Roguelike games have been a popular sub-culture of gaming that focuses on challenging and punishing combat. There are many aspects to Roguelike games, but the critical concept many games incorporate are procedurally generated levels and permanent death. Hades has taken this to another level, the 9th level of hell to be exact, and fans are loving the fast-paced dungeon-crawler inspired by Greek Mythology. Gamers play as the son of Hades himself, Zagreus, in their attempts to escape from the underworld. For all you Hades lovers out there, here are The Best 10 Hades Reddit Posts Ranked

1) Mr. Boontastic

The great thing about Greek mythology is that it already comes with a literal pantheon of Gods with their unique personalities and powers. Supergiant games take the greater Gods and give you the ability to earn their boons of power. Some allow you to be more defensive as you pick your time to strike, while others allow you to attack with speed and power.

u/retquits has taken the art style of Hades and composed an excellent compilation of Zagreus as he feels the influence of these great boons upon him. They mastered the art style of the game, and their representations are fantastic.

2) A Different God

While our last user created an excellent portrayal of the Gods in Hades, u/Blindster13 also felt the art style of Hades to be a challenge to take on. This time, however, they wanted to take a look at a different god.

Kratos in this game would be incredible, though I’m sure if you got any boon from him, you would certainly be an enemy to the rest of the Olympians. However, if anyone knows the dangers of dealing with the Gods, The Ghost of Sparta would definitely be an authority.

3) A Blunt Introduction

Dionysus is the Greek God of wine, fertility, insanity, and religious ecstasy, and he loves a good party. All the gods in Hades have a plethora of voice lines that fit their character and background. u/Dreezy1337 shares this alternate introduction that might be a little too in character not to be real.

That’s just how it was in ancient Greece, especially if you’re the god of wine and fertility.

4) The Hornets of Hades

Theseus was a hero who was famous for slaying the monstrous minotaur before Hades recruited him to help prevent Zagreus from escaping the underworld. In Hades, Theseus teams up with the minotaur Asterius to ensure their victory in keeping Zagreus from exiting Elysium. While a great hero, he seems to think he will best the son of Hades. u/glauberkotaki knows the truth about Theseus, however.

5) I love you little sparrow

There are a variety of weapons, attachments, and boons you can receive in Hades. At the start of each run, you choose your weapon for escaping the realms of the underworld. While many specialize in specific weapons that allow for their playstyle, another factor plays into player choice. u/fattymalk7 has this to say, “Whenever someone asks what weapon I main”:

6) Hot Stuff

In Greek Mythology, the Gods and creatures are portrayed in a variety of ways, some are physically beautiful, and others are hideous monsters. However, while Hades borrows from Greek mythology, they don’t follow everything to the letter, as u/magicvanillabeans points out.

7) Oh, that’s what

To answer the question posed by Supergiant games, u/deluded_fruitcake has a great depiction of our hot furies.

Look, we can be purists about Greek mythology, but why would we want to deprive our hero of these lovely ladies of fate and subject him to the harpies of traditional myth.

8) A little self-congratulation

Darren Korb is an American songwriter, composer, and voice actor. In hades, he voices the characters of Zagreus, Skelly, and even Orpheus’ singing voice. It’s common for voice actors to play multiple roles, but u/Eskimosam can’t quite get this image out of their head during a particular cut scene.

9) Dying of Thirst

Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, is envied by Gods and mortals alike. Even seeing a glimpse of her could change a mortal man’s life. u/maxxam02 noticed a lost soul whose only dream was to gaze upon Aphrodite and died a fitting death to that respect.

It’s a clever play on words by Supergiant. No one can blame this poor lost soul for their demise.

10) A True God

Now we’ve shown you Gods, beasts, and more, but this is one God you never truly expected to have the honor of communing with. The god of flavor, food, diner, drive-ins, and dives. u/MagicPhone has caught a rare glimpse of this holy being of Olympus, and their life may never be the same.

We have arrived at the end of our list, The Best 10 Hades Reddit Posts Ranked. Hades is a fun and fast-paced game with plenty of variety to keep it fresh. If you’re a fan of Hades, then keep an eye on the r/HadesTheGame subreddit.