For most people, staying financially stable nowadays is no easy task, and everyday essentials are more important than anything else. Although clothing is one of the basic necessities in this day and age, they aren’t usually prioritized. But it doesn’t mean that people don’t find time to treat themselves from time to time with some splurging, especially when it comes to fashion, specifically men.

Many online retail stores offer high-end styles with affordability as well as comfort. And with that in mind, we have selected the Top 10 FMF Reddit Fashion Brands for Frugal Males so you can revitalize your wardrobe without going over your budget.

1. Taylor Stitch

“Taylor Stitch Labor Day sale: *Up tp* 40% off sitewide”

Based on the study of the Council for Textile Recycling and McKinsey & Company, 100 billion garments are produced by the fashion industry for seven billion people around the globe each year. As a result, most clothes end up in landfills. Manufacturers are making more clothes that are fashioned out of recycled fibers and used clothes, addressing the growing number of customers who purchase based on their desire to preserve and improve one’s health and their families. Thankfully, that’s precisely Taylor Stitch’s concept. We can now wear ethical, stylish clothing without feeling some guilt in harming the environment and people. (Posted on FMF Reddit by u/Ignite25)

2. Bonobos

“Bonobos 25% off storewide with code BONVOYAGE”

(Posted by u/Ignited25)

Bonobos have reshaped men’s way of buying clothes online following its founding in 2007 by Stanford business students Brian Spaly and Andy Dunn. They built the brand around pants, making waves in the men’s fashion industry. A lot has changed since then. Known for their chinos, Bonobos expanded into other product categories such as formal wear, swimwear, men’s sweater, underwear, and golf wear. Even though the company was bought by Walmart outright in 2017, its products’ quality has stayed the same.

3. J.Crew

“JCrew Kenton CXL Boot- $184 after 40% off”

If you like a more classic look with a twist in your fashion, J.Crew is one of the best choices. This company makes timeless clothes that last for a long time, as well as in-season styles, offering distinct heritage paired with modern design. J.Crew also has a line of men’s boots, like this one, posted by u/One-Act6091 on Reddit FMF. These are handcrafted cap-toe boots made of Chromexcel leather and fitted with a mini-lug Vibram sole.

4. Nordstrom Rack

“Nordstrom Rack’s Extra 25% Off Clearance Sale”

Nordstrom Rack offers customers a wide assortment of on-trend apparel, accessories, and shoes at an everyday savings of up to 70% off regular prices. They operate in forty-one states across the United States and three Canadian provinces with 352 stores. It’s a subsidiary of the luxury department store chain Nordstrom. Nordstrom Rack carries products from Nordstrom stores and and exclusively purchased items from several of the top brands sold at Nordstrom. (Posted by u/acshou)

5. Shockoe Atelier

“Shockoe Atelier: Up to 40% off labor day sale!!”

The family-owned and -operated company Shockoe Atelier started in 2014 and quickly became a favorite among men who like American-made denim. It’s located in the historic Shockoe Bottom in Richmond. Each piece of their denim is crafted by hand, with a showroom that resembles an artist’s loft, where customers can watch a pair of world-class jeans come to life! They have an online shop, but if you can drop by their store, you will be greeted and entertained by people who have a genuine love for denim. (Posted by u/bmoneyyo on FMF Reddit)

6. Corridor NYC

“Corridor NYC: Labor Day Sale, Up to 45% Off Site-Wide”

(Posted by u/exploding-knees)

Corridor NYC’s style is inspired by color, music, parties, love, music, spirituality, and focused on positive energy. With pieces ranging from shackets to overshirts to short sleeve shirts, you really get a sense of the brand’s American roots in the natural fabrics, subdued urban color palette, as well as bold stripes. Theirs is a casual look that combines comfort that men can wear every day with style and quality.

7. Abercrombie & Fitch

“Abercrombie Fleece Short - $14.5 or less. A lot of sizes and neutral colors. Also other stuff”

Throwing on a soft pair of fleece shorts while lounging around in comfort is worth every penny for its warm, lightweight, and fluffy feel. Fleece is made of polyester and plastics—sometimes recycled ones—extruded into the fine fibers woven into the fleece cloth. It’s naturally hydrophobic, which can repel water, keeping the body warm. In a post by u/long218 on Reddit FMF, he’s sharing Abercrombie Fleece Short with discounts that feature quality and style.

8. Frye

“Frye Paul Lace Up boots on clearance at Ross tonight (Northern Utah) for $90. They’re still $328 on Frye’s site.”

(Posted by u/vacuum_everyday)

Paul Lace Up is one of the many shoes Frye offers. A refined yet rugged booth with leather lining and a lace-up design, fashioned from hand-treated and antique pull-up leather for that signature depth and vintage-looking finish. On the inside, it has Poron soles for maximum comfort, and Goodyear welted rubber outsoles to guarantee a non-slip grip. For centuries, Frye has been in the boot-making trade and became one of the leading makers of all-American boots and the oldest continuously operated shoe company in the United States.

9. Popov Leather

“Popov Leather Bourbon Wickett & Craig Bridle Leather 50% Off - 8/27 til Midnight”

If you’re looking for a high-quality leather accessory such as a wallet and belts with simplistic designs, Popov Leather would be a great choice, as seen in a post by u/xclnlife on FMF Reddit. Started as a hobby creating simple leather wallets by Ryan Popoff in 2013, the company has grown and thrived over the years since then. Their craftsmanship speaks for itself, consistently providing superior grades in their products with excellent attention to detail.

10. Brooks Brothers

“Brooks Brothers 70% off Labor Day Sale”

Brooks Brothers is one of the longest-running companies in the United States—over 200 years old. The company has played a defining role in molding American style and menswear, democratizing fashion and offering affordable and accessible apparel for the masses. They’ve outfitted forty American presidents and several celebrity stars during the Golden Age of Hollywood. (Posted by u/vedar)

That’s all we have for the Top 10 FMF Reddit Fashion Brands for men looking to shop for clothes on a budget. Be sure to check out these brands for some great deals!