When Neon Genesis Evangelion first floated over the airwaves in 1995, people weren’t quite sure what to make of it.

It was a show born out of director Hideaki Anno’s struggles with depressive thoughts, as a series that represented him finally being able to come to terms with such emotions and feelings of isolation. And so, he crafted the protagonist Shinji.

Shinji is not hot-blooded but rather weak-willed. Rather than being a calm, collected mecha pilot, he was prone to bursts of foolishness, spurred on by either too many or too little emotions.

What Anno created was a pitiful character that was given a choice of either further isolation or finally connecting with others.

The ending left Anno flooded with death threats, which were re-purposed for the End of Evangelion, a feature film that detailed the events that led to the final episode of the original TV series.

While the series has always maintained an active fanbase due to its extreme popularity and long-lasting message, the recent release of the new Rebuild of Evangelion movies from 1.0 to 3.0+1.0 has drawn in new fans while setting ablaze a new fire within the original fans.

The r/evangelion subreddit has been going wild in the wake of the conclusion to the new movie trilogy, and we’re here to bring you the top 10 posts floating around right now!

To prevent spoilers, we will not be discussing plot-related posts about 3.0+1.0 - that’s something you guys should experience in all of its glory!

1) Cartoon Network Branded End of Evangelion DVD’s



User /CoolGuyZool dived deep into the bowels of the Wayback Machine to unearth the time when Cartoon Network sold DVD copies of the End of Evangelion.

For about $30 ($46 after adjusting for inflation), you too could own a copy of one of the most depressing anime movies of all time.

2) This Should (Not) Work

This adventurous OP found a mashup created by zaear on Youtube, which blends Kanye West with the titular opening of the original show.

3) Scale Model Doesn’t Mean Lacking in Impact!

Mixing the plastic model of Unit 02 with some resin and blocks, OP re-created a scene from both the original series and the new movies, where Asuka flings a ship at an invading Angel in her debut piloting scene.

Fandom is a wonderful way to explore new hobbies and crafts, and this is a perfect example of that! While dioramas like this are incredibly popular within Gundam and communities, they aren’t as often seen within the Eva fandom.

4) Musical Talent Galore

User /MonishCorona gathered their fellow musicians to create an entire cover of Komm, Süsser Tod from End of Evangelion. This cover is also a testament to the endurance of the Evangelion fandom - practicing and gaining proficiencies in instruments and vocals is not a fast process. It takes months and sometimes years to reach a level of skill where people are comfortable performing in public. The fact that musicians still make covers of Evangelion pieces reflects both the fandom and the people within it.

5) Blast from the Past

Hideaki Anno created Evangelion while still at Gainax, but he made his directorial debut there on Gunbuster. Despite Anno leaving to start Studio Khara after a falling out, he still slips in callbacks to his past works, even now.

This sharp-eyed OP pointed out all the ways Evangelion Q is almost a spiritual successor of Gunbuster.

6) Chair.

Shinji’s “depression chair” has become wildly popular, especially since the Netflix re-release. It’s a perfect representation of the exhaustion people are feeling in the current day while also poking fun at the sheer pitifulness of Shinji’s character sometimes.

So what better than to become a living prop for cosplayers?

According to OP, it was, funnily enough, a great time.

7) Shilling for the Animation Budget

Product placement within anime for some extra cash is nothing new. Code Geass, for example, became famous for their heavy-handed Pizza Hut shilling, while Evangelion itself has already featured an almost $50,000 Yamaha piano in Evangelion 3.0.

However, a product from back in 1.0 was a little more… unexpected.

Can we technically get a cut of that sponsorship money now?

8) More Artistic Talent

User /ikhimaz_ (also @ikhimaz on IG) appeared on the scene to show off a beautiful piece of art created in the style of oil paints.

In general, their art is mecha and Eva-focused, with heavy shading and focus more on form over detail.

It’s a fantastic testament to both personal skill and their love of Evangelion.

9) Copyright Infringement

This OP just wanted to get some snacks when they noticed a familiar character on one of them:

These Bulgarian Cheetos are fittingly named “Space Girl,” leading some commenters to suspect that poor Asuka just happened to pop up first in a google search during some snack-related art theft.

Apparently, they don’t even taste good.

10) Oldie but a Goodie

What better way to end this article than to bring up something from the original series?

The gag was a hallmark of earlier episodes of Evangelion when jokes and humor were still part of its repertoire. It may not capture the full spirit of the series, but it’s still a much appreciated moment of hilarity.

Have you guys seen any of these posts already? Or rather, maybe you have some other contenders that you want to nominate?

Feel free to tell us, and let’s all enjoy falling deep into the LCL once again.