Located just thirty minutes northwest of Denver, where the plains meet the Rocky Mountains, Boulder, Colorado, is a town founded in 1859 by explorers seeking the riches of gold. From then onwards, Boulder’s history has only gotten more colorful.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, want a relaxing getaway, or seeking intellectual stimulation, you can enjoy the benefits of a community created by residents that embrace a healthy and culturally enriched lifestyle. Boulder also offers a wide variety of experiences for every type of travel, such as getting a glimpse at wildlife while strolling, biking, or hiking.

Enjoy the Top 10 Boulder Local Moments from Reddit that you need to see.

1. Historic Gold Hill

“The mayor of Gold Hill, Stella, is one of my favorite reasons to climb Four Mile canyon.”

Twelve miles northwest of Boulder is Gold Hill, an old mining town. It feels like it’s a world away, but it has numerous historic buildings along a grid of dirt roads. Some tourists like the beautiful sights of the place and its people. Posted on Boulder Reddit, u/krsvbg shared one of her favorite reasons for going to Gold Hill: the mayor of Gold Hill named Stella.

2. Older Than The Town Itself

“Saw an original Caribou Post today at CU Archives. Printed in 1872, this piece of paper outlived the town by 142 years!”

Historical and cultural artifacts can emotionally connect to a spectator, inducing awe and astonishment of the material presented. In this post by u/bookhutt, he shared a photo of an original The Caribou Post newspaper from the CU archives, dated 1872. It outlived the town itself for 142 years!

Now a ghost town, Caribou was a former silver-mining town near Nederland in Boulder County. It was named after a nearby silver mine.

3. Spectacular Boulder Night Sky

“Milky Way Last Night”

Modern photography techniques and equipment can capture breathtaking and eye-catching moments, enabling people to bask in the beauty in front of them. As posted by u/KenSickles on Boulder Reddit, a snapshot of a stunning night in Boulder, which captured the Milky Way, is greatly appreciated by other members. They also offered to buy a copy of it, to which he shared a link to his website where potential customers can find many other photos.

4. Dance Your Worries Away

“Looking to find inner peace”

Ever felt down or disheartened? Try dance therapy or dance movement therapy! It’s the psychotherapeutic use of movement based on the interconnection of mind and body and the healing power of dance, promoting social, emotional, cognitive, and physical integration to improve health and wellness.

In this post by u/Confident_Substance4, a cheerful older man is offering his experimental dance therapy. His ad is printed on white paper with a snap of his dancing pose and a before-and-after result based on his experience.

5. Banksy’s Counterpart in Boulder

“SMiLE..... The Banksy of Boulder”

There are several paintings around town in Boulder of an orange cat with black stripes and a “SMiLE” monogram, and it brings a smile to people who have seen it. People shared that they have paintings in their backyard and on the back patio, while others express their delight.

Just like world-renowned Bansky from England, the artist behind Smile is also unknown. Both are using pseudonyms to bring mysticism into their art. (Posted by u/craiger_123)

6. Rare Silver Fox Sighting

“My favorite Boulder resident.”

One of the melanistic forms of the red fox is the silver fox, which displays a great deal of pelt variation. Some have glossy black fur except for a white tail tip, giving them a silvery appearance. Others have bluish-gray or ash-gray colors on their sides.

As seen in the post of u/calciumqueen2020 on Boulder Reddit, a silver fox is a welcome sight for residents who enjoy taking photos and videos of the rare animal. Others are glad to see the creatures around as they haven’t seen them for years.

7. A Lovely Sight to Behold

“Picture I took on campus yesterday”

Many members on Boulder Reddit appreciate this photo posted by u/Player34x, capturing a wonderful day with blue skies, white clouds, mountaintops on the backdrop, green trees, and sprawling green grass. Images like this make you appreciate the natural gifts that nature offers, as well as life itself.

8. Just Another Day at Work

“Helicopter doing line work today, looked like around Bear canyon trail”

Working on powerlines is one of the most spine-chilling and challenging jobs out there. In a post by u/Sammy_Clemens, a lineworker is seen dangling from a line connected to a hovering helicopter overhead, working on the power lines somewhere around the Bear Canyon trail.

In this profession, helicopters assist in repairing or building the powerlines. They pick up pieces of equipment and materials from the staging areas and deliver them to the lineworkers. Members of the Boulder Reddit were amazed, while u/BeerInMyButt jokingly shared that he thought he was under attack for a second.

9. Female Rock Climber

“Anyone know who this is? Was taking pics of friends and snapped this one of the climbers next to us. Want to send her the photos. The Clipboard at Avalon on 8/14/21 (And yes they were ok with me taking the photos)”

Many sports demand a high level of physical performance, sometimes pushing athletes to their limits. This bodily demand doesn’t only happen in sports, but also in hobbies, like rock climbing. It’s a hobby growing in popularity worldwide where participants climb up, down, or across natural rock formations or artificial walls of rocks.

It’s an all-inclusive recreation that can enhance a person’s overall strength, focus, and discipline, shown in the post by u/jezer777, where a female rock climber is photographed.

10. Beautiful Sunset in Niwot

“Watching the sunset in Niwot”

Situated in southeast Boulder, Niwot is a friendly and supportive town with a down-to-earth special bond among residents. It’s a quaint and sweet little town set between Boulder and Longmont. Niwot also presents a majestic sunset, shown in the post by u/boulderbubble.