Tower defense games have always been popular amongst a variety of gamers. Casual and serious gamers alike can enjoy the strategy involved in setting up and upgrading your units to take over important junctions on a map.

The Bloons series of games is one of the most successful recent iterations of this tried and true gaming formula. In 2018, developer and publisher Ninja Kiwi released the sixth game in the Bloons Tower Defense series. After reaching a high level of success in the mobile gaming market, the game was ported onto Steam, Microsoft Windows, and finally macOS in March 2020. Want to learn more about this great game? Check out these nine great posts from the Bloons TD 6 subreddit, r/btd6 from the past year.

9) Bloons Camo Meme

This great meme, posted by u/TSM_SlapDaddy, riffs on a popular internet joke about camo patterns and one of the most notable gameplay elements of the Bloons franchise. Camo coating on specific balloons has made them undetectable since Bloons 4 unless Camo detecting skills are unlocked. This hasn’t always made the most sense, especially since the camo doesn’t blend into anything on the map! Still, it has turned into a favorite joke amongst the Bloons community and is good for some laughs.

8) Bloons Logic Meme

Similar to the last post, some of Bloons TD 6 game mechanics require a little bit of suspension of disbelief. But that is what makes this game so fun! In this comic, shared by u/Those_damn_squirrels, we see that balloon color can make it impervious to flying pins. Of course, it doesn’t make sense - but it is funny to think about!

7) True Heartbreak Meme

While others were worrying about silly things like relationships and love, u/The_Tommynator was experiencing real pain and loss when they posted this meme. What pain is greater than spending your in-game currency to continue a round just to lose again immediately. This has been a pain known to all gamers since the first coin-based arcade games. Thanks for helping us relive it, u/The_Tommynator.

6) Meta Strats Only Meme

Naturally, games like Bloons TD 6 attract players who are always trying to find the most optimal way of playing. This can create metas and unhappy know-it-alls when others don’t follow that meta. u/ilovefrogs1984 made this hilarious Bee Movie meme to poke a little bit of fun at the tryhard side of the community. It is important to remember that games are about having fun - no matter how you play them! This meme is an excellent reminder of this!

5) Bloons Lore Meme

Bloons is a game built on a simple and fun premise. Monkeys who shoot down colorful balloons! There is no official explanation or story behind this. However, that doesn’t stop the community from creating their fun headcanons for why their monkeys are hunting down balloons. u/bigtree2x5 made this great meme comparing the two, and fellow Redditors quickly replied to the thread with their own headcanons. u/dangerrundue posted our favorite hypothesis, “My headcanon is that all the monkey citizens are allergic to latex so that’s why they fight an endless war to stop skin irritation.”

4) Avatar Competition Entry

u/mutamarkl shared this awesome fan-made avatar that they created for an Avatar contest, and it is some really impressive work! The digital art image is clean and is a perfect match for the Bloons art style. We wouldn’t be shocked if this had been official art released by Ninja Kiwi themselves.

3) A Tragic Ending Meme

U/ConanAiAyumi saw this adorable comic by @wawawiwacomics and was reminded of something they had seen in their favorite game - Bloons! Though this comic is still pretty cute, it makes popping those balloons a little bit sadder, especially since in-game, only one of these balloons would pop! We are sorry, little guy!

2) Suez Canal Meme

2021 has undoubtedly been an interesting year for everyone. U/MDS_Dan was inspired to get creative and recreate the blocking on the Suez Canal in a game of Bloons TD 6! According to the post, they had some work to do in Paint, but they nailed the scene! Let’s hope this shipping blockage was resolved a little easier than the real-life situation!

1) An Amazing Achievement

We wanted to close out the list of 9 Best Bloons TD 6 posts with this fantastic achievement for the Bloons community! As of earlier this year, the r/btd6 community surpassed r/arknights in total member count. The aptly named u/Pure_Epic shared this achievement. This made the Bloons TD 6 subreddit the most popular subreddit for a Tower Defense game! What a fantastic achievement for Ninja Kiwi and the community as a whole.

That’s all we have for the Top 9 BTD6 Reddit Posts from /rbtd6 this year. What did you think about this fun and wacky Tower Defense game! Do you feel inspired to give it a try yourself? We are sure there are more great things to come in this popular game series, and we can’t wait to see what will unfold.