Developer Gearbox and Publisher 2k took the story-driven first-person shooter market by storm when they released Borderlands in 2009. The art style of the Borderlands franchise is truly iconic, and its weapon customization and “FPS meets RPG” formula set the tone for many future games to come.

Borderlands 3, the latest main game entry into the series, first hit stores in September of 2019. Since that release, it has claimed multiple awards and still maintains a healthy player base. The anticipation from the fanbase has only grown with the recent announcement of Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, an offshoot featuring one of the series’ most loved characters set to release in 2022. On top of that announcement, Gearbox has also announced a Borderlands movie, which is currently in production. Let’s take a look at what the fans have been up to on Reddit (/r/borderlands3/) over the past year, as the hype for Gearbox’s next adventure grows!

10) Vaughn Character Changes

u/desolatemind11 is the first Redditor on our list who posted this great meme about the development of his favorite character Vaughn. The dry accountant eventually evolves into an insane bandit through the series, culminating in some crazy scenes in Borderlands 3. Sorry, u/desolatemind11, I don’t think Vaughn can be brought back from this transformation!

9) Spooky Moxxi Cosplay

One of the best things about being a fan of a series with iconic characters such as Borderlands 3 is getting to bring those characters into the real world with cosplay! That is precisely what u/jessilycupcakes did when they shared this fantastic Spooky Moxxi cosplay with the subreddit. Thanks for the awesome Halloween idea!

8) Crossplay Gaming Woes

Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox Games, released some troubling news for BorderLands 3 fans earlier this year. Crossplay has been enabled for the title across all platforms - at least it was until Sony required Gearbox to pull the plug for any PlayStation crossplay support. u/MINECRAFT-BEE7 was understandably frustrated when they shared this news on Reddit. Naturally, this upset many fans as their ability to play with other platforms had been restricted. How do you feel about this decision by PlayStation?

7) Maya Cosplay

Our next spot on the list belongs to another truly fantastic cosplayer! u/SorelAmy11 embodies the Siren-class character Maya in the cosplay images she has shared. She looks the part! Just make sure to stay away from anyone named Troy when in a costume that is so accurate.

6) Insane Zane Speed

u/Snotax posted an awesome gameplay clip of a bit of improvisation they pulled off after their car was destroyed. The post combined kill skill, demon speed, and snowdrift buffs to slide around even faster than the surrounding boosting cars. Now that is some impressive speed!

5) Crossover Claptrap Love

We love to see some crossover fan content, and u/LoganRTX provided a great bit of it with this post of a Fallout 4. Using the settlement creation system, they recreated one of the most infamous Borderlands characters, Claptrap! Fabulous work - we can hear Claptrap mouthing off now.

4) Featured Fan Art

There is no shortage of talent within the Borderlands 3 fanbase. u/zachraw proved this when sharing this awesome fan art, which was so good that it was chosen to be featured within Game Informer magazine! Awesome work, Zach - this makes a great wallpaper for any Borderlands fan!

3) Infinite Guns meme

Borderlands 3 is famous for a lot of things. One aspect of the game which the fanbase loves to meme is the near-infinite presence of new guns constantly appearing throughout the game world. u/PrinterPaper18 made this hilarious meme video to show others what the Borderlands 3 experience can feel like to brand new players. Bring on the guns!

2) Handsome Jack Fan Art

Next, we take a look at some truly spectacular fan art shared by u/FreakishOrder on Reddit and credited to the artist @buffybong on Instagram! They have put together an incredible imagining of actor Antony Starr, assuming the role of Handsome Jack. Considering how Starr has handled the part of Homelander, we agree that he would be a great casting pick for Handsome Jack!

1) A Wholesome Father-Daughter Moment

For the last spot on our list, u/jasonvictory86 shared this incredibly wholesome achievement with the subreddit - he finished Borderlands 3 on split-screen with his eight-year-old daughter! The journey took the pair a reported 42 hours to complete. While games are often competitive and divisive, it is important to remember that ultimately they are made to bring us closer and have some fun! Congratulations and kudos to this wonderful pair.

That was everything we had for our list of the Top 10 Borderlands 3 posts from the past year! We can’t wait to return to the franchise when Tiny Tina’s Wonderland is released next year. Until then, I hope you are as motivated as we are to give Borderlands 3 another spin.