If you’re a fan of speed, then the NTT IndyCar Series is one of the best auto racing tournaments that can provide you with the spectacle of high-speed car racing. The NTT IndyCar Series feature racing at a combination of short ovals, road courses, superspeedways, and temporary street circuits, offering its international lineup of drivers a wide array of challenges in motorsports. The crowned series champion, or top point scorer, will receive a $1 million in bonus.

The IndyCar Series is a competition where drivers race in single-seat, open-cockpit 2.2-liter twin-turbocharged, direct-injected V6-engined cars. These cars are optimized to run at 12,000 RPM, with an estimated power output of 700 horsepower, depending on the turbocharger boost setting.

Below are the Top 10 Posts of IndyCar on Reddit.

1. Jimmie Johnson’s First Step Towards Indy 500

“Jimmie and his oval coaches. Just counting all of the championships will make your head spin!”

The seven-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson made his first Indianapolis 500 start this year—he is now an IndyCar rookie. Running the street and road courses with Chip Ganassi Racing this season, Johnson also had the support of three IndyCar champions—Scott Dixon, Dario Franchitti, and Tony Kanaan—shown in the photo posted by u/CaptainMcSlowly on IndyCar Reddit.

Dixon gave the No. 48 Dallara-Honda a shakedown for Johnson to drive, while Dario is the team consultant and driving coach. Tony, who drove the No 48 in four oval races, was also on hand.

2. Learning It All Over Again

“Jimmy Johnson about to do oval testing at Texas”

For a man who earned all but one of his 83 NASCAR Cup victories on an oval, Jimmie Johnson says he is a step closer to adding ovals to IndyCar plate next season. He took part in his first full oval test on Monday at the Texas Motor Speedway with the help of Dario Franchitti. Franchitti imparted driving wisdom on the oval before Johnson’s first run, shown in the photo posted by u/PlayHooks.

3. Incredible Restart By Tomas Scheckter

“Thomas Scheckter’s absolutely INSANE restart at the 2011 Indianapolis 500”

At the 2011 Indy 500, Tomas Scheckter made an exceptional restart in the 22nd position, fifth from last. This is shown in the video clip posted by u/1_umopapsdn_1, where Thomas was able to pass 11 cars a couple of seconds into the race, running in the 11th position and eventually overtaking 13 other vehicles in just a single lap. At this moment, he was running in the 9th position. Skillful driving, indeed.

4. Another Five More Years of Superspeedway Racing

“World Wide Technology Speedway staying on calendar for 5 more years”

On its official Twitter account, the Bommarito Automotive Group 500 announced that it’s extending for five more years—Josef Newgarden is undoubtedly happy to hear this news. This announcement was posted on IndyCar Reddit by u/tclark8995.

The race is held at the World Technology Raceway, initially held as a CART series race from 1997 to 2000 on Memorial Day weekend. It was only held as an Indy Racing League event from 2001 to 2003 and eventually went on a hiatus for over a decade. It retired in 2017 as part of the Unified IndyCar Series.

5. The Stig of the IndyCar Racing… Firehawk

“If we could have an AMA with Firehawk, what would you ask them?”

Some would say that the Firestone Firehawk mascot bears a resemblance to a yellow, beaked Stig with a giant head, as seen on a post by u/Nicotifoso.

“It really is the most random mascot in all of sports. Never talked about, rarely seen. Them BAM he is there...randomly, without mention. Just there, lurking. And just like that, poof he is gone for another few weeks.” - u/ilikemarblestoo

6. Romain Grosjean First Oval Race

“Romain Grosjean’s Gateway VLOG”

In one of the biggest challenges of his racing career, Romain Grosjean relishes his oval race debut, and he conquered it head-on. Had his strategy played out differently, there’s a chance that Romain would have had a top-10 finish. However, during the race, he made some aggressive overtakes that thrilled the fans, and most people’s assessment of Romain’s debut was a success.

Romain had half a day of testing at Gateway before turning up for a one-day event, which started and finished in nine hours. The former F1 driver has been learning about the physics of the car on an oval, how the changes impact the handling, and how the “tools” in the vehicle can change to keep the car in the “sweet spot.” (Posted by u/racefann on IndyCar Reddit)

7. 100th Running of the Indy 500

“My 2016 Indy 500 ticket, Hard plastic.”

In 2016, the Indy 500 marked a milestone when it held the 100th running. That race saw the victory of then-24-year-old American rookie Alexander Rossi, who had stretched his fuel mileage to the absolute limit. After taking the checkered flag over the chaotic finish, he told his crew over the radio that his Honda-powered Indy car was out of fuel, and the car had to be topped up with fuel for the postrace celebration. ((Posted by u/PerrySoCal on IndyCar Reddit)

8. Alex Albon Formula One FallBack

“Alex Albon getting into an IndyCar at the Indy GP last week.”

IndyCar is on the top of Alex Albon’s list if he cannot secure a Formula 1 race seat for 2022. The F1 driver was dropped by Red Bull at the end of the 2020 campaign as Max Verstappen’s teammate after a season-and-a-half. Currently, Alex is serving as a simulator and reserve driver, but his goal is to be back in F1 racing.

In a video clip posted on IndyCar Reddit by u/Correct_Edge6248, Alex is seen in the paddock after traveling to Indianapolis to look at Indycar, which is taking place on the road course there. He also put some feelers out if no team from within or outside of the Red Bull racing team can fulfill his aim of racing back at F1.

9. Custom Spotter Guide

“2021 Gateway Custom Spotter Guide”

(Posted by u/BMan_NASCAR)

10. Happy Romain Grosjean

“Great to see”

In this post on IndyCar Reddit by u/WackoFlacco, an overjoyed Romain Grosjean had the race of his life.

“There’s wholesome... And then there is Romain Grosjean wholesome” (u/CaptainMcSlowly)