Resident Evil is a long-standing game series that focuses on horror, survival, action, and mystery to drive the narrative of a world besieged by a virus and an evil corporation behind it all. After the release of Resident Evil Village in May of this year, the Resident Evil subreddit buzzes with content about the latest chapter and shows off the best of this year’s content. Here’s the Best 10 Resident Evil Reddit Posts You Need to See.

1) Puzzles

One of the fun aspects of Resident Evil games is that there’s a sense of intrigue and mystery as you move about the world. You’re in a constant state of danger in these games, yet you tend to have moments where you can slow down to look at something interesting. Some of these puzzles are in-depth, challenging, and rewarding to solve, while others seem to simply be there to give the player something to do before they get what they’re looking for. u/FurrySwipez shows us in this meme just how silly some of these “Puzzles” can be.

2) Message

u/videogamessuckbutt has a terrible username. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t wrong to point out what some players might have missed from RE7. While replaying the game, this Reddit user found that the pause menu reveals an acronym that spelled out the name Rose, the protagonist Ethan’s daughter.

3) Short-staffed

u/Epickartoffelz was looking to get a hold of a big mac, with its two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions all on a sesame seed bun, when they pulled up to see this sign on the drive-thru intercom.

It would appear that Resident Evil village has managed to make a character so evil and powerful that it’s beginning to affect reality. Given a choice, I’d probably pick “Giant Vampire Wife” over flipping burgers myself.

4) Big Boss

Speaking of “Giant Vampire Wife,” the Resident Evil games are pretty famous for their ominous and domineering threats. u/Oneofakind071 knows this but, while most people would scream or jump in a panic at the sight of these super threats such as Mr. X and Nemesis, Lady Dimitrescu seems to invoke a bit of a different response in some players.

The giant vampire is a bit more elegant than her predecessors, and while she might scare you, you may like being scared by her. Interestingly enough, the 9’6” Dimitrescu has a shoe size of 17.3 inches.

5) Little Touches

Resident Evil is all about atmosphere, and that atmosphere is created through all the incredible detail put into the world. So let’s take a moment with u/lukefsje to appreciate the little details, like this moth on the window.

6) Chef Duke

The Duke is Resident Evil Village’s “resident” merchant, and people are pretty infatuated with the largely statured man. He sells supplies, weapons, upgrades and even prepares special dishes for Ethan. His cheerful personality and love of food have found him in the heart of many Resident Evil fans, including u/h4r4y4. This rendition of the Duke, feeding the protagonists of Resident Evil in a Japanese-style noodle shop, gives off the warm and comforting vibes that our new merchant provides within the dark landscape of RE: Village.

7) Cross-over

Have you ever played a Resident Evil game and thought, “Wow, this would be the perfect setting for a The PowerPuff Girls fanart?” If so, you’re in luck. If not, then here it is anyway.

u/Luc4_Blight is in the former group and shared this post in appreciation of the work done by @niallstensonart on Twitter. Dimitrescu takes on the persona of “Serra Bellum” while the adorable Powerpuff Vampires surround her.

8) Ethan Cosplay

One of my favorite parts of looking at video game subreddits is the fantastic cosplays. Resident Evil has a range of characters with varying degrees of difficulty to cosplay. However, with a bit of ingenuity, fans can do any cosplay on a budget, and these next two posts are here to show you how. Starting with u/flurp_dem, who captioned, “So hyped for RE Village thought I’d put some effort into an Ethan cosplay.”

The amount of detail in this cosplay is quite good. As you can see, there is no left hand, but there might be too many fingers on the right.

9) Nemesis Cosplay

Now you might be thinking the first-person cosplay of Ethan is far too easy. What about the monsters? What about Nemesis? He’s big, bad, scary, and his face is so haunting! Well, u/Epickartoffelz has got you covered with this easy and efficient cosplay that is sure to blow you out of the water.

This cosplay captures all the necessary components for the look effortlessly with only two items. Jokes aside, it does look a little scary if you look at it for too long.

That’s the end of our list of Resident Evil Reddit posts for you. Resident Evil’s storyline has blended across various games, and their latest return with RE7 and Village has gotten people excited for the horror aspects of the series. With new fascinating characters and in-depth lore, Resident Evil Village is just the latest chapter in an ongoing series, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as more Resident Evil content comes out. Until then, check out r/residentevil and stay tuned to us at TCL.