Rocket League entered the gaming scene in 2015. Over time it has gained many fans, players, and viewers. Given its popularity, an esports scene was all but inevitable.

In late 2020 and early 2021, viewership of Rocket League on Twitch was at an all-time high. Rocket League, both as a game and as an esport, has captured countless people's attention and solidified the popularity of esports players. This list looks to point out ten of the best Rocket League players.

Now, rarely is there going to be a definitive way to determine who are the best players. Many different factors can be considered, from total winnings to recent performance to synergy with teammates. However, many biases can also influence who people believe are the best players, like what team they belong to, what region they play in, or how big a fan they are of certain players. So with that said, everyone will have different thoughts on who are the best players for their own reasons, so don't be too upset if one of your favorites doesn't appear on this list. With that said, let's get going on this list.

10. Fairy Peak!

Part of team Vitality, Fairy Peak! has helped bring championships and second place positions for three years now. He is also among the top 5 Rocket League players for total winnings. An impressive record that is certainly not something to scoff at.

9. Mist

For the past couple of years, Mist has been helping team Envy greatly. His strong defensive plays combined with his offensive potential make him a fierce player to go up against. Although he's lacking a record as impressive as others on this list, he's still a highly skilled player who would be an asset to any team he found himself on.

8. Squishymuffinz

A professional who also happens to have a large YouTube following, Squishymuffinz has shown that he has a lot to offer. Initially a part of Cloud9, Squishymuffinz brought a couple of championships and second place victories. Since then, he's been playing with NRG and has since then earned more championships. Squishymuffinz has a lot going for him.

7. Firstkiller

One of the newest pros on this list, Firstkiller has only been playing for a couple of years now. However, he has already caught the eye of many players. Playing for Rogue for most of his esports career, Firstkiller managed to help them earn a couple of championships and even earned a reward in 2021. Overall, an up-and-coming player who has people excited for more.

6. Turbopolsa

A fan favorite of Rocket League esports players has managed to amass an impressive record for himself in his Rocket League career. With a total of 4 championships under his belt, he's no stranger to victory, and victory is no stranger to him. Now a part of team Envy, Turbopolsa has still been proving why he's a strong player. He hasn't been performing as well as before, but he still has many people interested in seeing where he'll go in the future.

5. Alpha54

A member of team Vitality, Alpha54 brings a lot of excitement to the table. Since joining the main roster in early 2020, Alpha54 has been proving why he was worth it to team Vitality. Helping them earn win after win and even helping them win a championship, Alpha54 has nowhere to go right now but up.

4. Kaydop

The top player in terms of winnings, Kaydop is one of the longest-lasting professional players in Rocket League, with a record to prove his worth. Since season 3 of the RLCS, Kaydop has helped bring his team to the RLCS grand final each season. That alone is proof of his strength as a player.


JSTN is one of the most successful players in professional Rocket League, with a solid record and fanbase. One of the longer-lasting members of NRG, JSTN was there to help with many of their championship victories. He has countless awards under his belt and, when motivated, plays in a way that leaves fans wanting for more. It would be an understatement to say he's just an asset to NRG. He is a part of their identity, alongside our number 1 player on this list.

2. M0nkey_M00n

M0nkey_M00n has helped bring victories for Team BDS for the past couple of years. Earning first-place victories and championships tournament after tournament, he has developed a solid and consistent record. On top of that, M0nkey_M00n is known for having a strong game sense that allows him to make aggressive offensives or calculated defensive plays at practically the flip of a switch. Definitely one of the most skilled Rocket League professionals in the EU.

1. GarretG

If there is ever someone who has been talked about in recent years, it would be GarretG. The longest-running current member of NRG, GarretG has been helping the team earn victory after victory with his expert play. He's also regularly talked about as being heavily and consistently motivated and appears always to be improving. And it greatly helps that he's been playing with JSTN not just for the time they've been teammates but also before they've joined the professional scene. So if there is any player you should keep an eye on, GarretG is deserving of it.

As stated before, everyone will have their own ideas on who are the best players. This list, like anyone else's, is a matter of opinion, not fact. So don't sharpen your axes if your favorite Rocket League player didn't show up or if your favorite was lower on this list than you'd like. However, if you are new to Rocket League esports, maybe this list would give you an idea of who to follow and keep tabs on and might even spark an interest in the scene in the first place.