Since its premiere in 2016, My Hero Academia has taken over the anime community as one of the top manga sellers and anime shows to watch. This marvel-like show has become a global hit that you can watch everywhere. My Hero Academia has earned the right to be as popular as it has become, and its fifth season is met with high anticipation from fans. As someone who reads the manga and watches the anime, what's coming up next for the show is something to be excited about. So, here are the best 10 My Hero Academia Reddit posts (found at r/BokuNoHeroAcademia) that share my excitement and anticipation for what's about to come. Beware of spoilers ahead!

1) My Villain Academia

My Hero Academia does something quite rare in anime shows and television shows as it takes us away from the heroes and their daily lives to immerse us in the villains' lives. With most stories, we usually focus on the protagonists, their journey, and their training arcs to see their development, but finally, we get to understand the league of villains. So if you hated anyone from the league before, don't break your screen after seeing this fantastic arc!

2) All For One

This fan art is from u/Stochastic_Machine, and it just feels like yesterday when we were all excited about seeing All Might beat All For One with the iconic move and scream "United States of Smash." We all couldn't believe how amazing that was, and we thought it was the end of All For One.

3) World's Hero Mission

With all the hype and excitement for My Hero Academia still running through the world, a third movie was bound to come, and it is with "Hero's Mission" being the title. A trailer was recently released, and you may be asking new questions like who is the villain and what is up with these new outfits? One thing for sure is that the big three of Deku, Bakugou, and Shoto will progress closer to their goals and that alone excites me. Here is a sketch of the movie from Kohei Horikoshi. The drawing is from u/MarvelsGrantMan136

4) Mirko

This redraw and coloring were found on My Hero Academia Reddit by u/Maywhomst. Rumi Usagiyama, also known as the hero "Mirko," has been seen as a fan-favorite ever since her debut, and I am also excited to see her future. Also, her being the number five of top heroes tells us that she is a big deal in the world of heroes. I will say she will not disappoint, and the fans who want to see more of her will be satisfied with what she can do.

5) Stain and his ideology

Thanks to u/Joe_Post92 for discovering this sketch. Back in season 2, we met the villain Stain, who can use other people's blood against them and stop them from moving. Stain, though a villain, was still relatable to fans with his thoughts about heroes not truly being heroes because of their lack of empathy for actual citizens instead of social media followers or paychecks. Due to this ideology, Stain decided to end the reign of those he thought were fake heroes that society had created. When first watching and listening to what he was saying, we believed he was a crazed hero, but as we move forward with the series, we'll be surprised and see that Stain might've been onto something.

6) Dabi

This piece was created by u/Kurojishii. Dabi has been among the most famous villains since his introduction for his personality and that he shoots blue flames, a great visual trait. Yet people always wondered and wanted to know more about him, so expect answers in the future.

7) Eri and Mirio

This drawing is by u/TheSushiColony1. We last saw Eri and Mirio after the thrilling fight between Mirio, Deku, and Overhaul in season 4. We learned just how much of a hero Mirio is, witnessed the progression of Deku with his quirk, and saw just how much of a hax Eri is with her quirk, which helped Deku win. Ever since the end of the fight, we wondered if the two would return and make an appearance again, and while still wondering, I'd love to believe that the two will return in a big way.

8) One For All:

As Deku's quirk "One For All" truly is the key to his life as a hero, we keep learning about the familial origin of this quirk and how it was passed down. Deku received it from All Might, and All Might received it from his teacher Nana Shimura. Yet it wasn't until earlier in season 5 that we learn that Deku can use the previous owner's abilities along with his own. As we learn more about the previous owners, we understand that this quirk will play one of the most significant roles in continuing the story. This artwork was posted by u/Dicy_f.

9) Tomura Shigaraki

This artwork was posted by u/FunnyUsernameXd. From the beginning, we only saw Shigaraki as an antagonist who wanted the world's biggest hero, All Might, killed so that he could take over. However, as we learned about All For One and Shigaraki, he is a more profound and complex character than shown on the surface. A lonely boy abused by his family and left with no help from the hero's society is now trapped in his hatred for it. Soon, we will all dive even deeper into his mind and feelings and see the lengths he will go to destroy the world he feels broke him.

10) Deku's Progression

To end this list, we will talk about the boy who grows from a nobody to one of the most influential figures in the hero society. Deku's journey has been mission after mission, and the roller coaster does not stop for him. And with the villain's arc beginning alongside learning, he can use more quirks than he ever thought was possible. Deku will have to step up to the plate and learn and grow more than ever. Plus, Ultra will have to become a lifestyle for him if he wishes to become number 1, and fans like myself cannot wait to see what he does. This collage of Deku was made and posted by u/TrulyWorldWide.

That's all we have for the Top 10 Reddit Posts about My Hero Academia from the past year you need to see. Be on the lookout for season 5 of My Hero Academia!