Magic the Gathering Arena is a modernized way of playing the classic card game online with friends. MTG is rich in lore, strategy, and community. With the newest set, "Innistrad: Midnight Hunt," we'll find ourselves going back to one of our favorite realms of vampires, werewolves, and everything spooky. That set officially launches on Arena on September 16th. While we wait for our epic new cards and meta-breaking possibilities, let's take a look at The Best 9 MTG Arena Reddit Posts for You.

  1. It's not just a kids' game!

If you play MTG, you know that five main colors represent the different types of magic: red, green, blue, black, and white. Each color has its own playstyle, and players tend to gravitate to specific colors based on how they like to play. u/arthurmauk knows no matter how seriously you take the game, we take solidarity with our younger counterparts in asking the age-old question, "what's your favorite color?"

2. They don't make them like they used to

Saffron Olive has been involved in the magic scene for as long as I can remember, with many videos on deck builds, playtests, and basic information for the current metagame. The MTGGoldfish star has a few critiques of Wizard of the Coast's latest cards.

Many players who have been playing Magic The Gathering for a long time will probably sympathize with Saffron Olive, like u/geoxyx, who shared this Twitter thread on the subreddit. With so many cards in the game, it may be hard to develop new and interesting mechanics that can competitively fit into all the different formats. However, if they ever create a one-drop win the game card, I'll buy a playset. Save up those mythic wildcards.

3. Teachers Pet

We might not all remember when exactly we started to understand how MTG works. With hundreds of keywords and thousands of different card interactions, it may be challenging to teach MTG to others. We might find ourselves in the same shoes as u/Blue_Croco.

While this meme is a hilarious example of the frustrations that come with teaching a fairly complex game, let's try not to make anyone cry.

4. Homebrew

There are so many exciting combinations of cards that can result in epic combos for your deck. u/TheFlowzilla understands the importance of making sure all your cards have flying.

You could go for an endless mana loop to win the game, but if you can't block my army of battlefield raptors, then it's game over.

5. Kenrith, The returned King

u/TheFistula shared an interesting piece of information that many MTG Arena fans on Reddit were more than happy to find out. While there are many different artists for various cards in MTG, our friend on Reddit posted about the man behind this legendary creature. Kieran Yanner used his husband as a model to paint Kenrith, the returned King.

You can definitely see the resemblance of the artist's husband. Immortalized in the world of MTG, it's kind of hard not to be jealous.

6. Eyes on the gold

Matching up keywords and finding fascinating interactions are perfectly fine forms of deck building. However, there is another strategy that many would-be deck builders might accidentally employ. If you find yourself working with many powerful cards, chances are your deck might look like u/commoncanvas'.

While I'm sure this deck might be fun to play in theory, it might be a while before our friend can get all the cards they would need.

7. Still Homebrewing

Have you ever seen that mysteriously good-looking person on the train working on something that might be the best piece of art you've ever seen? Unfortunately, unless you're just as into magic, you might be disappointed as u/YourPostTitleIsTrash's meme shows.

Oh, it's just another Simic ramp deck. Well, you can't always have brilliant artistic builds, can you?

8. Mulligan

Many times, the most pressure an MTG player can feel is at the start of the game. When you look at those seven cards in your hand, you may see a great mana curve with powerful end game cards but only one land. At which point, the ultimate request is placed upon the players. u/Scarno7 understands this pain all too well and has created the perfect meme to express the tragic position we all find ourselves in at one point or another.

Choose wisely, but seriously if you only have one land in your hand, you should probably mulligan down to six. You'd think that you're bound to run into more lands eventually, but from experience, it'll take you about seven turns to play that third land.

9. Deathtouch

There is no more satisfying feeling than playing your Foulmire Knight and blocking your opponent's 8/8 green stompy giant. With deathtouch, it doesn't matter. With deathtouch, we control night and day. So bring your strongest, and we shall see who prevails. Well, perhaps trample might breakthrough, but that doesn't matter. U/StormcrowOP understands, as seen in this MTG Arena Reddit post.

That's all for now, fellow wizards and planeswalkers. MTG is constantly changing and expanding. With the launch of MTG Arena in 2019, don't expect them to slow down anytime soon. To keep up on all the latest, check in with us here at, and don't forget to check out the Magic the Gathering Arena subreddit r/MagicArena.