Beastars has become one of the many popular shows on Netflix and other streaming platforms since its inception to the mainstream media. It’s a Shonen anime that focuses on issues like multiculturalism and human nature, set in a world where anthropomorphic animals live.

After the first season was released in October 2019, worldwide fans didn’t have to wait too long for Season 2 as it started airing in January 2021. With the success of the critically acclaimed anime series, fans are now asking for another season.

Let’s look at the top 10 Beastars posts on Reddit (found r/Beastars).

1.  Fans Be Like For The Next Season Meme

This post by u/Tirein_ accurately depicts the fans’ emotions while anxiously waiting for the exact date of the next season of Beastars. However, Netflix and Studio Orange officially announced its release on July 20, 2021. The two shared new artwork of Legoshi as well as other characters. Studio Orange will continue to do the animation for Season 3.

2. Producers to Fans Meme “Okay, okay, it’s coming. We promise.”

This is a hilarious meme by u/P1k4chu2102, which may very well show Beastars producers when fans ask about Season 3.

Beastars Season 2 concluded the murder mystery arc by revealing that Riz, a member of a drama club at Cherryton Academy, was responsible for devouring and killing Tem. Legoshi decided to fight Riz rather than take the information to the police. In the end, both were apprehended, and Legoshi was released. However, he now has a devouring incident on his permanent record after eating Louis’ leg to give him enough strength to fight Riz, following his abstinence.

3. Haru Knows What She Wants

One of the breathtaking things we see in Beastars is the relationship between Legoshi and Haru—wolf and a rabbit (posted by u/DL2828). How oxymoronic can it get! The two characters are well aware of their nature, yet love triumphs.

Initially, Legoshi and Haru have an awkward relationship. But soon enough, they found themselves together, yet in a somewhat rocky relation. Somehow, they try to find a way to make it work to prevent any instincts that may cause conflict in their relationship.

4. Legoshi Reveals His Inner Beast

(posted by u/DL2828)

Legoshi is usually quite meek for a grey wolf. Still, there are many instances in the series where he’s forced to reveal his true nature and inner beast to save and protect those he cares for, just like in Season 1 Episode 11, “To The Neon District,” where he turned into a ferocious wolf and ripped the lion’s neck. While in the Season 2 finale, Legoshi was forced to munch on Louis’ leg to give him the strength to fight Riz as he was too weak from his training and abstinence from eating meat.

5. Die Hard Legoshi Fan

“It Finally Came!”

This post shows some of the things a Legoshi fanatic does (posted by u/DL2828).

In most anime series, most often than not, many fans are hooked on the characters even to the point of following their styles in general, like hair, clothing, and the way they speak. Some would buy things that can remind them of their favorite character/s.

Like this one fan who bought what seems to be a blanket with a Legoshi print on it.

6. A Guy Trips

“It took me 3 viewings of the show to notice this falling animal in S1.”

(Posted by u/NewSomberMan119

Louis: “This world is divided into two types of beasts: winners and losers.”

random guy trips

Louis: “Alright scratch that. This world is divided into three types of beasts.”

As fans have noticed, this particular scene happened in both manga and anime, which others say it’s in Chapter 29 and Episode 8.

7. Legoshi Definitely Didn’t See It Coming

“Legoshi fell from a high place”

In Season 2 Episode 9, a striped hyena was spotted by Gouhin and Legoshi, and Rizu comments that it has an addiction to meat. Then, they noticed how the hyena devoured the meat, like killing an animal. Gouhin realizes that the striped hyena might pose a threat to herbivores.

As they have decided to capture him before he kills someone, Legoshi wonders why they have to do that, and Gouhin reveals that it’s his job to rehabilitate a guy like that striped hyena. Gouhin puts a protective mouth mask on Legoshi and throws him off to where the striped hyena is. The mask will prevent Legoshi from awakening his carnivore instincts. (Posted by u/Webster850)

8. Newbies Reading Manga Meme

“Manga Newbies Summed Up In a Meme”

This meme by u/Alberto9Herrera exactly sums up newbies immensely reading manga the painful way as they discover the right way to read it.

Traditionally, manga stories are read top to bottom, left to right, in the same way with Japanese writing. The narrative is contained within the frames called koma. In reading a page of a koma, one must start from the top right-hand corner and end in the bottom left-hand corner.

9. The Smoking Gohin

“Hey Kid. Got a light?”


Legosi: Gouhin-san, did you see the news? (I’d assume he’s speaking about how often you can see anti-smoking PSAs on TV)

Gouhin: Huh?

Legosi: Nah, nothing.

(Posted by u/Brokenhearted2020)

10. Riz Got The Stuff and He Knows It Meme

This meme posted by u/P1k4chu2102 shows how Riz would look like when he takes off his uniform.

Riz appears to be a kindhearted character who is very loved and respected by his classmates but hides a dark secret. Unintentionally, he gave in to his predatory instinct and ate one of his close friends, Tem. This was caused by the medication mandated by the government for bears that, limiting his strength. Riz eventually stopped taking them following his close bond with the alpaca, proving to be a grave mistake.

That’s all we have for the Top 10 Beastars Reddit Posts from 2021 you need to see. We cannot wait for Season 3 of Beastars to start!