From the first time the high-spirited boy Monkey D Luffy stepped on the screen to the powerful pirate we know and love, One Piece has captured the hearts of many fans worldwide. Eiichiro Oda has revealed that the manga will soon come to a close, but that doesn’t mean we have to forget the wonderful journey this fandom has taken alongside our favorite pirate. Let’s look at the best 10 One Piece Reddit posts of 2021 that get us to remember the good times!

10. A Super Hit

In this post, u/MonseGato celebrates recognizing one of the coolest and most memorable characters in the series, “Iron Man” Franky. This video exhibits Payton Ottodahl’s love for his favorite One Piece character by doing his signature “Suuuuuuper!” pose. The first time I met this character, I remember my eyes widening at his level of grit. Let’s never live down the fact that our fandom is recognized and loved by people of all walks of life, including Olympic competitors!

9. Luffy vs. Katakuri With a Twist

Grab your popcorn and your straw hat. This fanart submitted by u/ghin gives an entirely different perspective to the famed Luffy vs. Katakuri fight depicted with stick figures. It shows how much color, shading, animation, and camera angles give off such a drastically different feeling to watching a fight. This version of the fight highlights the facts, strength, and just how successful Luffy was in dishing out some damage, despite being tough.

8. High School Reunion

Who doesn’t love a crossover episode? In this art piece, user u/ProfessorGemini showcases some of the most memorable characters from our favorite animes of all time. It makes you wonder how all these characters would get along and just how much that bill will be. I’m looking at you, Goku and Luffy.

7. One Piece x Cowboy Bebop

Harsh shadows, stylish scene changes, and flashy music? This post has it all with a Cowboy Bebop opening rendition of One Piece. Two great fandoms collide in this post graciously given to us by u/matthiz. The post spells out an alternative wonder opening for the anime while calling back some love to the stylishly unique Cowboy Bebop. The passion of this project is evident in the seamless transitions. If I had never seen these shows, I would have believed this to be the show’s actual opening.

6. Tribute to the 1000th Chapter

Coming in at number 6 is u/AlwaysWipes, with a tribute piece to Eiichiro Oda’s 1000th chapter. The piece celebrates the inner workings of his mind during the creation of the first chapter, reminding us of how much dedication Oda has for this series and his stories. Planning day after day, drawing hour after hour, Oda has poured out his heart into these stories so that we can enjoy them and continue to enjoy them for years to come. We thank you for your hard work!

5. Romance Dawn CGI

If this fandom has anything, it’s talent. U/angelus182 made this CGI-created reel of Romance Dawn to demonstrate their hard work and highlights of the Romance Dawn chapters. Seeing young Luffy in a different animation style brings forth how much the art style holds up in other media forms.

4. Boa Hancock Art Challenge

From the creative mind of u/leanaamistoso, the lovely Boa Handcock is redrawn in all different styles following the popular art challenge trends of 2021. Each drawing has impressive skill, especially for the one with the eyes closed. Now, the one with reference is identical to Oda’s art style. I love seeing affection for this character as she has fantastic design, and her art surrounds her mighty attitude with sharp contrasts and fashionable statements.

3. IRL Luffy

Now, this is the kind of cosplay that wins you competitions in MegaCon! This perfect representation of Luffy is my favorite. The fact that u/kadeshicollie created an excellent costume and the perfect background to go with it shows the spirit of this fandom. He matches Luffy’s smile perfectly!

2. Nami Getting Some Cosplay Spotlight

Nami, one of the most influential characters in the series, has been nailed down perfectly with this cosplay. This model, who goes by u/ChloeLab, perfectly captures her essence and recreates this outfit to a T. I love the attention to detail on the hair with the long strand that curls to give her that sophisticated yet dangerous look.

1. The Grandline Galaxy

The number 1 place goes to u/AlwaysWipes for another beautiful art piece that takes your breath away. It shows the incredible journey we have made with these characters to get to where we are. This piece details the Granline as planets. It makes the idea seem so beyond us that it enters the cosmic level. It gives me shivers thinking about how big the universe of One Piece truly is.

This completes our journey of the best One Piece Reddit posts of 2021. With the hiatus ending soon, we can get back on this trek and rejoin our pirate friends again. That’s all for now, and see you later, my Strawhat pirates!