The Sims 4 was initially released in 2014, and Electronic Arts have kept a steady stream of updates to keep the fans coming back. However, some players who have dedicated their time to The Sims 4 decided to give back to the community by creating countless mods for the game. And with countless mods comes countless opportunities for added fun, realism, excitement, spice, and, unfortunately, crashes (play with mods at your own risk).

However, what if you are new to modding, either just in Sims or in general? You will probably not have any idea where to start looking. You may not even have any idea of what mods you even want to download. If you have no idea where to start, a good first step would be to check sites like Reddit. Chances are, you will find people there who both share a passion for gaming and can start pointing you in the right direction. And the mods that appear on this list are among some of the most popular mods The Sims 4 community has to offer. So without further ado, here are some of the best Sims 4 Mods that you need to get, according to Reddit. Before that, make sure to get Sims 4 from Amazon!

MC Command Center

As one of the more prominent mods on this list, the MC Command Center mod provides the player with a large variety of add ons and content that allows you to control nearly every aspect of the game. These can range from additions for town NPC’s, cheats, changing the season, and so much more. Honestly, there is so much in this mod that it can be a little overwhelming to look at and learn, especially if you are new to modding. However, with how much this mod has to offer and how much it allows you to fine-tune the experience to your tastes, it is well worth taking the time to install and learn.

Slice of Life

This mod is for those looking to add more realism to the game via additional details and options. The Slice of Life mod adds countless activities, such as therapy, party invites, a menstrual cycle, and more woohoo/sex options. Details also heavily influence your sims, such as a new personality system, an overhaul of the emotions, sickness system, and memories and memory loss. It even adds details like your Sims appearance changing depending on their mood, state, or recently completed activities. There are so many new details added to this mod that it doesn’t matter what you want to gain. There is something for everyone here.

Wonderful/Wicked Whims

The next two mods on our list are for those looking to add more spice to their Sims lives. Wonderful Whims adds more in-depth relationships and attraction, menstrual cycles, and birth control allowing you to go after more realistic, rewarding, emotional, and romantic relationships. If, however, you were looking to abandon the tame and let loose your inner sex demon, the mod Wicked Whims offers the ability to enhance the sex in the game to a ridiculous degree. It allows you to change what your sims were during sex, enables you to do it in almost any location, adds in sex-related diseases, and even removes the pixelation and adds full-on nudity to the game. You could say that Wicked Whims is a more hardcore version of Wonderful Whims (or is it the other way around?) Either way, both of these mods are perfect for those looking to ignite the flames of romance. Just make sure you know how intense you want it before downloading either.


The Explore mod will be a great addition for those looking to escape their Sims’ everyday life for new and exciting options. This mod allows you to engage in countless side activities inside locations. For example, you could entertain your Sim by sending them to the Arcade, a Movie Theater, or even a Comedy Club. Or if you’re looking to fulfill some needs, you could send them for a massage, some therapy, or you could even get various kinds of surgery. All options are guaranteed to result in some change in your Sims’ life and can make a seemingly tiny world feel that much larger and packed. A word of warning though, some options are locked behind other mods, so you may wish to warrant some caution with this one.

UI Cheats

Our last mod on this list is for those who simply want to experience what the game has to offer as stress-free as possible. The UI Cheats mod gives the player access to panels that allow them to adjust just about every value in the game that generally you’d have to work towards progressing (or regressing in some cases). This includes, but is not limited to, relationship meters, skills, careers, money, and needs. With this mod, gone will be the days of balancing every aspect of your Sims life to see some cool thing you’ve been eying. Some players, however, may argue that this removes the whole fun of playing The Sims. But the best part of mods is that they will always be optional and can be ignored entirely if that isn’t what you want. So if you download this mod, then cheat! Cheat to your heart’s content!

Every mod that appears on this list is worth checking out. Remember, you don’t have to take this list of mods as the only mods to use. If you use a mod and absolutely love messing around with it, do some research and see what other mods like it are there. Check if there are ways to further improve what you enjoyed from this list or see if any mods cover the things you still don’t enjoy. That’s the beauty of mods. With so many options available, there’s definitely something to fit your needs. So get to exploring and see what you like.

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