In 2004, Blizzard released World of Warcraft and became a pioneer of the MMO genre, and the Night-elf Mohawk was born. In the last 17 years, the game has evolved and changed, leaving more nostalgic players missing out on the old grind of Vanilla Wow. Blizzard, noticing the plight of their long-term fans, decided to do something new to satisfy the longing for simpler times. Their solution? Releasing Wow Classic - the same game they released 17 years ago. Now, with Burning Crusades Classic coming out, it would seem that fans will probably get to relive the entire experience of WOW all over again. To celebrate the new old things we get to play again, here are The Best 10 WOW Classic Reddit Posts in 2021 You Can’t Miss.

  1. WOW Map

We start our journey of nostalgia with a new take on an old map of our favorite classic world. u/ConservationOfWumbo creates a WOW classic map of Virginia, their home state, and the likeness is impressive. The inclusion of the HUD is a great touch. You can also see the “Player” just north of Norfolk, but it would seem there are no active quest markers in the state.

2. Escorts (not those kind)

One of the tropes of video games is the “Escort Quest,” in which you must protect or sometimes follow an NPC character who typically has no experience with fighting or even walking, for that matter.  u/Thomas-Omalley hits the nail on the head with this video captioned “Escort Quests Be Like.”

3. Engineering

u/minokar has created a new way to display their HP gauge, and it looks pretty awesome. Though I’m sure looking at your actual HP gauge on the screen is probably a more effective way to tell how your life force may be falling or rising, the ambient light is great for setting the mood.

4. Add-Ons

For the non-casual players out there, add-ons are a key feature of the HUD for dungeons, raids, and battlegrounds alike. If these instant statistics and HUD upgrades were to be missing for some reason, it would feel a lot like u/loltsgdudelol’s meme contribution.

Fighting in a world where your DPS isn’t constantly shown to you is a dark and terrifying place.

5. A guide to classes

WOW Classic is very different from its original non-classic counterpart in many ways. One of those ways is that it only has the original classes, while the original WOW has many classes added during the expansions. If the classes are new to you, whether you’ve never played WOW before or have forgotten, u/AfroKona has created this simple guide to the classes you can play.

6. Where Tank

In original WOW, going in a dungeon is fairly streamlined from its Classic self. An age-old problem with WOW, which is now a new problem, is that you have to find other players to cooperate with if you wish to complete the dungeons and other various team-based events in the game. Typically you want a good mix in your group of control, healing, DPS, and a tank. The control allows you to keep the upper hand on the battlefield, the healing keeps your team alive, the DPS kills as much as possible, and the tank, well, he gets hit... a lot.  u/goodGuyCom understands that getting hit might not sound like the most fun gameplay contribution, but it is a vital role that someone should fill.

7. Battleground Mangoes

u/Tiger_Tesla has a story for you, and I’ll let them tell it.

TLDR: A player arranged a shipment of mangoes via Battleground Chat, and I’m kind of jealous about it.

8. Infestation

In 2008 Activision attained Blizzard and became Activision Blizzard, which is in retrospect a cool name. However, despite this cool name, not everybody sees the merger as a net positive. u/Detonade is one of those people.

9. Goals

u/poorqualitymeme seems to think that their own life goals seem to pale in comparison to their parents at the time of their 30’s.

It’s important to remember in times like these that the week one raid clears you managed to achieve were probably originally out when your parents were in their 20’s, so they probably could have done that before buying their summer house in Greece.

10. Finally, a tank

We found them, the chosen hero of our time—the One Who Takes The Damage, u/iiNexius.

That could be you too. We can all be heroes. Just play a tank for once.

That’s a wrap on all the new memes of the WOW Classic world you couldn’t miss. Be sure to check out the r/classicwow subreddit for more on the latest mememery and updates.