What happens when you combine a slapstick romance with a psychological thriller? You get Kaguya-sama.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War follows the budding romance between two teens with paranoia-fueled misconceptions about love. The two have a requited attraction for each other, but at the same time refuse to give in to each other, believing that to confess first is to purposely kneecap themselves in a relationship.

Student council president and resident genius Miyuki Shirogane has a crush on Kaguya Shinomiya, the titular “Kaguya-sama.” A genius in her own right, Kaguya also has a crush on Miyuki. The two may be vastly different in social standing and resources, but on the mental stage, they are equally matched.

All’s fair in the game of love and war, and neither of them is willing to “lose” by confessing, leading to each chapter being a convoluted battle of the wits. They attempt to expose the other’s crush through mind games and sometimes plain ol’ harassment, almost always ending a chapter with either a “win” or “lose” while maintaining the status quo of two characters with confessions stuck in their throats.

And that’s how Kaguya-sama would drag on for hundreds of chapters if it were any other slapstick romance.

Instead, as time grows on, the romance between characters grows as well, developing forward instead of being stuck in eternal stasis. This might be a world of teen melodrama, but mangaka Aka Akasaka manages to transport readers back to the days of young love and teen angst when those were some of the things that occupied all the real estate in our skulls.

Nowhere is this love more evident than the Kaguya Reddit, where even this “younger” fandom has amassed a league of talented and dedicated fans.

Here are the best 5 Kaguya-sama posts, ranked!

5. Top 5!

The series snuck into the top 5 in terms of volume sales, much to the joy and delight of Kaguya-sama Redditors.

It’s something that makes any fan happy to see, since not only does it mean that the ax is far away, it also means that companies will be incentivized to create new content.

4. A Retro-Styled Romance

While the Kaguya-sama fandom has had years to grow, it still pales in comparison to the sheer age of other series like Hunter x Hunter or Evangelion. However, the quality of fandom is often influenced by its creators, and the Kaguya Reddit does not disappoint. These artists specialize in a variety of content, including pixel art!

User u/KimeNanami recreated a panel from the manga with an adorable color scheme, fitting the series’ bright and saturated cover art. This is one of OP’s more popular pieces, but they also specialize in general digital art, not just pixel art!

3. Musical Medley

Musical artists also populate the Kaguya Reddit, and they don’t shy away from showing their talents!

OP gathered up their friends to create a string and piano cover that merged two songs from the OST together. Not only does this require technical proficiency with instruments, but also knowledge of musical theory and composition to blend the songs!

Give em’ some love!

2. Rip and Tear… Chika?

Animals and anime--what’s not to like?

OP was greeted with a particularly interesting video via a lucky(?) mistake by his cat!

The video in question is also something that’ll garner a few laughs as well.

After all, hell hath no fury as a Chika snapped out of her ditziness.

1. The Devil Is in the Details!

The second ending of the anime series skyrocketed to meme-dom with its adorable portrayal of Chika dancing to the ending theme. The dance was cute, the animation expressive, and overall a great way to end every episode.

The animation itself was also picked apart by fans, noting that the fluttering of her skirt was a sign that the animation was rotoscoped. Rotoscoping is a tool where real-life movements are referenced, allowing the team to create an expressive and fluid ending animation. However, artistic flair was also added to the ending, emphasizing “snaps” in movement and elevating reality to another level rather than just copying every detail.

If you’ve ever seen an animation that suddenly looks incredibly natural and fluid, it might have been rotoscoped for that extra flair!

The future love lives of our characters are still in flux, but the fandom’s appreciation will always still be there!