The long-awaited second season of Re:Zero ended at the beginning of 2021, which has fans anticipating an announcement for season three. I enjoyed watching this series with its incredible storytelling. It kept viewers on a never-ending road of possibilities, as Subaru Natsuki uses his power of “Return by Death” to save his friends and help the girl he loves, Emilia, to become the next ruler of Lugnica.

With both seasons well received with their light novel adaptation, fans of this isekai anime continue to express enthusiasm by sharing memes and videos of the series. Here are the Top 10 Re:Zero Reddit posts (found at r/re_zero) you need to see.

1. “Return by Death” Meme

U/TheLeadReaper describes Subaru perfectly when facing a villain. His power of “Return by Death” gives an advantage of learning how to defeat an adversary through dying several times. By sharing ideas and seeking help, Subaru and allies could defeat enemies such as the White Whale.

2. Rem is Best Girl Meme

U/Rockstar_moon understood everyone’s love for Rem. I fell deeper in love after learning about her and Ram’s childhood. Even though Subaru rejected her confession of love, Rem promised to be by his side in the quest for a desirable future for Emilia. Rem is a selfless girl who does everything she can for the people she cares for, even if it costs her life. How can anyone not love Rem?

Ram’s personality is on the frigid side, but she will do what is necessary when asked for assistance. Her brutal honesty may be why she’s less appealing than Rem, but Garfiel would agree Ram is the best girl in his world!

3. The Earphones Struggle Meme

We all know too well about the struggle with having functioning earphones. U/Mamon_Ramon depicts this struggle using Rem and Ram. Rem falls into a coma during the second season after her battle with Archbishop Gluttony, consuming her essence. Hence, Rem is the earphone that does not work anymore while the other earphone (Ram) is double the work.

4. The “Delta Variant” Meme

You know it’s 2021 when memes include the delta variant. u/Hellstrom5674 posts this funny but sad meme that has been all over social media, making its way to the anime world. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a life-altering virus affecting the lives of many people around the world. The delta variant has been described as more contagious than the original form of the coronavirus, causing numbers to spike again.

Like the Giant Rabbit, the delta variant devours all hope of any fun plans made in the fall as travel restrictions have been enforced. I hope this virus can be contained so fun plans will not have to be canceled!

5. The Cute Bunny Meme

Bunnies are cute, right? As anime fans, u/skY2445x and I both know cute can also mean deadly. These murderous bunnies have no problem attacking and gobbling down an unexpected victim who is distracted by a “harmless” animal.

6. The Expectations vs. Reality Meme

I confess I did not know the plot of Re:Zero until I read the summary before watching episode one. However, I quickly found out this anime caught me off guard with how graphic the death scenes are (giving Elfed Lied vibes). U/miaumiapundek posts a video clip of what people think this anime is about versus the truth of experiencing this series: emotion, violence, and stress! All of which makes this anime an outstanding series to watch.

7. No Opening or Ending Meme

An opening and ending theme are staples in the anime community. Fans like myself have an anime playlist on streaming platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify. However, Re:Zero is an anomaly. It does not have an opening or ending theme in most episodes. The advantage of not having an opening or ending theme is the opportunity for more storytelling. However, a disadvantage is that Re:Zero does not have an opening theme to make the series stand out like the opening to Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

8. Subaru Should Have Stayed Home Meme

U/FlappyLyST shows us how short Re:Zero would have been if Subaru did not go to the convenience store. But, sometimes, the stomach wants what the stomach wants, and the price paid is by being summoned to a fantasy world where coming back from the dead is normal.

9. The Suffering Meme

Here is another meme of the Re: Zero experience summed up in one word: suffering. We have seen Subaru suffer countless times because of his ability to retain memories whenever “Return by Death” has been activated. Seeing friends die in horrific ways numerous times would be quite a burden to carry when the memory stays with you. We can empathize with Subaru as he lives through tragic events, witnessing how the support of friends can bring the necessary resilience to make sure history does not repeat itself.

10. The Wait or Read the Manga Meme

Waiting for the anime to prepare for the next season or reading the manga is a dilemma many face at the end of a current season. If a person like myself is eager about what will happen next, reading the manga will be satisfying. However, other people have the patience to wait another year or so for the next season to prepare. U/PokeCraft906 captures this dilemma with this perfect meme. Hopefully, Re:Zero fans will not have to wait for the same length between seasons one and two.

That’s it for our list of the Best 10 Re:Zero Reddit posts from the past year. Here’s to season three of Re:Zero coming out soon!