With the recent expansion of the mobile gaming market, many mobile game developers have tried to appeal to hardcore, competitive gaming crowds. As a result, they have produced games that require hours of practice to compete and sometimes even crossover into the platform space with Crossplay, like Fortnite and Genshin Impact.

Other companies, like Lilith Games, decided to go in the opposite direction by rewarding casual players. That was the idea behind AFK Arena. As the name implies, AFK Arena is a team builder gacha-RPG that doesn't stop running when you log off. Players can level up even while AFK, collecting their rewards when they log on next. This style of game has caught on and has amassed a dedicated online fanbase! Today, we will look at The Top 9 AFK Arena Reddit Posts collected from the subreddit r/afkarena over the past year.

9) Flower Announcement Meme

This great meme, created and posted by u/Datch80, pokes some fun at the banner announcements that often pop up during events, like the recent Phoenix Flowers event. While it can be cool to see players interacting with each other, the pop-ups were constantly piling up and blocking players' screens who were trying to enjoy the game! Hopefully, future events will include the option to hide or minimize such messages.

8) The Best Strategy Meme

There is an optimal way to place one's units to ensure victory during most stages. However, sometimes the best strategy is to throw things on the board randomly and see if they stick. At least that is the strategy u/DuckyDoll wanted to advertise when they made this great Drake meme! We can relate - sometimes, an elaborate strategy is just too much work.

7) RNG Poverty Meme

Most mobile games are built around chance-based gacha-systems for unlocking new characters and loot. As exciting as pulling a lucky draw can be, this system is always prone to leaving a player depressed over a bad streak of luck. That was the feeling that u/NoBluey captured when they created this super relatable meme after a dry streak of Stargazing. Better luck next time, u/NoBluey - at least the bad luck spawned a great meme!

6) Free Gift Codes Steps Meme

No one can be mad about free gifts from developers. However, when Lilith Games decided to go back to codes when giving away gifts rather than simply giving players the gifts in their in-game mailbox, the process began to feel a little stretched out. That led u/Damiascus to create this awesome Family Guy meme, showing just how many doors a player seemed to have to go through to redeem their gift. But at least there is still free stuff to be had in the end!

5) Fanmade Rosalina Figure

Statues are some of the most popular and expensive merch that gamers look for when collecting items from their favorite games. However, fan and artist u/Horseantler7 decided that they didn't need to spend the money on a statuette when they made this awesome Rosalina figure themselves! The quality of the work is so impressive - they nailed every aspect of the character perfectly, including her iconically dull and creepy eyes. We would definitely believe it if someone had said that this model was professionally made. What a fantastic fanbase!

4) A Little Help From Mom Meme

U/Molomath was having some trouble getting enough Faction 5 tickets from the Forest Mania activity. Luckily their Mom was a pro at a game with some familiar mechanics - Candy Crush. At least that is the hilarious situation they put in our minds when they created and shared this meme. Mom should be able to easily crush through the activity with so much Candy Crush experience. Who says that gaming can't bring the whole family together?

3) Belinda at the Beach Fan Art

Next, we feature an amazing fan art shared by u/datguywind! The art is credited to heatlessbird on ArtStation. The Beam of Hope is drawn exceptionally well here, featured in her popular swimsuit - a skin exclusive to last year's summer event! I bet this masterful work was created while playing AFK Arena on the beach!

2) Obsidian Finch Talene Fan Art

Our second to last spot on this list is the incredibly talented u/wenmAFK2020, who created this original concept for a new skin for their favorite character Talene. They called this skin design "Obsidian Finch," and it came out stunning! We would happily pay for a skin of this quality in the game!

1) Shemira Carry Meme

For the last post in our list of Top 9 AFK Arena Reddit Posts from the past year, we wanted to share this excellent meme comic created by u/sony_sides. The meme is dedicated to the fan-favorite character Shemira, whose healing and consistent damage make her a popular early game carry. However, she falls off hard when players reach the later stages of the story. That doesn't stop the players from showing their love for Shemira - as we can see with this great image!

That was everything we had to show from the last year of AFK Arena posts from Reddit. So are you itching to get into some low-commitment AFK action? Or maybe speed things up with a few Diamond purchases? Either way, if you want to play, we are sure you'll have a great time playing this awesome mobile title.