Though the roguelike genre is by no means new within the gaming world, roguelike-type games have had a recent resurgence into popularity with today’s generation of gamers. Supergiant Games’ hit title Hades best represented this success, as they won several major game awards in 2021.

Risk of Rain 2, developed by Hopoo Games and published by Gearbox Publishing in 2019, has captured this growing segment of the gaming world’s attention with its frequent updates and unique 3rd-person shooter spin on the classic dungeon-crawler roguelike formula. Anticipation for the title is only growing, as Risk of Rain 2 will be receiving its first-ever expansion within the first quarter of 2022! Let’s look now at the news and memes that the Risk of Rain 2 fanbase has been sharing on Reddit (subreddit r/ror2) over the past year!

1) Return of Chef Meme

This great meme, posted by u/vPAyNv, was made to highlight the Risk of Rain fanbase’s anticipation regarding developer Hopoo’s development announcements. Many of the original Risk of Rain player base hope that of the two new characters being added to the game in expansion, one will be the fan-favorite character Chef! The developers wanted to lean into this hype with their word choice!

2) What is Your Purpose Meme

Sometimes, players can find specific niche uses for characters and items that game developers did not previously expect. This appears to be the case as Redditor u/p0jinx posted this hilarious meme referencing an iconic scene from Rick and Morty. At least the players were able to find a way to make Pylon feel useful. Wisps are annoying!

3) Melee Acrid Meme

Acrid’s cute and offbeat design makes him a fan-favorite character. However, he doesn’t always feel mighty when first unlocked within melee situations. u/Olgolurkov made this great meme to display how they felt about the purple dog - he turns into quite the beast eventually!

4) Loader Venn Diagram Meme

Out of the many characters that a player can unlock and choose from in Risk of Rain 2, Loader is a true fan favorite. This funny Venn diagram, created by u/Window_panes, illustrates their take on why Loader is just so popular. As fellow Redditor u/soldedad365 commented on the thread, Loader’s ability to turn evasive items (speed, momentum) into damage with her punch makes her unique, powerful, and fun in the late game.

5) Money Earning Meme

One of the original appeals of the Roguelike-style game is the added pressure of knowing that your player character’s death is permanent. The intended gameplay effect is making calculated risks and sometimes playing safer than usual to preserve good playthings. Other times though, the call of awesome loot is just too strong to resist.

6) Lego Obliteration Obelisk

Redditor u/9736 paid homage to their favorite game by recreating this iconic Risk of Rain structure with legos - the Obliteration Obelisk! It is awesome to see this creativity from any fanbase, and they did a great job capturing the structure’s most iconic features. However, let’s hope they don’t accidentally obliterate everyone in the real world when interacting with this desktop model!

7) A Striking Resemblance

u/NexGenration created this great post when they noticed a striking resemblance between the ROR2 Beetle Guard and one of the modern gaming era’s original icons - Dog from Half Life 2! Honestly, now that this comparison has been made, it will be hard to unsee!

8) A Satisfying Interaction

Wisps’ combination of high range, hitscan attack, fast attack speed, flight mobility, and large and frequent spawn numbers make them one of the most hated and annoying enemy types in Risk of Rain 2. This makes the clip that u/badubba captured all the more awesome! We watch as the group comes to a huge cluster of wisps before exploding them all in one shot!

9) Some Awesome Risk of Rain 2 Fanart

In the penultimate spot on our list, u/LewdestLemons shared this incredible artwork initially submitted to an official fan art contest by his wife, credited under the name Beautiful Beasties. The image is an excellent visual mashup of Risk of Rain and Doom, and the colors and imagery are fantastic! We think this piece deserved the recognition it received!

10) ROR2 Saxophone Cover!

u/No_Decision has claimed the last spot in our list with a truly unique and amazing fan contribution! He posted this fantastic cover of his favorite Risk of Rain 2 track, “Koppen as Fuck”! In the thread’s comments, u/No_Decision also mentioned that they were working on a cover of another great ROR2 track - “The Rain Formerly Known as Purple.” We can’t wait to hear that one - it is sure to be just as spectacular!

That was everything we had for this list of the top 10 Risk of Rain 2 Reddit posts from the past year! Which post or meme was your favorite? Are you even more hyped up for the Release of Expansion 1? Let us know, and we will be sure to return to cover the latest in this ever-evolving game!