Cobra Kai has successfully continued The Karate Kid film series, following rivals Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), who reprise their roles from the original film. They led different lives after their match at the All Valley Karate Championship Tournament 34 years ago. Without a doubt, I was one of the numerous children who tried to do Daniel’s crane kick when this film was at its peak of popularity.

Cobra Kai has been renewed for a fifth season, a huge announcement for fans who love this series. Whether you’re Team Cobra Kai (old and new versions) or Team Miyagi-Do, both will enjoy the top 10 Reddit posts (from r/cobra kai) that will keep fans going until the new season premieres on Netflix.

1. The “Escalated Quickly” Meme

Much like the original film, Cobra Kai begins with a teenager (Miguel) wanting to defend himself from bullies. However, season two ends with Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do students getting into an all-out brawl at school, resulting in Miguel being severely injured. U/silentsaebyeok was correct in saying things “escalated quickly.”

2. The “Best Duo” Meme

As u/Senji001 points out, Johnny Lawrence and Coors Banquet Beer go together like peanut butter and jelly. Johnny is seen drinking this beer at the beginning of the series, which may be the only drink he could afford while working as a handyman. As the season progressed and students began enrolling in Cobra Kai, he continued drinking this beer. So loyal!

3. The “Johnny Lawrence Starter Kit” Meme

Johnny was struggling financially and stuck in the ’80s before opening the new Cobra Kai dojo. This meme posted by u/Sasaki_Ren shows the accuracy of Johnny’s love of his red Pontiac Firebird, ‘80’s rock, struggle meals such as fried bologna, and Coors Banquet Beer (as mentioned in the previous meme).

4. The “Third Wheel” Meme

Amanda LaRusso, Daniel’s wife, found herself being a mediator whenever Daniel and Johnny were not getting along. Whenever these two were getting along, which was rare, Johnny and Amanda would share laughs at Daniel’s expense while sharing stories from high school. U/[deleted] shares this hilarious meme of how Daniel must have felt when Johnny started going down memory lane with Amanda.

5. The “Flashbacks” Meme

I loved The Karate Kid when I was a child, so it was obvious I would watch Cobra Kai knowing members of the original cast would reprise their roles. The opening scene of the series was the iconic match of Johnny and Daniel at the All Valley Karate Tournament, where Johnny was defeated by Daniel’s crane kick (many still debate if the kick was legal). Several other flashback scenes appear throughout the series, which gives fans nostalgia. Another fantastic meme posted by u/[deleted].

6. The “Tragic Backstory” Meme

Johnny was Daniel’s bully and has always been seen as a villain. Not only were fans happy when Daniel defeated Johnny, but the difference in how their lives turned out was also satisfying. Daniel was a successful car salesman, and Johnny could barely make ends meet. The show does give us a glimpse of Johnny’s childhood, and it was unsettling. Johnny turned to karate to escape the verbal abuse of his stepfather. “Hurt people hurt people” is the appropriate saying for this meme posted by u/Cherno-alpha01, learning how Johnny took out the frustrations of his home life on Daniel.

7. The “Enemy of My Enemy” Meme

Johnny’s estranged son, Robby, has been neglected by his mother and father, leaving him to fend for himself. Robby begins working at Daniel’s dealership and convinces Daniel to teach him karate. Robby does this to hurt and make Johnny angry for being more of a father to Miguel than to him, his actual son. U/MajestyMosquito’s meme gives us the reaction both Daniel and Johnny have when Robby’s identity is revealed.

8. The “We Love Johnny” Meme

Let’s face it: we all love older Johnny more than the teenage version. Johnny has become more relatable with being a handyman (which he hates) and trying to stay afloat with bills piling up. The tables have turned as we see Johnny trying to be a better person and attempt to turn his life around, and fans enjoy seeing this side of Johnny and not the version we saw in the first movie. Thanks to u/lowjack for this meme!

9. The “Quiet!!!!” Meme

Johnny yelling “Quiet!!” has become what he loves to do to his students. This is an effective tactic to use on his students as he tries to teach at his dojo. This can be used in real life, as shown in this funny meme courtesy of u/Earthquake1000000 when attempting to get someone to stop talking.

10. The “Daniel is the Bad Guy” Meme

Feel like a good old fashioned meme was needed to address this issue from cobrakai

Our last meme is from u/chilloutmarin showing the main storyline of Cobra Kai. Daniel remembers the version of Cobra Kai from the past, and it’s not good news to him when he finds out Johnny is bringing it back. Daniel tries to stop the resurrection of Cobra Kai by any means, not knowing why Johnny is reopening the dojo. Johnny wants his version of Cobra Kai to be better than the previous version run by John Kreese and Terry Silver. By getting money from his verbally abusive stepfather, Johnny had the chance to improve the reputation and image of the disgraced Cobra Kai. The meme displays Daniel as the bad guy, reacting to his past instead of having a conversation with Johnny.

We hope you enjoyed the top 10 Cobra Kai Reddit posts! We can’t wait for the next two seasons of this fantastic show!