Hajime no Ippo is one of the series that kickstarted the genre of boxing manga, with its underdog story of a diamond in the rough being allowed to reach its full potential.

Our main character Ippo starts the series as a bullied high schooler, only to become a decorated boxer in his own right. As the series goes on, the focus shifts to Ippo’s friends, family, and rivals, all of them growing in one way or another through a connection with boxing. Some characters have mixed feelings about the ring’s danger, while others are addicted to the thrill of the fight.

The manga reflects some of this discipline and passion, having been first published in the late eighties by Jyoji Morikawa and currently has over 1300 chapters, cementing itself as one of the longest-running manga series in history, and a weekly one no less.

This thirty-three-year-long serialization, as well as a variety of anime series, means that Hajime has amassed a sizable fanbase, born from literal decades of publication with an addictive plot full of tension and emotional turmoil as well as the bloodshed of boxing.

Here are the best 5 Hajime no Ippo Reddit posts you need to see!

1) Weight Classes are Made Up

Within professional boxing, Ippo is considered “featherweight” and clocks in at around 56 kg (or roughly 123 lbs). He is a professional boxer and has the physique of one, as illustrated within the manga and anime:

This is why some people in the Hajime no Ippo noticed a very interesting detail.

Alstolfo, from the Fate series, is a mythological figure from the Charmalenge legends, the French counterpart to Arthurian legends. Within the series, this is how he’s portrayed:

Interestingly enough, Alstolfo also falls into the “featherweight” class, despite lacking Ippo’s pro-boxing figure, leading many a Redditor to wonder how the heck these two characters can technically be allowed to duke it out in the ring.

Maybe Alstolfo gets a pass for being a mythological hero.

2) Trivia Time

With over 1300 chapters of content, there’s bound to be lots of details that slip the mind from time to time.

Unless you’re a diehard fan.

User u/Nuclear-Ralph23 compiled some info and made their trivia quiz to join the other quizzes that have begun to populate the Hajime no Ippo subreddit lately. Drawing on everything from early series details to even boxer-animal comparisons, OP has crafted a fun little quiz that’ll inject some positivity into your day and keep you occupied for a few very entertaining minutes.

3) Fact vs. Fiction

Hajime no Ippo fans often become interested in professional boxing as a sport, especially when so many characters are based upon real-life boxers -- Ippo’s signature Dempsy Roll is an actual boxing move!

Of course, Hajime no Ippo fans will be Hajime no Ippo fans, so often, there will be places where reality and fiction don’t match up. In this case, it’s a question of uppercuts.

As per OP’s words:

Why are uppercuts used fairly consistently in Hajime no Ippo, but almost never irl?

After all, uppercuts are flashy and hit hard--a must for anyone in professional fighting, whether boxing or even MMA. They also make for gorgeous manga spreads:

So why is it that uppercuts in boxing are usually traded in for more rights and lefts?

It turns out that while uppercuts look amazing, in reality, they’re hard to execute. Think about it--an uppercut is a brutal hit that needs to land on specific areas to do any real damage.

4) Battle of Classics

Suppose you’re a fan of Hajime no Ippo. In that case, you’re also most likely a fan of Ashita no Joe, another legendary boxing manga that Redditorpredates even Ippo, first appearing in Weekly Shounen Jump in 1968.

While Ippo might focus on more realistic timelines and the hurdles pro boxers face, Ashita no Joe tackled boxing differently.

Namely, would you drive your body to its destruction in pursuit of victory?

While Ashita no Joe concluded after only twenty volumes, it’s still considered a masterpiece of boxing manga. It makes sense that Hajime no Ippo would also be inspired by and seen in a similar light. Due to the overlapping fandoms and incredible interests from avid readers to see their respective heroes duke it out, a gym offered to conduct a computer simulation, pitting Ippo and Joe against each other.

Both authors were also invited to watch the simulation, and eventually, one of the fighters won, though I won’t spoil it here.

Needless to say, the results are controversial!

5) Time Marches On

After more than thirty years of publication, it makes sense for a person’s art to change over time, and Morikawa is no exception.

Tediously stitching together eighty-five different manga panels into a single video, this Hajime no Ippo Redditor has carefully cataloged the art evolution over the decades.

Over time, the softness and scratchiness of earlier issues have been smoothed out. The characters have also been polished into older, stronger individuals who have tempered their bodies through rigorous training.

That’s it for now, but with how long Hajime no Ippo’s been running, it’s surely not the last. The fandom is dedicated, and it’s practically guaranteed that Reddit will never run dry.