Based on the movie with the same name, Fargo follows unique characters whose lives enter a downward spiral of unfortunate events after committing a crime, usually murder. This anthology series’ storytelling seamlessly connects other seasons to paint a bigger picture of what goes on in certain places in the Midwest, notably Minnesota.

Season five has not been announced yet, but this does not mean another season is not on its way. Noah Hawley, showrunner for Fargo, has stated that another season will happen and will be the final season. With that in mind, here are the top 10 Reddit posts (found at r/FargoTV) reminding fans of unforgettable moments throughout the series.

  1. Interesting Fact About Doctor Senator

U/EeePeeTee posted an interesting fact about Glynn Turman, the actor portraying Doctor Senator in the fourth season of Fargo. He was once married to the legendary Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin! The couple married in 1978 and divorced in 1984.

2. This Isn’t What You Want, Lester

This was a nail-biting scene from the first season of Fargo as we see Billy Bob Thorton’s acting is superb as hitman Lorne Malvo. A year has passed since Malvo and Lester Nygaard (Martin Freeman) interacted in Bemidji, Minnesota. Nygaard confronts Malvo at a bar while Malvo is with people at his current “job” and follows the group to the elevator. After Nygaard answers yes to the question in the meme posted by u/trip594, Malvo kills his friends, derailing six months of work.

3. Stephen King is a Fan!

Fargo has a fan in Stephen King. His post displays his enjoyment of the first three seasons of the series. Not sure how he felt about the fourth season with Chris Rock, but I hope Mr. King enjoyed it just as much as the previous three. Thanks to u/Ahmedgal for this post!

4. Home Alone to Fargo

Kieran Culkin did not have much screen time during season three, but his character’s circumstances played a significant role in season two. Culkin is the oldest brother of famous child actor Macaulay Culkin. Even though Macaulay was the star of the movie Home Alone, Kieran had a minor role, as indicated by this post from u/Wascally-Wabbeeto.

5. Reaction to Season Four

Season Four was not received as well as the previous three seasons among fans of the show. This season was unique in its own way, switching sons of two crime families, the Fadda Family and the Cannon Limited. The connection to season two was made in the last few minutes of the season, which was surprising and satisfying. However, it did not make up for the entire season. Maybe the season deserves another viewing with knowing the ending. Thanks for this reaction posted by u/pale-patdemic.

6. The Knowledge of Doctor Senator

U/Nas2k posted a quote by Doctor Senator, which foreshadowed an event near the end of the season. Reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz, the episode went from black and white to color with the sweep of a tornado. This tornado took the life of Rabbi Milligan, who was responsible for Satchel Cannon, the son of Loy Cannon (Chris Rock).

7. We Are Lester

I can relate to this meme posted by u/Larphis. Lester represents dodging responsibilities and overdue assignments by the distraction of YouTube videos. Numbers and Wrench represent the necessities of sleep and completing tasks that should’ve been done. Much like this meme, sleep and unfinished tasks eventually catch up with you.

8. Lester’s Poster

U/mar7vaz shows that this poster in Lester’s basement represents Lester’s mindset during the entire season. Lester went to extreme lengths to make sure he did not end up in jail for the murder of his wife. He went so far as to frame his brother for the murder. Like someone who believes he’s smarter than everyone, Lester is eventually caught but does not pay for his crime due to his untimely death when he falls through thin ice.

9. Strange Things in Minnesota

Kirsten Dunst was excellent in season two as Peggy Blumquist. Witnessing a flying saucer, causing her to hit Kieran Culkin’s character was one of two catalysts to set off events of the season. As her husband (Jesse Plemons) is mesmerized by the UFO showing up at the motel, Peggy casually says the quote in this meme as they make a run from the Gerhardt crime family and the police. This performance was hilarious because seeing something bizarre did not phase Peggy one bit. Thanks to u/chami for this post!

10. Are These True Stories?

The movie and each episode of the television series begin with the quote, “This is a true story. The events depicted took place in (location of the move/season) in (year of move/season). At the request of the survivors, the names have been changed. Out of respect for the dead, the rest has been told exactly as it occurred.” It has been said the movie and the television series are not true stories, but it does add an element of reality to these stories.

That wraps up our Fargo list! Here’s to hoping we get a final season of this series!