Fire Emblem Heroes is a free-to-play game for iOS and Android that allows you to travel to the different fire emblem worlds to recruit heroes. The battle maps are small and drawn artistically, with a classic anime style. Simplistic characters represent your heroes on the battlefield and flash in their more detailed full-sized character models that represent attacks. The Fire Emblem series has many notable characters, and Fire Emblem Heroes draws from all the worlds to create a vast collection of fighters for your battlefield encounters. If you’re a FEH player or simply a Fire Emblems fan, here are The Best 10 FEH Reddit Posts in 2021 You Can’t Miss.

  1. Shamir

Shamir, a mercenary from Fire Emblem: Three houses who joined the Knights of Seiros, is a master archer. As a no-nonsense fighter in the series, she was never one for the spotlight outside of combat.

u/ZumiDraws brings her into the spotlight, however, in this amazing art piece. u/ZumiDraws captures the stoic non-believer drawing her bow as soldiers appear to charge from behind her.

2. Reginn

Reginn is an original character of Fire Emblem Heroes from Book V Chapter 1: Machine Dominion. She is the princess of Nioavellir and was orphaned with her older brother Otr after the old king was killed. Her introduction to Alfonse is during a plan to lead an invasion on the Kingdom of Askr. However, she only goes along with it in support of her brother. The kindness Alfonse shows her leads her to join up with the Askran forces.

u/Evomanaphy manages to capture the more positive side of this kind-hearted princess in this playful fan art.

3. GBA Style

FEH Reddit is all about fan art. With so many unique characters, it’s hard not to draw inspiration. Minerva is typically a blunt and somewhat intimidating character in the Fire Emblem series. However, u/Buskhusker draws from a costume in FEH known as “Spring Minerva,” sporting a fairly more cutesy burlesque outfit. This rendition is quite playful, going for a pixelated look that matches the style of some later game boy advanced games.

4. Lucina

u/ZumiDraws brings another character to life from the Fire Emblem series. Lucina is originally from Fire Emblem Awakening as one of the three main protagonists alongside Robin and Chrom. u/ZumiDraws’ style shines through again as we see Lucina brandishing her weapon with a battalion of soldiers behind her.

5. What He’s Thinking About

We all love fan art, but I know what else you’re waiting for. “Show me the memes!” you might proclaim, and from here on out I promise you that’s precisely what we’ll deliver.

u/riumeri knows what it’s like to lay awake at night, thinking about someone whom your feelings are strong for and wondering if they could be thinking about you too.

They also know that, in all likelihood, they’re probably just researching different swords on the FEH Wikipedia to dream about their top-tier, fully kitted team.

6. Think Alfonse, Think!

The TV show “Invincible” has spawned a new meme that u/Sol-Guardian has adapted into the Fire Emblem world. Their caption “Think Alfonse, think! I CAN’T use Near Save when you’re three spaces away!!” The near save mechanic allows a character to swap places with another in combat and grants buffs. However, it doesn’t quite work if you’re not close enough to switch places.

7. Fighting game

u/KyleCadiz has taken the FEH art style and created what a fighting game could look like. This video would be an incredible adaptation for the animation into a 2D fighter game. It shows off some characters, such as Marth, Alfonse, Reginn, and Wrys, and their epic moves in smooth, free-flowing combat with flashy and stylistic effects. Honestly, I’m all in.

8. Having Vantage

Vantage is a valuable passive ability that allows you to counterattack a foe if their HP is lower than a percentage starting at 25% at tier one and increasing to 75% at tier three. u/im_f2p_btw makes a hilarious example of what this ability feels like when it’s implemented. It’s got me rolling every time I watch it.

9. Switching sides

There’s something about RPG’s and JRPG’s that always seems to bring your enemies onto your side. FEH, being based in the Fire Emblem world, does not escape this fate. It appears that all it takes to make friends is to beat the hell out of them and then be nice afterward. u/pandinus348 begs the question, “At this point are they really even enemies anymore?” and the answer is yes… until you beat the hell out of them and become their friend. I don’t recommend this in real-life situations.

10. Memes

You wanted memes, and you got memes, but here’s your cautionary tale for the day. u/Demoniokitty made an eerily close prediction of the FEH “Choose Your Legends: Round 5” event. Marth is struggling to reach their rightful place as an NPC from Three Houses bats them down for your insatiable meme satisfaction.

The actual results? The Gatekeeper rose to 1st place with Marth in second and Chrom in 3rd. It looks like the memes have done it again.

With all that fan art and the memes, I can say the FEH subreddit, r/FireEmblemHeroes, is an excellent place for fans of the Fire Emblem Series and FEH devotees. If you want more updates on FEH and many other games, stay tuned for more from