Madden Ultimate Team, abbreviated as MUT, is an online game mode in the Madden NFL series that first appeared in Madden NFL 10. Ever since the NFL released the MUT game mode in 2011, it has been one of the most popular ways for fans to enjoy and compete in the Madden franchise. The goal of Ultimate Team is to level up your team with different tiered trading cards to the highest level possible while competing against AI or online players.

As one of the most popular modes within an already top-rated franchise, many Madden 22 players purchased the game exclusively to play MUT. As such, MUT has a huge online fanbase. Let's take a look at the Top 8 MUT Reddit Posts for Madden Ultimate Team Fans this year, as found on the r/MaddenUltimateTeam subreddit.

8) An Amazing Leapfrog

For our first post in the list of Top 8 Madden Ultimate Team Reddit posts, we highlight a gameplay clip submitted by u/captainmacks. They were playing a standard game with one of their friends when they accidentally pulled off this impressive maneuver with Michael Vick at QB! Of course, we all know that Vick was an incredible athlete, but I don't think I've ever seen him or any other quarterback leapfrog into a touchdown in open space like that before!

7) NMS Meme

Next, we take a look at this hilarious meme posted by u/tjohnson1864, where he takes a funny shot at the NMS subcommunity of Madden Ultimate Team. Certain players like to label themselves as "NMS," meaning "No Money Spent" when constructing their teams, taking pride in their avoidance of microtransactions. Sometimes, as the meme implies, these players might go a little far with their pride and bragging. Let's hope no one is actually avoiding spending money on their groceries too!

6) MUT Auction House Economics

Reddit market analysts have found themselves in the spotlight over the last couple of years, including memorable moments concerning Gamestop and discussions about the future of cryptocurrencies. However, perhaps the real economic masterminds have yet to be discovered - the select few MUT players who can take advantage of the Auction House after crazy coin nerfs and balance patches! At least that is what u/Worth_Educator6428 thought when they shared this hilarious meme!

5) 91 Speed Meme

While it is understandable that quarterbacks and receivers get the most of EA's attention when balancing their game, it sometimes can feel like other positions are treated with a much too lazy approach. One of the most notable instances of this treatment was the matching speed stats of any new secondary players released into the game. It seemed like every DB on every team was essentially the same player! At least u/PeterDangalage was able to have some fun with the situation by creating this meme.

4) A Wholesome, Good Sportsmanship Moment

Games like Madden Ultimate Team are competitive, and competitive online games bring out toxic personalities within people. However, it would seem that there is still some hope for humanity, as u/Ckrutal captured after an online match with a stranger ended due to some server issues. They were one loss away from missing the playoffs! However, their opponent was happy to give up the free win to not shut out u/Ckrutal. There are some awesome MUT fans out there!

3) Poor Atlanta Fans

For every memorable victory, there must be an equally memorable loss for another fanbase. The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA finals. Ronda Rousey was knocked out within 48 seconds. And, of course, the Atlanta Falcons blew a 28-3 3rd quarter lead during Super Bowl LI. Naturally, this historic collapse is celebrated every year as a challenge within Madden Ultimate Team, which u/1869er captured with this meme. Don't worry, Falcons fans. I'm sure it won't hurt so bad... eventually.

2) The Ultimate Disrespectful Play

For the second to last spot on our list of Top 8 MUT Reddit Posts, we had to highlight this truly savage gameplay clip shared by u/obdunicorn. As if completely shutting out the opponent wasn't enough, they decide to intentionally turn over the ball right in front of the goal line before wiping out the opposing safety, taking the ball back, and running in for the delayed touchdown. Fellow Redditor u/Mac1280 captured our thoughts on the play exactly: "I've quit maybe two games all Madden 21 so far, but this right here though would've made me quit immediately."

1) Pat McAfee Chimes in

For our last post, we wanted to highlight the impact and notoriety that Madden and MUT have had within the NFL fanbase, with a clip shared by u/GroundNPoundTown. Legendary Colts Punter and Talk Show Analyst Pat McAfee took a jab at EA's lax update schedule while live on The Pat McAfee Show. Though this was more of a funny moment than anything, it is awesome to see how ingrained game modes like MUT have become into national sports discourse. Maybe we can see more regular MUT updates soon, EA?

That's it for our list of Top 8 MUT Reddit Posts for Madden Ultimate Team Fans this year. I don't know about you, but I've been inspired to hop onto Madden 22 and try my luck with a new pack. Okay, maybe a couple of card packs! See you next time!