If you’re a fan of Formula One or MotoGP, you might find NASCAR a little underwhelming. At first glance, it might simply appear like it’s cars driving in circles for hours, but it’s more than that if you embrace the sport.

NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) has always been about racing cars available to the public—stock cars. And for several decades, it’s become one of the most-watched events stateside.

Have a look at the Top 10 Nascar Posts of 2021 on Reddit.

1. Darlington Raceway Paint Schemes For Cars 37 and 47

“JTG Daugherty Kroger/Hershey & Little Hugs Schemes for Darlington”

In a post by u/BucshWhackerReviews on NASCAR Reddit, JTG Daughtery Racing posted the paint schemes for cars 37, sporting the Hershey’s logo, and 47, with Little Hug brand, on their official Twitter account, which generated mixed opinions from fans.

Meanwhile, a patch on the racetrack at Darlington Raceway is in the minds of a few drivers going into this weekend, as track officials confirmed that a section of Turn 2 was repaved this month. Although patched in the past, a different solution was needed to keep the water from seeping into the cracked surface.

2. Faster Pit Stop With Next Gen Car and Single Lug Nut

“Next Gen Pit Stop Speeds - Stacking Pennies Podcast”

NASCAR officials had announced that the Next-Gen car would have a single, center-locking lug nut for its wheels. The setup was debuted in the Next Gen prototype’s fourth test on the track at Auto Club Speedway.

According to NASCAR Senior Vice President for Innovation and Racing Development, John Probst, the move away from a 15-inch steel wheel was part of an overall goal to provide stronger correlation and relevance to today’s car productions. The 18-inch wheel and a strong enough fastener that could hold up under high-speed conditions was a necessity. (Posted by u/HoosierTrees)

3. Next Gen Cars Practice Run

“Eight Cup drivers scheduled for Goodyear tire test at DAYTONA with Next Gen car Sept. 7-8”

In a post on NASCAR Reddit by u/YRB007, NASCAR announced on its Twitter account that Eight Cup Series drivers are set to hit the track for the first time with Next Gen cars on September 7 and 8. The teams will participate in the Goodyear tire test on the high banks of Daytona International Speedway in preparation for the 2022 season.

The two-day test will allow Goodyear to continue making progress on the compound for the upcoming season, moving to an 18-inch wheel from the current 15-inch metal model used in the series. Some teams include Joe Gibbs Racing, Richard Childress Racing, JTG Daugherty Racing, Stewart-Haas Racing, and others.

4. Kurt Busch Joins Michael Jordan’s 23XI Racing Team

“I fixed Kurt’s new car. You’re welcome.”

Michael Jordan’s 23XI Racing Team has expanded to two teams with Kurt Busch. He will be driving the No. 45 Toyota Camry with sponsorship from Monster Energy, for the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season, following Bubba Wallace in 2021.

When it first hit the track at Daytona earlier this year, 23XI Racing entered the NASCAR Cup Series at the most-hyped new team in stock car racing in many years. There will be double the anticipation for the race team with Kurt, the 2004 NASCAR Cup Series Champion, shown in the photo posted by u/GHOSTY on NASCAR Reddit.

5. Darlington 500 Paint Scheme

“Hendrick Motorsports Paint Scheme Preview: Darlington”

Chase Elliot will sport a new look on his No. 9 NAPA Auto Parts Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE, designed by children battling cancer at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, as seen on a post by u/jjarg24. All of Elliot’s matching firesuit, gloves, helmet, as well as the four pairs of shoes that all the Hendrick Motorsports teammates will wear, will be auctioned off after the race. The proceeds will be donated from the Chase Elliot Foundation to Children’s.

6. Bubba Wallace Incredible Last Lap

“Bubba’s POV of the last lap was straight out of a movie!”

Although Bubba Wallace has yet to take his first checkered on NASCAR, he remains a popular figure among fans. Bubba is among the top five contenders to gain a spot in the NASCAR All-Star Race via fan voting.

Despite not being among the contenders in the points race during his first season, he has flashed potential as a driver. Just like in a clip posted on NASCAR Reddit by u/KMozey3, Bubba’s driving ability was shown after frontend collisions of several cars during the last lap of the race.

7. The Essence of Speedway Racing

“Radioactive: Daytona - “I don’t know how the f*** we made it through that” | NASCAR ON FOX”

Fox Nascar’s Youtube channel presents Radioactive: Daytona, posted by u/toxicbanana99 on NASCAR Reddit. These condensed segments of the video were taken from several hours’ worth of NASCAR racing and minimized to several minutes, with radio chatter from all teams heard in the background.

8. SAFER Barriers at Daytona Speedway Circuit

“In case you guys were curious what a SAFER barrier looks like up close. From the start/finish line at Daytona”

In the years following the death of the legendary seven-time champion Dale Earnhardt, the governing body of NASCAR mandated tracks to install SAFER barriers—shown in the picture posted by u/TheOtherWhiteCaste— designed to absorb the impact of the crash. In addition, the company made significant adjustments to its safety rules, including wearing full-face helmets and head and neck restraints called HANS devices.

In 2015, NASCAR began requiring seven- or nine-point restraints on seat belts to further regulate how much gravity can pull drivers out of their seats should the car be upside down. Looking ahead to the NASCAR’s Next Gen car, Senior Vice President of Racing Development John Probst revealed several updates to the stock cars, including front and rear crash structures reinforced with foams.

9. Snider and Cindric Touch Off Wreck Near End of Stage 1

“Bad push from Snider sends Cindric into the wall”

Austin Cindric touches off a big wreck following contact from Myatt Snider in the final laps of Stage 1 at Daytona International Speedway’s Xfinity Series Wawa 250, as seen in a post by u/littleman1988 on NASCAR Reddit.

10. Final Two Laps Run to Checkered Flag

“Justin Haley’s Raw On-Board Footage - Final 2 Laps to the Checkered Flag from the Wawa 250 at Daytona”

Justin Haley clenched his second victory of the year at the World Center Racing, making his way through his wrecking teammates on the final lap, claiming his Wawa 250 victory—as seen on a post by u/Level48Fan. A single-file train on the bottom lane broke out in the first lap as all top-five jumped in line. In lap seven, Cesar Bacarella and Joe Graf Jr. had an incident at the trioval, ending Graf Jr.’s bid to the finish line.

In the end, as the race returned to green with one lap remaining in the stage, Justin blocked a charging Austin Cindric to win stage one.

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