Love Island is a popular dating reality show that has taken the world by storm. Originating in the United Kingdom, numerous versions of the show have premiered in other countries, including the United States. Its unique premise is entertaining, and fans enjoy getting to see who ends up together, breaks up, or gets dumped.

This show is a trending topic on social media for the entire season and reunion specials. Season 7 recently concluded in the UK, so here are the top five Reddit posts (found at r/LoveIslandTV) that will keep fans laughing at moments from this past reason.

1) The Long-Awaited 2021 Premiere

Fans had to wait over a year for season 7 to come around due to the global pandemic. However, once the season premiered, fans couldn’t get enough! Even though the reunion special was disappointing to many, this season was still enjoyable and gave us unforgettable moments. Thanks to u/bruv-island for being patient!

2) Breaking the Fourth Wall Meme

U/pryzmpine posted this hilarious tweet by @bainduxdenise. It had to be hard for contestants not to have a moment like The Office. From Millie playing the piano to Hugo’s speech to recouple with Chloe, there were moments worthy of looking at the camera.

3) Getting It Right the First Time

Jake described his type as a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. He couldn’t have been luckier as Liberty stepped forward to couple with him in the first episode. These two remained coupled up until before the finale, when they had their final date. Ending the relationship was mutual, and they left the show at the same time. It was sad to fans and other Islanders (especially Liberty’s close friend, Kaz) to see them go, but things ended on good terms. Thanks to u/No_Therapy for reminding us of how Jake got what he was looking for!

4) Liberty and Kaz: BFF goals

U/llamastrudel’s post is something everyone was thinking: friendship was the real winner this season. Liberty and Kaz were the first two people at the villa and became instant friends. There’s no wonder these two remained friends throughout the season, with Kaz comforting Liberty as she left the villa. These two recently reunited at Liberty’s birthday party, showing that this friendship was more important than any romantic relationship this season.

5. The Lucinda Compilation

U/AhnSolbin shares a hilarious compilation of Lucinda saying, “Really?”. Liam and Millie did an excellent impression of Lucinda when talking about how she had green strains in her hair from chlorine. Even Georgia said she would work with Lucinda’s love dragging out vowels. Though Lucinda saying “really” did annoy some viewers, it was still hilarious for others to do impressions.

That’s it for our Top 5 Love Island Reddit Posts! We look forward to more great moments in the next season!