Most people are emotionally volatile and socially unpredictable at times, which can cause distress and even harm others, especially when they’re in a meltdown mode. It’s defined as an intense response to an overwhelming situation that renders individuals temporarily out of control of their behavior. This loss of control can be expressed by shouting, crying, screaming, and, worst, physical harm.

With its unwritten rules and unpredictable nature, the world can be highly challenging for people who cannot control their unstable emotional well-being or anxiety. They may experience meltdowns more often than not if they don’t have the tools and strategies to manage their feelings.

These are the Top 10 Reddit PublicFreaktout Posts.

1. What’s Wrong With These Humans?

“Dog freaking out on public freak out”

This poor bud is freaking out after hearing a woman ranting outside, clearly distressed and confused about what’s happening in his surroundings. The screaming woman’s voice, which is not in English, can be heard approaching near the car where the dog is, and that’s when he turns to his left side, scaring the life out of him. (Posted on Reddit PublicFreakout by u/wetbandaidjuice)

2. Maybe He’s Had Enough

“High school student calls out teacher during class”

Controversy abounds when it comes to education. Whether it concerns standardized testing, national policy, student loans, and many other things, there’s always something new to tackle, just like the teen in the clip—posted by u/Queerdough. According to the post, his name is Chad.

Chad went viral after ranting against his teacher while walking out of the class, accusing her of being disinterested in the topic and her engagement with the students. He was upset that the instructor was only handing them packets instead of connecting with the students to make them excited about the material.

3. This Woman Is Going Insane

“Dude, run. RUN!!”

Most women value a marriage proposal and its significance, and men should come forward to offer it. Marriage is a sweet connection between two souls, and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience (maybe several times for some—you know what I mean?), and excitement is undeniably inevitable.

But brother, if this is the woman you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, better think twice—this girl is going crazy. Kidding aside, this lady is filled with overflowing joy to the point where she becomes pretty hysterical. She gets the love bug. (Posted by u/Binguni200016)

4. There Goes The Cake

“Beg for attention, get attention!”

Attention is given to people willfully. But sometimes, people cross the line and, true to form, plainly get it… literally. In this post by u/TriciaKarpinski 20 on Reddit PublicFreakout, a lady tries to get some television exposure by muddling in the middle of a cake-blowing event.

As she tried to place herself in front of the camera, the mascot pushed her aside twice so she wouldn’t bother the scene, but he’s had it on the third time when the woman forcefully returned. That’s when she got the cake splashed on her face.

5. Fastest Way To Win Folkstyle Wrestling

“Good fight.”

Folkstyle Wrestling is the form of wrestling that is practiced mainly in American high schools and colleges. The objective of the sport is to get as many points as possible by pinning your opponent to the ground.

In this match, though, the rules were changed entirely by doing a roshambo wherein the losing opponent collapses on the mat and is pinned down by the winning player until the referee calls it. Gladly, this is just a display of entertainment for the crowd. (Posted by u/l5_g)

6. This is How You Win a Dance Battle

“The crowd goes wild after this girl drops the dance battle final move”

Dance battles can happen in the streets or schools. There are one-on-one matches as well as team matches, also known as crew. Styles in dances also vary from freestyle, break to hip hop and classical. In unofficial dance battles, like for fun or school activity—the same one posted by u/PlenitudeOpulence Reddit public freakout—the decision in who’s team will win greatly depends on the cheers of the crowd gathered around.

In the video clip above, the girl who is the last participating contestant in a school dance battle does a move by throwing herself in the air and literally falls to the ground, almost lying down, and the students around go wild! Cheers burst out, and everyone gathered around her.

7. This Party is Blowing Up

“Why you shouldn’t let go of balloons”

Any happy celebration you go to, there’s always a balloon of some sort. They’re cheap and colorful, and people like watching things fly away. But, of course, rubber and foil balloons aren’t the only kinds used in celebrations. Sky lanterns, a form of hot-air balloons made by lighting a small flame inside a paper lantern, have been used for centuries.

Most rubber balloons are filled with hydrogen, as Michael Faraday—the first person to make them—discovered that they had considerable ascending properties. However, hydrogen is a highly flammable gas. The people in the clip posted by u/PM_ME_GHOST_DICKS on Reddit PublicFreak regretfully found that out when one of them released a cluster of balloons that flew away. They got snagged by the electrical wires and blew up.

8. Up He Goes

“The bull isn’t red but it sure gave him wings.”

Bull riding is a sport where a contestant climbs on the back of a 2,000-pound bucking bull for eight seconds while holding with one hand onto a braided rope wrapped around the animal’s chest. This sport emerged from the fool-hardy and fearless nature of the cowboy, and the risks are ever-present. Severe injuries are always a possibility for those courageous enough to sit astride an animal weighing a ton.

During an event, a particular individual’s primary job is to protect a fallen rider from the bull by distracting the bull’s attention and providing an alternative target for the colossal beast. For example, as seen in the post of u/overthinker3000, a clown is thrown up in the air after the bull tossed him.

9. The Dancing Machine

“This guy enjoying the music”

Dancing has been deeply ingrained into many cultures around the world. It has evolved into many forms, fusing movements from different types of dances. It’s not only a form of entertainment and leisure but also offers health benefits to our bodies. Dancing can serve as a way for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes to stay fit.

That’s what this man is exactly doing in the clip posted on Reddit PublicFreakout by u/fidzila, dancing on a rhythmic tune in the street. As he moves to the groove, he’s moving almost all parts of his body, getting good exercise.

10. Swagger Dance Moves in NYC

“When new Yorkers hear a violin”

New York City is a place filled with diverse people from all around the globe, convening in this marvelous place and sharing their exceptional talents, and one of them is this guy playing the violin. After a while, a group of young men joined him by dancing to his tune with awe-inspiring and fantastic moves. (Posted by u/Dull_Tonight)

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