Fans of MTV’s The Challenge did not have to wait long for another installment of this long-running reality competition. This season is called Spies, Lies, and Allies and premiered on August 11, 2021. In five episodes, we’ve seen fun matches, explosive arguments, and plans backfiring on contestants.

As you can imagine, fans are chatting about memorable moments so far this season! Found at r/thechallengemtv, here are the best seven fan opinions from Reddit.

1) The Partner Swap

This season, the team or person who survives elimination (The Lair) has two options: stay with your current partner or “infiltrate” another team by stealing a partner. U/RealityTVCritix shares the opinion of being tired of this concept. It would be entertaining for partners to stay together instead of coming up with a plan to get a new partner. What would make things interesting is if there was no partner switch for a couple of challenges, forcing contestants to get on the same page.

2) Emy Feeling Betrayed

Emy is one of the rookies this season, and she “exposed” fellow rookie Michaela for a list of names. It was unclear what this list was about, but this caused Michaela and her partner Renan to be the first ones eliminated. When it was Emy’s turn to face The Lair a few challenges later, she was vocal about feeling betrayed. U/DangerousFunction347 points out it should be no surprise when there is backstabbing during this competition. I find it ironic she would be upset, especially with what she did to Michaela.

3) Messy Fessy

Fessy, Josh, Amber, and Kaycee established a “Big Brother” alliance despite the differences between Fessy and Amber last season. Fessy and Esther won the daily challenge, leaving them to choose who goes into elimination. Fessy tells Josh he was thinking about putting Amber in The Lair because of their differences, but Josh pleaded for Fessy not to do this. When it was time for elimination, Fessy nominated Amber, and Josh completely lost it. Fessy is now on bad terms with Josh and Amber (she survived elimination). U/BreezieSue does not feel like Fessy will make amends with Josh, and I agree, especially since he feels like he did nothing wrong when nominating Amber. Needless to say, the “Big Brother” alliance is over.

4) Hughie’s Outburst

Hughie is another rookie who has had a few dramatic moments. Hughie was Amber’s partner when they survived being eliminated. He and Corey L. got into a verbal altercation during the elimination match. Since Hughie and Amber survived elimination, he rubbed it in Corey L.’s face, almost making the altercation physical. I do not fault Hughie for proving he has what it takes to stay in the competition, but he should have done that with his actions instead of being verbally abusive to Corey L. In the next house deliberation, Hughie was offended when Gabo wanted to get sent into elimination for a chance to infiltrate and pick Nany as his partner. I still do not understand why he was upset, but I agree with u/LostMyInvite with Hughie being emotionally erratic.

5) Is Devin and Kyle’s Bromance Over?

U/Worrisomemerchant wanted to know why Devin was made at Kyle when the veterans’ plans worked during the Undercover Comms challenge. I was confused when Kyle pulled Devin and Emy’s lever since Kyle and Devin are friends. Even though the other contestants saw things as Kyle showing his true colors, I believe his decision was in the heat of the moment and not calculated. I’m glad Devin and Kyle did talk about this and seemed to work things out, but I do not blame Devin for being more cautious of Kyle during daily challenges for the rest of the season.

6) Josh Defends Amber During Eliminations

As mentioned earlier, this was an explosive moment when Fessy nominated Amber to go into The Lair. U/RealityTVCritix posts about this being a good move for Josh because he wanted to keep the “Big Brother” alliance within the Vet team as long as they could. I understood Josh being upset because he did not want Fessy’s trust issues with Amber to be a problem. Unfortunately, Fessy obliterates their trust of having each other’s back and does not have any remorse for his decision. We’ll see if these two will make amends later on in the season!

7) Who Is Your Favorite Rookie?

U/ComfortbyComfort posts a good question: who is your favorite rookie this season? My favorite rookie is Corey L. It got to the point he and his partner Michelle accepted being sent to The Lair since the vets set their plan in motion to get rid of all the rookies before having to face each other. I admired Corey L. and Michelle, proving why both should remain in the game until they got eliminated. I have to mention Esther when it comes to the rookies because she has won two daily challenges with her partner, Fessy. Esther has a sweet personality and does not want any bad blood with other contestants, while Fessy is the opposite. I hope she can remain in the game as long as possible, and Fessy does not do anything to jeopardize their partnership.

That’s it for the best seven opinions from MTV’s The Challenge Reddit Fans! I’m eager to see if new alliances will form or if everyone is on their own. I can’t wait to see who’ll make it to the end of the season!