The Umbrella Academy has become one of the most viewed shows on Netflix. This adaptation of the Dark Horse Comics series follows seven adopted siblings with unique abilities who come together to save the world. If we had to face an apocalypse, I would trust The Umbrella Academy to protect us from imminent danger.

Here are the best 10 Umbrella Academy posts (found at r/theumbrellaacademy) that will remind fans of some of the best moments of the series ahead of season three.

1. Diego Did It!

In season one, the siblings believe Grace, their android mother, was responsible for the death of their father, Reginald Hargreeves. Grace was found shut down after a huge fight between the siblings and assassins sent by The Commission. Luther commented that Diego did not take it well when he learned about Grace. u/LocalGeekt posts this ironic meme letting us know it was Diego who shut her down because he saw Grace had other functional issues, which was unknown to the others.

2. Wrong Translation Meme

Diego and Luther are not the best people to go to for any message to be decoded. U/diorsundress posted a meme of this hilarious scene where Diego threatens poor Olga for taking out their friend Elliot. Number Five tells both Diego and Luther the correct translation for Öga for Öga (“an eye for an eye”) and not “Olga Foroga.” I hope Olga did have a lovely day after that troublesome phone call.

3. Fly Me to The Moon!

Luther Hargreeves had no problem reminding his siblings about being sent to the moon by their father. Luther was not happy finding out his reports went unopened by Reginald after spending years away from home. This meme posted by u/-The-Invisable-One- reminds us that Luther was ready to let everyone know he had it the worst.

4. Season Three Please

After saving the world from another apocalypse, season Two left us on a huge cliffhanger with an interesting change in the timeline. U/[deleted] accurately describes the need for season three. Filming for the next season has recently wrapped, so now we wait for the trailer and premiere date. We hope to see this soon!

5. Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy?

Getting double the gifts on Christmas Eve! This popular meme has the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus visiting a child on the same night. A visit from both has to be every child’s dream. Thanks to u/AdrielMB for this meme.

6. Unconditional Love

Season one gave us a couple we were not expecting: the assassin Hazel and doughnut extraordinaire Agnes. This post by u/_noisytoes_ describes the strength of the love Agnes had for Hazel. No matter what came their way (like Cha Cha going after Agnes to hurt Hazel), these lovebirds were able to spend 20 years together. This was something good coming out of all the chaos in season one.

7. I Love My Sister

The relationship between Allison and Luther is interesting, to say the least. Though they were not biological siblings, it was unsettling to know these two had romantic feelings for each other. This meme posted by u/idobeinsane shows Allison was able to move on from her feelings by getting married in two timelines while Luther remained single.

8. Dancing Klaus

This was an intense fight scene as Hazel and Cha Cha showed up at the Hargreeves mansion, tracking down Number Five. As the siblings fight for their lives against these assassins, Klaus is oblivious to the chaos. Instead, he listens to music and dances. This meme accurately describes this scene. Thanks to u/south-park-no666 for posting this!

9. The Powerful Number Seven

In both seasons, Vanya (Number Seven) is responsible for causing the end of the world. Reginald knew Vanya was the most powerful out of his seven adopted children. Making sure she never loses control of her powers, Reginald begins medicating Vanya to suppress her powers. Reginald even had Allison use her powers so Vanya would grow up not knowing she also had powers. Vanya causes the apocalypse in both seasons because Reginald robbed her of the necessary training to control her powers. U/SuperAbdul brings humor to Vanya being the reason the world ends twice.

10. Don’t Let Go

This heartbreaking scene in the season finale brings similar feelings fans felt at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. Ben, being a ghost, was able to get through to Vanya when her powers were out of control, and the other siblings were unconscious in a rescue attempt. Vanya held Ben as his ghost form began to disappear as he passed on to the other side. This is similar to Peter Parker holding onto Tony Stark while disappearing due to The Snap caused by Thanos. Thanks to u/Mouse018 for pulling at our heartstrings with this meme.

We hope this list brings back favorite moments from seasons one and two of this fantastic series. Season three can’t come soon enough!