the audience has access to a larger pool of information and can provide more in-depth explanations, leading to immersion-breaking storytelling.

Hunter x Hunter goes for the "invisible" narrator route, mainly because Togashi's poor health sometimes forces the need to draw less and prioritize story over art. That, in turn, creates some… interesting pages.

The anime changes things by balancing between an invisible narrator and internal exposition, but there are always personal preferences.

Some like "showing" versus "telling," while others rightfully point out that more complex fights are more enjoyable with the more detailed explanations of an actual narrator.

What do you prefer?

5) Are You Truly a Master?

Going into a more plot-related territory, villain Chrollo can "steal" the abilities of others. However, these stolen gifts will disappear if the original owner passes away or meets an untimely end.

Within Hunter x Hunter, a person's nen abilities are closely linked to someone's personality, including their wants and needs. This means that introspection and self-exploration are a vital part of becoming stronger as a person.

Yet Chrollo's gift is different.

His ability is one of theft and plunder, which is suited to his experiences and personality, yet the abilities he uses are ultimately not tailored for him specifically.

This is the point OP brings up in their post:

Beyond just technical knowledge, does being a nen master also require that self-awareness and introspection?

OP doesn't think so, but what about you guys?

6) Final Boss Material

Hunter x Hunter is filled with memorable villains, who often are villains in name only. Many readers and watchers shed tears after the deaths of "enemies," and antagonists can make or break an entire arc for a shounen series.

Which led some users on the Hunter x Hunter Reddit to mull over some things.

Who will become the final antagonist of Hunter x Hunter?

Will it be a powerful genius like Chrollo? The unhinged danger of Hisoka and Illumi? Or a heart-wrenching plot like that of the Chimera Ant King?

Togashi has shown his skill in creating a variety of antagonists that affect audiences in all sorts of different ways, whether their purposes are to be hated, feared, or pitied. Yet the series is still ongoing, which means that anything could happen, from new characters being introduced or old ones suddenly coming back into the play.

Many users theorize a possible final villain to be Gyro, a character currently MIA, with a rich backstory, a ready supply of accomplices, and an ambiguous situation. However, what also needs to be considered are the themes of Hunter x Hunter, such as empathy, revenge, family, and self-reflection.

A true final enemy would have to involve the culmination of all of these things, testing the protagonists and their development over the story.

At this point, only time can tell.

7) Story Opinions

Spoilers for the plot up to now!

As mentioned before, antagonists will make or break a story, which can be seen in OP's opinions on every arc of Hunter x Hunter so far. As a testament to how passionate this community is, the comments are filled with healthy discussion and people's ratings on each arc. As seen in every arc, quality seems very tied to the enemies needed to defeat, whether it be the Hunter Exam, to even Ging, in a way, Gon's father.

The overall winner so far seems to be the Chimera Ant Arc.

Both heroes and villains were tested in this series and forced to grow in their own ways, sometimes to tragic results. Our antagonist, the Ant King, was developed, creating a full-fleshed and tragic character that readers felt deeply drawn to throughout the story.

8) A More Meta Approach

It's no secret that Togashi is married to Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of Sailor Moon herself, cementing the two as a powerhouse couple within the world of manga.

That leads to some humorous thought exercises like:

What happens if we pit these two series together?

An idea that would almost never be possible if it weren't for the two's status as husband and wife.

Sailor Moon usually comes out on top for the sheer power of magic, but commenters and OP also discussed how the two have helped each other grow as writers. There's a marked difference between Togashi's portrayal of women and LGBT+ characters in HxH versus Yu Yu Hashuko, his previous work written before meeting Takeuchi.

9) An Uncertain Future

An also well-known fact about Togashi is his infamously poor health which leads to infamously long hiatuses. There are also suspicions that Takeuchi herself has also been assisting in creating chapters in the wake of pages with more Sailor Moon-esque styles.

However, what really angers people is the utter radio silence involving information about the series' future. Authors taking long hiatuses is also nothing new, but what's markedly different is how those hiatuses were handled.

However, this radio silence is nothing new, and it doesn't seem like that'll change in the future.

10) Lasting Wonder

Despite the erratic posting schedules, that doesn't change people's love for the series.

This OP talked about going in blind to Hunter x Hunter and having a great time, saying that all they knew was that it was about "... a kid looking for his dad…". The best part is that it does summarize the series!

That's the wonder of a series that so many people appreciate and emphasize what's so amazing about Hunter x Hunter.

When you boil it all down, it's a surprisingly simple premise that instead folds within itself so many heart-wrenching events.