The Mandalorian has become a huge success for original programming on Disney+. The bounty hunter, known as “The Mandalorian,” was hired to deliver “The Child” to the remaining members of The Empire. However, after learning harm will come to “The Child,” The Mandalorian decides to protect the 50-year-old child, going on a galactic journey to take him to his kind.

With 7 Primetime Emmy Awards and season three coming in 2022, fans anxiously await to see what is next for our favorite bounty hunter. Here are 10 of the funniest posts (found at r/TheMandalorianTV) to keep us entertained and refresh our memories of moments in the first two seasons.

1. Waiting for Season Three

We all understand the pain in this post by u/bentoboxkiller of waiting for the next season of The Mandalorian. In the meantime, the spin-off series, The Book of Boba Fett, will premiere on Disney+ in December 2021. After the announcement of his own series in a post-credit scene from season two, this popular character from the original Star Wars trilogy will have his time to shine following the events of his appearance on The Mandalorian. This series should keep our interest until we see Mando again.

2. Don’t Harm Baby Yoda!

This hilarious meme posted by u/bobfromcanada2 reminds us of how Baby Yoda (before we knew his name was Grogu) lovers felt at the end of season one when the two bike scout troopers punched him several times. Even though this was a funny scene voiced by Jason Sudeikis and Adam Pally, I’m sure these comedians had no idea the impact this scene would have on fans of Grogu. IG-11 took out these two troopers and saved Grogu from any more punches. Thank you for showing up IG-11!

3. His Powers?!

Mando was not familiar with the Jedi or the Force, as u/Randumdanktrupr points out in this meme. When he met up with Ahsoka Tano to be a possible teacher to Grogu (thanks to Ahsoka for revealing his name!), this exchange in the meme happens. During this time, not many Jedi were around, so Mando did not know much about them. The scene when Mando asks Grogu if the ancient temple “looks Jedi to you” was just as funny. I must also point out how exciting it was to see Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano!

4. School Pictures!

How cute is this picture! U/peachblossom20’s post of this adorable school picture of Grogu is delightful. I remember taking school pictures with a similar background, which makes this meme hilariously relatable. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, and I would definitely buy these!

5. The Plot of The Mandalorian

U/beelzeburger posted a tweet from @TinkerSec with this accurate description of the series. Mando took on the fatherly role to take Grogu back to his people. Much like the gig economy, Mando offers his services in exchange for information or repairs for the Razor Crest.

6. This Is The Way

The Mandalorian gave us two things: Grogu and a Mandalorian phrase, “This Is The Way.” Saying the words quickly identify fellow fans of this fantastic show. However, the famous phrase from the Star Wars franchise, “May The Force Be With You,” may have briefly taken a backseat to this new phrase, as u/RebelQwertyBoy points out in this memorable meme.

7. Father-Son Relationships in Star Wars

We can agree the father-son relationship in the Star Wars franchise is dysfunctional (Luke/Darth Vader and Han Solo/Ben Solo aka Kylo Ren). Even though Mando and Grogu are not biologically related, these two have a better bond than the Skywalkers or Solos could ever imagine. Now that Grogu is off to train with Luke Skywalker, I hope Grogu does not get turned to the dark side and go against his “father.” Thanks to u/[deleted] for this meme.

8. We Can’t Get Enough of Grogu

“The Child” had been unofficially named Baby Yoda before Ahsoka revealed his real name as Grogu. Whether you called him Baby Yoda or Grogu, fans fell in love with him at the end of episode one. His appearance was a pleasant surprise for fans, admiring how the cast and others kept this little bundle of love a secret behind the scenes. U/tovasfabmom accurately describes my reaction whenever I see Grogu.

9. Sharing Knowledge With Family

In Season Two of The Mandalorian, major side characters Bo-Katan and Ahsoka Tano made their live-action debut. Both characters were introduced in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Seeing them in live-action is truly a dream come true! U/husky_runner51’s post explains why fans got overly excited over certain characters making an appearance.

10. Like Yoda, Will Grogu Speak?

Even if someone has never seen a Star Wars movie, they have more than likely heard some speak like Yoda. Yoda is known to switch the order of a sentence, giving him a unique way of speaking. With Grogu and Yoda being from the same species, it’ll be interesting to see if Grogu will also talk like Yoda. See, we will!

I hope you enjoyed these hilarious posts from Reddit. I can’t wait for season three in 2022!