Dead By Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer game in which players either play as the killer, attempting to sacrifice the survivors to a strange being called “The Entity,” or the survivors, whose goal is to, well, survive. Both killers and survivors have different perks and abilities that change your playstyle. The characters vary from original content, such as “The Doctor” Dwight Fairfield, to licensed characters like “The Shape” Michael Myers and Laurie Strode. DBD has a dedicated fan base, and as one of those dedicated fans, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Funniest Dead by Daylight Reddit Posts You’ll Laugh At.

  1. You’ll never know if you don’t ask

The internet is truly an amazing thing. It connects people in a way that any of us could reach out right now and contact Dead by Daylight’s developer and publisher, Behavior. That being said, fans of the game who follow Behavior have a special place in their heart for the “Twitter Guy.” While I’m sure Behavior is quite happy to hear our input on the game, they most likely weren’t expecting this request, shared by u/starlogy.

I agree with our beloved Twitter guy. What level of confidence does it take to approach a company and ask to add sex to its game? At the same time, I’m not exactly sure I want to know who they had in mind when they made this request.

2. Michael Lightyear

Dead by Daylight is an unpredictable game dictated by the players, making for some pretty entertaining and wholesome interactions. Sometimes, though the killer’s primary goal is to sacrifice all the survivors, you’ll find yourself in the presence of a merciful psychopath. Whether they were bored after killing all of your teammates or believe that you should live on to spread the horrors of what you had seen, there are some rare occasions where something like what u/use_me_mistresss’ post here describes.

No matter the reasoning, the joy, relief, and gratitude I feel when the killer brings me to the hatch is unparalleled.

3. Game Logic

Games don’t always make sense when it comes to balanced gameplay matching up with the backstories of different characters. u/Diocavallo_ makes a pretty fair point about this comparison.

To be fair, Bill Overbeck is pretty experienced at running through cities while hordes of zombies chase him. Just because he’s an older man doesn’t mean he won’t have gas in the tank when he needs it.

4. Is that Jason?

Many parents don’t understand video games, but they sometimes show an interest in what we might be playing. u/GeneSaw took their opportunity to ask about some first impressions about each killer, and the results were just as funny as you’d expect.

Honestly, Dad wasn’t that far off for most of them. If “The Doctor” really was a dentist, I would find him even more terrifying than I already do.

5. It was all an accident

u/Simple-Can-3325 has a new idea for a killer you just have to check out.

Perhaps this killer’s specialty is running around with scissors and tripping over pallets, accidentally killing the poor survivors. In a way, it’s tragic, which is probably what makes it so hilarious.

6. “The Rock”

“Bare with me,” asks u/RicocoMcSwagSwag2, and frankly, I’m inclined to listen to this suggestion for this new survivor killer combo.

Who better to play two different roles than this superstar. The turtleneck-wearing fanny pack toting Dwayne Johnson fits perfectly next to other survivors and could be excellent friends with Dwight. Meanwhile, the hulking mass of a killer, “The Rock,” not only has an alias that fits right into the killer cast but would be intimidating in its own right. Not to mention a Mori like “The People’s Elbow” would be a brutal way to finish off any would-be survivors.

7. Greg the Killer

You might have heard the news that Behavior lost the licensing for their characters based on the “Stranger Things” series. Honestly, when it comes to licensed killers, this was probably bound to happen at some point. Those who bought the content, however, will still have access to the characters. “How will we be able to play the characters if they no longer have the rights to them,” you might ask, and u/Mitokovo has the answer.

A few minor tweaks and boom, Behavior has some new original content.

8. Aesthetic

Let’s face it, theTrickster, not so great. No matter what your complaint might be, though, we shouldn’t take the looks too seriously. u/residentquentinmain points out the irony of those who feel he doesn’t fit in with his killer friends. But he’s probably still more popular at social gatherings than Legion.

9. Signs of a killer

As a survivor, if you want an edge in Dead by Daylight, it’s essential to know what killer you’re facing. If it’s your first time playing against a killer, Behavior will give you a quick pointer in the load screen about who you’ll be facing. After that, you’re on you’re own. Thankfully here’s a couple of quick things to note from u/B0rn2Burn

10. It’s Alway at the Worst time

It always seems like when I go to work on a generator, I get an itch, and u/RisingPlace understands exactly how much pressure it is to make the decision. If you think about taking one hand off your controls, you’re sure to hear that audible ping as you rush to get your hands in place for a skill check.

And with that, we reached the end of the Top 10 Funniest Dead by Daylight Reddit Posts list. Make sure to check back in for more Dead by Daylight content, and stay excited for all the new killers we’ll see in the future (especially Hellraiser!).