Satire, power, great characters, but a boring life? Who can pass up the chance to experience One Punch Man and all the great content it has to offer? This world of chaos, heroism, and unexpected twists has captivated the hearts and minds of all those tired of cliche hero troupes. Come check out our list of the Top 10 One Punch Man Reddit Posts.

10. Is it Cool to be a Loser?

Mr. Satan and King have a lot more in common than we think. Reddit user u/Psixofazatron brings us this high-quality meme of the actual strongest characters in anime. With the screen time Saitama and Goku get to showcase their strength and unlimited abilities, my mind is set on King and Satan’s show of twisted courage to defend their homes and friends from constant threats. These characters are the most normal in their series, respectively, whether from stupid pride or fear of social rejections.

9. A Different Take

Coming in at #9 is a post from u/pedrozox2093. They introduce a what-if scenario: what would have happened if Blast, the number 1 ranked hero, had taken Saitama’s place? Many people have noticed how similar this fantastic piece is to Yusuke Murata’s art style. If I hadn’t known better, I would have been scared that it was a spoiler! The way Blast is drawn in this art piece gives off major hero vibes.

8.  A Classic Reference

It’s no surprise that this meme had made it into this franchise. User u/marsb1999 gives us a friendly reminder of Saitama’s problem: villains that are too weak to fight. Of course, this meme applies to almost all villains in the show, but Boros is my favorite because of how hype the fight was. The whole first season continued to engage the heroes in more challenging and higher-level threats, all for the realization that they were all moot when Saitama was involved.

7.  Mumen Rider is the Only One Worthy of All For One

This is my hot take: Mumen Rider is more of a hero than Deku. The courageous rider gets their well-deserved spot thanks to u/anasely56, who includes them as the prime example of heroism--and for a good reason! No matter the danger, the peril, or the pain, Mumen Rider shows all of us that anyone can be a hero, regardless of powers. Ride on, Mumen Rider!

6. Simple but Effective

I’ll admit that I laughed way harder at this than anyone should have. Sometimes less is more. Take Saitama’s design, for example. The bald head, the simple uses of red and yellow, and the plainness in his face make comics like this more fun to read. Thanks to u/Magikarpmagikarp, I can now use this joke to hook my friends into the series.

5. Art Imitates Life

At #5, we have u/trivializesopinions and their post that surprised everyone. Before you start to wonder, yes, this post is 100% real! Ronnie Coleman posted this on June 8th of this year to celebrate his infatuation with his anime twin. How cool is that? The Internet blew up with this one! If there were a live-action show of One Punch Man, I’d like to have Ronnie Coleman considered for the role of Darkshine Alloy.

4. The Hardest Truth

This post is #4 for several reasons. Thanks to u/Psixofazatron, I can tell you all why this post holds such a place in my heart. This meme template is a good one. On top of being a good joke, the fact that it’s drawn from scratch makes it all the better. PuriPuri Prisoner barely fits in his chair and gives the most uncomfortable stare I’ve ever seen to Saitama. Tatsumaki looks like a toddler, which is precisely how Saitama describes her, and the hands and feet look so stubby that you could squeeze them! Then we have Atomic Samurai, who seems smug and up to no good. Metal Bat has the expression of someone who would rather be home than at this meeting. It reminds me of the unnecessary business meetings that should’ve been an email. Honestly, this is a 10/10 post in my book.

3. Watch Where You Watch

u/Luka87uchiha spits some hard truth with their post at #3. We all have that one show we hope to get everyone into, but there always seems to be those weird scenes you forget about. Then, when you’re sitting in the room with your friends, you have to awkwardly reassure them that it isn’t all that weird and that it gets better from here. One Punch Man is all about those awkward moments, so find someone with a good sense of humor at the very least!

2. He’s My Favorite Hero For a Reason

From the dog suit to the constant straight face to the complete disregard of other cities being toppled, Watchdog Man is my favorite hero by far. User u/prabeshk143 tells the bitter truth of this hero in one meme (and from the best Spiderman movie, may I add). Watching Watchdog Man in One Punch Man’s Season 2 was an incredible experience. He gives off similar vibes to Saitama, where he’s simple but mighty. Even Garou had to admit it!

1. Unfathomable Wisdom

The ridiculousness of this post by u/Psixofazatron shows just how much Genos believes in Saitama. I love how the first couple of episodes surround Saitama’s stalling abilities as he tries to persuade Genos to learn from someone else as he’s a human. Meanwhile, Genos is a cyborg and therefore can’t teach him anything. And yet, with all his efforts and all his potential, he ends up Saitama’s apron-wearing cook and right-hand man. My headcanon is that Genos genuinely has more fun with Saitama. Combine that theory with his obsession with Saitama’s power, and you get a delusional young adult taking notes from a bald guy on the southside of Japan.

Thank you all for joining me on this journey of looking through the top 10 One Punch Man Reddit posts! There’s much more to come with new chapters out soon and the continuation of the anime. With the extra content, we’ll see an influx of memes, art, and posts.