From the 1980s to the early 2000s, professional wrestling had captured a generation’s attention, with superstars like Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, The Rock, Stone Cold, and The Macho Man Randy Savage. These key figures in the pop imaginary have made their catchphrases the background clamor of the zeitgeist, making these striking fighters comparable to how superheroes are seen in the present cultural landscape.

But yet, pro wrestling nowadays is still popular, as millions of people around the globe are tuning in to watch shows like Smackdown Live! and Raw every week. Nonetheless, it’s not as big as it once was.

Let’s take a peek at the Best 10 SquaredCirle Reddit Posts of 2021.

1. “The Showoff” Dolph Ziggler

“Dolph Ziggler couldn’t get in to Willy D’s piano bar in Little Rock last because his shirt had no sleeves so I ran home and got him a shirt out of my closet.”

For almost 14 years, Dolph Ziggler has been with the WWE, and you might know him by the names Nick Nemeth, Nic Nemeth, Nick Nemeth again, and Nicky from The Spirit Squad. However, he’s currently on hiatus from television time as he is rumored to be once again repackaged.

Dolph has accomplished quite a bit with WWE throughout his professional wrestling career. He is a two-time World Champion, Money in the Bank winner, and five-time Intercontinental Champion. In achieving these feats, Dolph utilized his five moves of doom—Heart Stopper, Famouser, Satellite DDT, Zig Zag, and Superkick—as seen on a post by u/MinnowPaws.

2. The People’s Elbow Finisher by The Rock

“The Rock’s opponent specific People’s Elbows”

One of the most iconic finishing plays in professional wrestling history is by far The Rock’s People’s Elbow—shown in a clip posted by u/siva-pc on Squaredcircle Reddit—but it was never intended to be. The fact of the matter is that it was supposed to be a joke maneuver thrown together in the hopes of making The Undertaker laugh.

According to Triple H, who was arguably the biggest rival of the Brahma Bull, the iconic wrestler came up with his signature move to make The Undertaker break character in one of the matches. But then, People’s Elbow, which was not known as such at the time, quickly happened in several events. Eventually, other guys caught on with it.

3. Almost Got Knocked Out by MMA Fighter Brock Lesnar

“That time when Braun woke the MMA fighter in Brock and almost knocked got knocked out.”

Braun Strowman reached the mountain top of professional wrestling in 2020 after he captured his first-ever world title in WWE when he stepped in as a replacement. The Monster Among Men has now left the sport after being the top name in the latest releases, but he had come up short despite coming close against MMA fighter Brock Lesnar.

During a match at the 2018 Royal Rumble—posted by u/DarthismyfirstnameBrock punched him for real after he kicked The Beast Incarnate at the temple while kneeling, but Braun apologized to him backstage afterward.

4. John Cena Against Daniel Bryan in Velocity 2003

“From a 2003 episode of Velocity, to the main event of SummerSlam ten years later.”

The epic match between John Cena and Daniel Bryan in 2003 came full circle a decade later, summarising the paths that John and Daniel have traveled that will come to a head at the WWE Championship’s SummerSlam. (Posted by u/Solentos)

5. The Flamboyant Duo

“Ric Flair meets Orange Cassidy.”

Ric Flair, a two-time WWE Hall of Famer, was recently in the vicinity of fellow professional wrestler Oranag Cassidy. The Nature Boy and Freshly Squeezed appeared together in a little video—posted by u/20minutes40years on Reddit Squaredcircle—where the AEW star taught the 4 Horsemen member how to do his “thing.” Cassidy gave Ric a pair of aviator sunglasses before giving his Wooo! expression.

6. Funny Throwback Clip of Slick and Twin Towers With Arsenio Hall

“Arsenio Hall with the insult of the night on the Twin Towers and Slick.”

The Twin Towers (Big Boss Man and Akeem “The African Dream”) and Slick (“The Doctor of Style”) had made their guest appearance on Arsenio Hall Show in 2013—as seen in a clip posted by u/timansid121. The host had constantly been having WWF wrestlers on his show, and his interactions with them were amusing.

Slick has been recognized as one of the most influential African American managers the sports entertainment industry has ever seen. He rose to prominence rapidly and made it to the big time before his first anniversary, managing the Twin Towers as well.

7. Chyna Slammed Mankind’s Head with the Cage Door

“Bumps that make you cringe”

In a post by u/Adrenochrome93 on Reddit Squarecircle, Chyna is seen slamming the cage door to Mick Foley’s (Mankind) head at the 1997 WWF SummerSlam. The event was opened with a Steel Cage Match by Mankind against Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Then, Mick paid tribute to teenage idol Jimmy Snuka, delivering a pseudo-Superfly Splash atop the cage.

Shortly before that spot, Mankind was badly concussed during a moment in which he tried to escape the cage through the door. As he had stuck his head through the doorway, Chyna suddenly slammed the large iron-barred door onto his head.

8. Fan-Inspired All Out Match Promo Clip of Darby Allin and CM Punk Match

“‘Grow Stronger’: CM Punk vs Darby Allin (OC All Out Match Promo)”

CM Punk didn’t wait long to challenge Darby Allin at the AEW All Out pay-per-view on September 5 at Now Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, following his debut at “The First Dance” Rampage show at the United Center in Chicago. After leaving the organization in January 2014, the WWE superstar’s long-awaited return to professional wrestling has finally happened. (Posted on Squarecircle Reddit by u/TheMattyIrish)

9. Mankind Mick Foley Film Appearance

“TIL Mick Foley had a bit part in 12 Hour Shift, a 2020 horror comedy co-starring and produced by David Arquette.”

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and New York Times bestselling author Mick Foley had worked with one of the most accomplished men in television, David Arquette, in the 2020 comedy horror film 12 Hour Shift. This is seen in a clip posted by u/JustATributeCC—in which he played the part of a black market organ-trading criminal.

10. The Prototype John Cena Surprising Attack

“John Cena sneak attack The Wyatt Family, wearing a Sheep Mask and disguising as one of them (RAW, March 31, 2014)”

In 2014, when WrestleMania was approaching, Bray Wyatt seemed to have all the momentum. However, John Cena flipped the script on the go-home edition of Raw. Following a match of Wyatt’s, he emerged behind the Wyatt Family wearing a sheep mask and orchestrated a sneak attack, to their surprise.

It was a major victory for The Prototype since he beat Wyatt at his own game, outsmarting him with psychological tactics. (Posted on Squaredcircle Reddit by u/SuplexCity-Mayor)

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