Snowboards are one of the more essential products in sports, especially for athletes whose aspirations mainly reside in the snow instead of a park. Snowboards are one of the heavier pieces of equipment one would have to carry, as most snowboards generally weigh 9-15 pounds. Most people looking to buy snowboards will be looking for the best boards for any snow. The type of snowboard that one chooses will go a long way to determine whether they have success on the snow or not. With that being said, these are the 10 Best Snowboard Brands that will last for a long time.

  1. Burton

Burton is the definition of new, modern-day snowboarding with the technology it possesses and its ability to push the boundaries of snowboard construction using said technology. Burton is also environmentally conscious and has a wide range of products regardless of size, age, or gender. Additionally, Burton can give customers more than just snowboards as they also have snowboarding accessories. Burton’s drawback is that they are heavily expensive, but great features come with that price.

2. Lib Tech

Lib Tech was once down for the count, but they have revitalized themselves for the last 13 years. One of the ways they have done that is by using the “Skate Banana.” One of the more versatile snowboarding brands in the industry, Lib Tech is mainly known for creating snowboards, but they also can make surfboards and skateboards. Lib Tech is well-known in the snowboarding industry because they can be innovative in how the boards are shaped, designed, and mixed. Lib Tech also stands out from the competition because they use “environmentally friendly and renewable high-tech substances,” which will help the environment and their brand.

3. Salomon

Once known for being a brand specializing in skis, Salomon is one of the best snowboard brands in the industry. Salomon snowboards specialize in split boards, which are known for being used as skis on the mountains. Split boards are a huge reason why Salomon made a jump in the snowboarding industry. Salomon snowboards also have secret features that consumers are actively raving about, such as the ability to “split into four different parts” due to the need for extra parts and “PLUM hooks,” which lets a snowboarder assemble it in a quicker, more efficient manner.

4. Jones

This brand was made by famous freeride snowboarder Jeremy Jones. One of the more eco-conscious snowboard brands, Jones Snowboards uses their brand to help the environment, and they are one of the prominent advocates for climate change. However, despite their efforts to save the environment, Jones still only sells a few products, and they are only known for selling products mainly for the mountains. However, the brand specializes in making its boards for freeride snowboarders.

5. Nitro

Nitro is one of the more affordable boards in the business because of their free-flowing budget, but there are issues with durability in those affordable snowboards. However, despite the durability issues, Nitro still offers snowboards that cater to all riders, and they have a wide range of boards.

6. Capita

Capita continues to adapt to the new generation, and they do that today with “efficiency and sustainability.” Capita is known for making the most advanced snowboards that can power through each turn. Although Capita may be one of the more expensive boards, their financial performance is impressive because of their durability.

7. Rome SDS

Rome SDS sells snowboards with the main focus of ensuring that their customers will be in love with their boards, regardless of the riding style. Rome SDS’ also likes to show they are solely focused on snowboarding. Their snowboards are a product of “technical and durable construction,” which will be why they last long in the snowboard business.

8. GNU

GNU snowboards were created in 1977 with the goal of every snowboard being unique. Therefore, the boards are made with unique designs, bold images, great sidecuts, etc. GNU snowboards are handmade snowboards, which makes them different from other snowboard brands. They are also eco-friendly, which is a huge trend for these corporations, companies, and brands.

9. Ride

In 1992, Ride snowboards were made for the people, proving that by catering to their consumer base. Ride snowboards are “made of cutting-edge technology” and have quality snowboards because of the technology. The “Membrain technology” they use can “turn urethra into cloth,” and because of that technology, they can differentiate their brand from the other snowboard brands.

10. Arbor Collective

The Arbor Collective brand started in 1995 and has been a staple in the snowboard business with snowboarders of all sizes, genders, ages, and races. Arbor snowboards will last mainly due to the brand being eco-conscious and being an environmentally stable process, which will attract more customers as the years go on. Additionally, with a three-year guarantee on snowboards, Arbor will also last in terms of its customer base due to the guarantee being available. Arbor also offers a wide range of boards for any skill level and riding style.