Initially a space for smaller companies and casual gaming fans, the mobile gaming world has started to draw in some real heavy hitters. SINoALICE is one such heavy-hitting game. SINoALICE is a role-playing video game developed by Pokelabo for both Android and iOS. Pokelabo is headed by the famous director Yoko Taro, who also brought gamers the beloved Nier and Drakengard series.

With such a big name behind the project, there were naturally high expectations behind the mobile title, but SINoALICE has delivered and amassed quite the following of its own! Originally a Japanese-only mobile game, its success warranted an expansion into the global market in 2020. Want to get a better sense of the game and its followers? Check out our list of the Top 10 SINoALICE Reddit posts, sourced from r/SINoALICE_en from the past year!

10) Armor Scaling Meme

u/goldenyasher takes the first spot on our list with this funny meme, pointing out one of the classic RPG tropes that SINoALICE is certainly guilty of taking part in. The skimpier an armor set tends to become, the more powerful the stats! However, as most of the commenters on the thread agreed, it doesn’t matter as long as the characters look great and are fun to play with! Keep rolling out the skimpy armor sets!

9) Alternative Gretel Cosplay

Next, we take a look at some fantastic cosplay created and shared by u/KyuyaGavin on both Reddit and Twitter! They made this excellent alternative take on Gretel with this cosplay. Now we wish this alternative skin had won the fan vote to be implemented!

8) The Pain of Maxing Meme

u/kiokurashi shared this all-too-relatable meme. Any gamers who have tried to grind in their favorite role-playing games can relate to the resource grind it takes to min-max in SINoALICE. It can take so many resources and so much time to make minor improvements in the late game! But still, whenever a better weapon is acquired, one must grind away anyway. What else is there to do when you need to overcome a powerful opposing Guild, after all.

7) Little Mermaid Cosplay

We have another spectacular cosplay claiming the next spot on our list. This Little Mermaid Cosplay, posted and photographed by u/aznproductions and featuring the fantastic cosplayer @timbercosplay from Instagram, perfectly captures the beauty and the power of this character. That is one mermaid you don’t want to mess with!

6) It Really Do Be Like That

The developers must have known what they were doing when they had implemented this orb, appropriately titled “Path of Regret,” into the game. u/whats_poppin shared this tragic screenshot after failing to pull a Kayuga character and finally running out of crystals, with this being the last pull. Sometimes the Gacha-gods just aren’t on your side. Time to buy more crystals!

5) Quest Error Meme

u/OGatoSO posted this funny meme in response to a lackluster apology gift that players received after the developers caught a bugged Quest Reward. We all understand the pain of losing out on awesome progress or rewards and feeling like nothing was done to compensate for that loss. However, luckily Pokelabo are great developers! They were later able to fix the bug and award players with ten free crystals. That is fantastic support!

4) Tough Ogre Meme

The Ogre is quite the formidable opponent for many reasons. His stats are very high.

He erases all your buffs. His weakness is fire, which is the rarest element for attack weapons. Even worse, the available fire weapons are all physical, which he’s practically immune to unless you can debuff him. Finally, he can instantly wipe out your party if you lose two party members. u/AngelsDebris was definitely feeling this power when they made this relatable meme. Time to power up with some more crystals!

3) Amazing Mermaid Fanart Painting

Little Mermaid makes another appearance on this list, though this time in an incredible fan art painting! u/eggscheeseham shared this painting after also submitting it to a fan art contest on Facebook! The flowing water that they captured is fantastic - we hope that they won!

2) Swimsuit Lammy Fanart

Lammy, the wildly popular Summer Event character, seems to have felt left out with all the cute girl characters getting swimsuit skins! At least that seems to be the scenario that u/MoreMarx_11 dreamed up when they created this adorable and hilarious fan art image! Small, ethereal beings need love too, you know!

1) Snow White Breaker Fan Art

The final spot on the list had to go to this breathtaking fan art, posted by u/NihilisticNoir and credited to the artist Wanke on pixiv. They have drawn some truly professional quality work of fan-favorite character Snow White, equipped with a Breaker class and a JP region exclusive sword. That is one powerful princess!

What did you think of our list of The Top 10 SINoALICE Reddit Posts from the past year? Excited to give the mobile game a try? We know we are dying to see how the legendary Japanese game director will steer this project to further success in the future.